Living in Düsseldorf: investing in exclusive luxury properties on the banks of the Rhine in Oberkassel and Co.

Living in Düsseldorf – With almost 640,000 inhabitants, Düsseldorf is one of the largest cities in the Rhineland and home to Germany’s third-largest airport, after Munich and FrankfurtFrankfurt. With its authentic charm, the city attracts businesses from all over the world. This international audience not only demands places to go out and work, but is also always on the lookout for the right apartments. We reveal the most popular areas of the city on the Rhine and the most expensive streets in Düsseldorf here. Back to overview: Düsseldorf real estate Düsseldorf real estate.

Properties with a view in Oberkassel, Golzheim and Düsseldorf’s Old Town

Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia is the city of art and has a lot to offer. From luxury shopping to cultural offerings, there are many options to pass the time in the city on the Rhine. But also the job market is diverse and appealing. The people of Düsseldorf are gallant and educated, which is why many move here for professional reasons. Others come to Düsseldorf because the city’s historic charm appeals to them. Whatever your reasons, we’ll tell you where to find the best properties to live in or as capital investments.

Old town: apartments at the pulse of the city

Shopping, going out, sightseeing: that’s what you get in Düsseldorf’s old town. The city centre offers central living coupled with quiet corners and one of the liveliest residential environments in Düsseldorf. Singles and couples in particular will feel at home here.

  • Central
  • Well connected
  • Woke

Oberkassel: exclusive living with a view

Those looking for pure luxury will find it in Oberkassel. Properties on the Rhine promenade overlook the beautiful old town and are also quickly across the river, either by underground or by car through one of the two bridges that connect Oberkassel with the other side of the Rhine. Exclusive apartments with historic charm attract wealthy Düsseldorfers.

  • Nobel
  • Historical
  • Family

Golzheim: contemporary luxury apartments

A new job brings you to Düsseldorf? Then Golzheim could be the place for you! Here you will find high-quality properties for singles, couples and families in the best new buildings in the city. Fast connections, a view of the Rhine and parks are also on offer here.

  • Modern
  • Proven
  • Pleasant

Old town: exclusive apartments on the banks of the town hall

Residential areas near the city centre are traditionally the most popular. Düsseldorf is no exception. The streets of the old town are characterised by art nouveau buildings, shop spaces and gastronomic options to suit everyone’s taste. If you are looking for a central living option that definitely demands a larger wallet, you will find it here.

Even if you’re not planning on shopping, Düsseldorf is the perfect place to spend your free afternoons, because Düsseldorf takes care of an appealing streetscape. This makes it a hotspot for relaxing and meeting friends.

The average purchase price for a property in the old town is 4,000 – 4,800 €/m².

Real estate prices: 4,000 – 4,800 €/m²

Explore Düsseldorf Old Town on the map

The lively district not only boasts excellent transport links, but is also home to Düsseldorf attractions such as the Schlossturm and the K20, the largest art collection in North Rhine-Westphalia. The city’s penchant for the visual arts is further evidenced by the Kunstakademie, which is located in the city centre.

  • Population: 2,244
  • Area: 0.47 km²

Sightseeing: A walk through the city center

The historic residential buildings cast a spell on you and enchant tourists as well as people who have lived here forever. During the day, Düsseldorf convinces with its diverse shopping opportunities. Especially luxurious is the famous Königsallee. There you will find all the luxury labels you could wish for, perfumeries with high-quality care products, as well as exclusive cafés and restaurants.

As soon as the evening comes, the city centre turns into a noble nightlife district, with bars and clubs to satisfy the need for a good cocktail and a successful evening with friends.

Just look around the woke streets:

Oberkassel: dignified living directly on the Rhine

If you’re looking for apartments and flats in pompous townhouses, you don’t have to look any further, because in Oberkassel you’ll find buildings from the pre-war period that are taking the aesthetic hearts of the masses by storm. This is a luxurious and well connected place to live. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to this appealing residential district in more detail.

Due to the fact that Ober and Niederkassel are only connected to the rest of the city by bridges, they offer insane views over Düsseldorf and its sights. So it’s worth it to drive over, explore the district and enjoy the view over the rest of the city.

The average purchase price for a property in Oberkassel is 5,500 – 6,200 €/m²-.

