Villa: Build, buy or house with pool? Invest in your modern villa as an investment

Villa – Want to invest your money in real estate and build or buy a house to make the perfect investment? Then buying a house is an ideal investment opportunity. If you have an affinity for luxury and elegance, you should definitely look into buying a villa. A villa is long-lasting and an investment in the future. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this special type of house. Do you prefer a modern or more Mediterranean style and when is a house a villa? It doesn’t matter whether you want to build in the city centre, in the countryside or on a hill with a pool. You want to buy? Read more about buying a villa here.

When is a house a villa? – Features & Definition

Are you interested in investing in a luxury property and would like to build or buy a villa? Then you will find a few useful tips on the subject here. Decide for yourself whether you want to renovate an old building to keep the charm or build a new building to design everything according to your ideas. Choose between a prefabricated house or a solid house because both have their advantages and disadvantages. More about this later.

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Features of a city villa: large and open

There are some characteristics to find out when a house is a villa. This starts with the plot of this property. This is usually square and has two to three floors. This is a particularly popular shape for newly built villas. Also with the roof form there are frequent similarities, because usually a villa has a flat roof or has a slight slope. Likewise, the facade of newly built houses is often based on a Mediterranean architectural style and you can find traditional elements such as columns or oriels. Villas are usually found in many cases in outer districts or villa districts. This is because there is usually no room for such a large property in the inner city. The large garden with a porch and upscale amenities are also among the features.

Criteria for a luxury property: checklist

Are you interested in luxury real estate, would you like to invest in it or live in it? We have summarized the most important criteria of a luxury property for you, so that you can quickly recognize such a property.

  • Location: to be found in exclusive villa quarters and still centrally located
  • Generosity: imposing house entrance, special facade, large rooms and large window fronts
  • Threshold-free: All accesses should be without thresholds and barrier-free
  • Glazing: large window fronts and glass walls appear costly
  • Privacy: indoor/outdoor retreats are a luxury factor in popular neighborhoods
  • Quality: use of noble building materials and special craftsmanship are required
  • Freedom of design: new buildings should be tailored precisely to the customer’s needs

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Advantages & disadvantages of a villa: price, area, plot and co.

A villa is probably the dream of many future homeowners, as it exudes luxury, elegance and wealth. Nevertheless, before making any investment, especially in a villa, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of house in advance to see if it suits you. We have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages of a villa for you, so that you can make the right decision.

Advantages: timeless investment and lots of privacy

About the merits of a villa can talk for a long time. It is an ideal investment because this type of house is timeless. The large areas, the elegance and the mix of modern and traditional have been very popular for centuries and are built with pleasure. The central location in an exclusive villa district close to the city centre is also a big plus. You create distance to the neighbours due to the large plot, you have your privacy and yet you are not closed off. Another advantage is the freedom of design, because you can live out your creativity freely in a villa and in a new building you can furnish everything according to your wishes. You could also build an extension or convert the lower floor into office space.

  • Timeless investment
  • Mix of modern and traditional
  • Central location (villa district)
  • Privacy
  • Design freedom
  • Extension as office space

Disadvantages: high price for exclusive location

When building or buying a villa, the financial costs play a major role. Before you decide to make such a large investment, you should plan and calculate everything carefully. In most cases, the price of land is already extremely high, as land in the city centre is limited and villa districts are exclusive and expensive. In addition, due to the size of the floor plan, building in the middle of the city center is often not possible. In addition to the high cost of construction, you shouldn’t ignore the utilities and maintenance costs. For example, while you live in a villa, heating costs can be high because you have to heat a large property. Another point would be the maintenance of the large outdoor area, which is also time-consuming.

  • High land price downtown
  • Construction in central locations often not possible
  • Higher construction costs
  • Incidental maintenance costs
  • Outdoor facilities are time consuming to maintain

Energy-efficient construction of a villa: save energy and reduce costs

Especially in this day and age, energy-efficient construction is an important part of new buildings. Certain requirements must be met in order to build and subsequently live as environmentally friendly as possible. Even when building a villa, these standards must not be ignored and this is even relatively easy with this type of building. Urban villas as a solid construction can be built energy efficient with a little effort. In particular young families profit from it, since one receives national privileges with the building and thereby the expenditures are minimized thereby. The resale value is also higher due to the efficient construction method.

