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Broker SEO: Tips! Search engine optimization for brokers – Google, Bing & Co.

Realtor SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Realtors in Google, Bing & Co. If someone is looking for you, you should “be there”. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO for short), that means page 1 in the search results on search engines like Google, Bing and others. Regional SEO in particular pays off […]

Buy land in Bel Air: Exclusive, undeveloped, 1,500 m² / 16,100 sqft, south-facing slope – Off Market

Lot in Bel Air – Don’t want to buy an existing property, but want to realize your own ideas in Bel Air? This off market lot is one of the few opportunities to buy an undeveloped lot in the middle of Bel Air. At over 1,500 m² / 16,100 sqft, this is one of the […]

Off market: land, villa, apartment house – portfolio excerpt

Buy and rent a villa: Yield, season, service charges, renovation, financing…

Buy and rent villa – A popular model among many owners, especially villas located in places where others go on vacation. For example, Spain as a hotspot, especially Mallorca, Ibiza but also Marbella, depending on the personal ties you have to one of the places. If you want to rent out your villa, you buy […]

Villa finance abroad: credit, equity and interest effects rental yield + examples

You want to buy a villa in Spain? Whether Mallorca, Marbella or Ibiza, the conditions for real estate financing differ significantly. If you do not buy your villa for 100% personal use, but rent the villa partially or even completely as an investment, then you should know the special conditions in Spain. In addition, I […]

Buy a villa in Spain: Mallorca, Ibiza or Marbella? Comparison + Buyer Tips

Spain has many interesting places like Barcelona and Madrid. If you’re really looking for sun, you’re looking at 3 hotspots in particular: Mallorca, Ibiza and Marbella. Three absolutely individual places where I take you! On site, on visits with clients, I always have a little time to spare and little by little, have accumulated so […]

Rent house / apartment house for sale: Location, condition, valuation, broker, taxes + All steps in selling

Rent house / apartment building sale – You want to sell your rented house and have questions about the process, real estate agents, valuation and appraisal of your apartment building? Here you will find all the important answers to the first questions and the complete checklist for the sale, in 18 easy steps. First get […]

Hiring a real estate agent: tasks & advantages – overview

Immobilienmakler beauftragen – Mit oder ohne Makler? Erinnern Sie sich nur daran: Der Verkaufspreis ist nicht der Angebotspreis. Daher empfehlen wir stets die Expertise eines Maklers einzuholen. Ein erfahrener Makler kennt sich mit dem aktuellen Markt bestens aus, besitzt sein eigenes Käufernetzwerk und schöpft aus seiner Erfahrung. Lernen Sie hier alles über die Aufgaben eines […]

Real estate in old age: sell house & apartment … what to do?! 4 alternatives for you

Real estate in old age – Life has many facets and it writes many stories. But at some point the time comes and the own apartment, the own house becomes too big. At the same time, little of one’s own pension remains and retirement provisions shrink. What to do? Many real estate owners are faced […]

Selling an underground car park: Valuation, process, sale + checklist

Selling underground parking – valuation, process, sale and broker, what becomes important when selling your underground parking? Who buys an underground car park? For those selling for the first time (example inheritance), however, what often matters most is: How much is an underground car park worth? My small guide for a first insight into the […]

Selling a parking garage: Valuation, condition, tenant & sale – 18 steps

Selling parking garage – valuation, condition, broker and tenant lists, what becomes important when selling parking garage? Who buys a parking garage? Who might even buy parking garages as a portfolio? This little guide is not for real estate professionals, but for beginners. Especially for those selling for the first time (example inheritance): How much […]

Broker commission explained: amount of costs by state when buying real estate

Broker commission explained – If a broker is involved in the handling of the purchase process, a broker commission is due. This is one of the ancillary purchase costs that you should add to the final purchase price in any case. The amount of the broker’s commission varies depending on the value of the property […]