Real estate prices: 5,500 – 6,200 €/m²

Overview of the most popular residential areas in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf’s high society congregates in Oberkassel, attracted by the apartments in modernised old buildings, the good connections to Düsseldorf city centre and the many schools, which also guarantee the best educational options for the younger residents. Goods for everyday needs are also provided for in the form of short distances to supermarkets.

  • Population: 18,840
  • Area: 3,65 km²

Sightseeing: historical buildings with a view of the old town

The residential offers on the Rhine promenades, which offer an incredible view over the river and directly onto the heart of the city, have a special attraction for those interested in real estate in this luxurious district. In addition to real estate, there are also routes for jogging and for an extensive walk, which can end with a good coffee in one of the local pubs.

See for yourself the inviting streets of Oberkassel:

Meerbusch: Visit the villa district on the outskirts of the city

Although the prices per square metre in Meerbusch are not on the same level as the other areas we present to you, there are more and more luxury properties such as villas with impressive gardens and excellent architecture. There’s also the chance to relax with a round of sport and some lively conversation in Meerbusch’s exclusive golf park.

For exactly this reason we would not like to withhold from you the view of this small insider tip and show you here virtually the most beautiful corners:

Golzheim: Living close to the centre on the banks of the Rhine

The district opposite Niederkassel, another popular real estate location in Düsseldorf, is directly from the trade fair and offers a location to many, large auditors and institutions of national relevance. Green spaces and parks can also be reached quickly from here. Apart from that, we will show you what to expect in Golzheim in the following.

The average purchase price for a property in Golzheim is 4,100 – 6,000 €/m².

Real estate prices: 4,100 – 6,000 €/m²

Best residential areas in Golzheim at a glance

Cecilienallee and Rotterdamer Straße run along the banks of the Rhine. From here you can admire the green space opposite and also have an optimal view over the Rhine. You don’t have to do without good connections in Golzheim either, because a whole three stations connect the district with the rest of the city, and that’s just the subway connection. Even the nightlife and gastronomy do not stand still here, because business professionals attracted by the job market of the city go out here.

  • Population: 12,700
  • Area: 2.7 km²

Tour through the streets of Golzheim

The streetscape of Golzheim has changed significantly in recent years, with modern new buildings offering office space, hotels and, above all, luxury apartments. The proximity to the trade fair centre in particular has helped the district to become popular and ensures that there are quick connections to the city centre and the rest of Düsseldorf.

We’ll give you a closer look at the cityscape here:

Luxury real estate in Oberkassel and Co.: with real estate agents to the dream house

A suitable property, which corresponds to the own desires and hopes is not so simple. In addition, the competitive market in cities complicates the situation. Moreover, the luxury real estate market is the extra class of real estate. Many villas, townhouses, penthouse apartmentsPenthouse apartments and lofts are not simply disclosed in real estate portals but traded through brokers and even off-market.

Accordingly, it’s worth getting expert help to help you find a suitable property to invest in. This comes in the form of real estate agents who not only have a good overview of the market in the city, but can also land offers that would otherwise have passed you by. To make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals, we’ve rounded up the creme de la creme of Düsseldorf real estate agents:

Conclusion: You should take a closer look at these districts

Finally, a quick summary for you. You should take a closer look at the old town if you like to be in the middle of the action. Apartment offers here are limited and houses are actually impossible to get. Nevertheless, you can find the one or other luxury property here.

Those who like to surround themselves with like-minded people are definitely at the right address with a luxury property in Oberkassel. The townhouses with historic charm offer the best apartments in Düsseldorf. Particularly sought-after: apartments with a view of the old town. The one or other maisonette apartment is also hiding here.

Golzheim is the right place to go for all business professionals who like to get to work quickly, but who also don’t want to miss out on good connections to the city centre. The proximity to the trade fair is also attractive.

Düsseldorf: Real estate in the metropolis on the Rhine

Düsseldorf has a fascinating attraction. Although the Rhine metropolis KölnKöln is only a few minutes away, you can find the big luxury boutiques, international companies, advertising agencies and many other interesting industries here. Especially the fashion industry has made Düsseldorf a very international, stylish location. If you are looking for beautiful real estate here, maybe even luxury real estate, you will find it.

Düsseldorf stands for luxury, shopping and an internationally positioned local economy. High-fashion companies have their headquarters here, but also the state government of NRW. The Düsseldorf real estate market is therefore highly sought after. The city is located in the heart of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The state capital is divided into several districts and is very popular with property buyers due to its charming location on the Rhine.