Energy saving alignment of a villa

You can already do a lot right with the right orientation of your future villa. The sun can generate a lot of heat in the house, which is why it is recommended that the largest window fronts face south. In addition, the flat roof is ideal for photovoltaic systems and with good external insulation, only a little of the heat from the heating system can get outside. An air, water, heat pump also generates heat for water and heating in the house.

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Important aspects when building a villa: construction, planning & costs

Whether you want to build a detached house or a villa, there are a few things to consider when planning so that nothing can go wrong. We present you here the most important tips, which you should consider when building your dream villa. From the special construction method, to the right interior design, to the renovation of a villa. Here you will learn everything worth knowing about this special and exclusive building type.

Construction: modern or Mediterranean?

When building a villa, one basically decides between two construction styles. You choose either a modern or Mediterranean style. If you choose a modern style, a cube-shaped body, straight lines and large windows or fully glazed walls are typical features. The façade is usually painted in a white colour, but colours such as red, yellow or blue are rarely used. If you choose a Mediterranean style, materials such as natural stone or brick elements are often used to resemble country houses. The plastering is often in an earth colour and in the entrance area you will find columns and doors with round arches.

Interior design: use the free space

Since you will have a lot of space in your villa, you can give free rein to your creativity in the design. Typically, the private rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms are located on the first floor and the living rooms are on the ground floor. Often, the living and dining areas are connected so that there is a lot of open space and the generous window fronts can accentuate this. The mostly rectangular floor plan is ideal for this. If your property has three floors or an extension, you could consider whether a mix of living and working space would be something for you by creating office space on the ground floor. This combination is also very popular.

Renovation of a city villa: keep the charm

Especially with villas, building can cost a lot of time, energy and most importantly, money. Therefore, you should consider renovating and building out an old house. This would save you a lot of time and money. Many construction companies offer finishing houses and you can choose for yourself how much more you want to put in. If you want to renovate an old villa, you have the opportunity to keep much of the charm and traditional elements of the house. Be aware, however, that if you want to renovate on your own, you need to have some manual skills. Otherwise, there will be additional costs.

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City villa as prefabricated house or solid house?

Especially if you decide to build a villa, this involves a large investment for the builder or the customer. You have the choice between a prefabricated house or a solid house. Here we present the most important advantages and disadvantages of these two types of houses, so that you can make the right decision.

Prefabricated house: fast, simple, cheap

A prefabricated house is usually faster and less expensive than a solid house. The individual parts of the building are manufactured in advance in a hall and then assembled on the construction site. This usually takes only a few days. Another advantage of this method is the low waste of material, because everything is measured exactly beforehand.

With the disadvantages you have to include the low quality. The villa will usually be worse insulated and is also not as durable as a solid house. Since prefabricated houses always correspond to a certain model house, you can also not change much in the house / room design.

Solid house: quality and durability

A solid house is high quality and very durable because of the materials used. With this construction, it is easy to build the villa energy efficient and you will have the opportunity to plan a lot with and design everything according to your ideas.

With this option, you should not ignore the time required and especially the financial costs. Building a villa as a solid house is more expensive than a prefabricated house and you have to put a lot of energy into the planning of such a house.

Villa as an ideal capital investment: purchase, sale or rent

A villa is a particularly good capital investment and usually serves only incidentally as a place to live. Due to the high demand for an investment in this type of property, prices have risen sharply in recent years. Often villas are also located in southern countries and are rented out as a vacation property. This provides the owner with additional income.

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Rent a villa: make money from the purchase of your dream villa

If you decide to buy a villa, you have the possibility to rent it out to get additional income and to get back some of your investment costs. For example, you can buy a villa in the south and by the sea to get tourists as potential tenants. Especially properties in such a location are extremely popular and many people would pay a lot of money to spend their relaxing holidays in a luxurious environment.

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