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Real Estate Coaching – Are you interested in real estate, but lack the depth to get into the field? Through real estate coaching, real estate professionals can improve their skills and knowledge to achieve their career goals and succeed in the industry. In this article you will find an overview of the best real estate coaches, their offerings, courses, seminars & events!

Real Estate Coaches

A real estate coach is a specialized coach who helps real estate professionals improve their skills, knowledge, and careers in the real estate industry. He or she can provide a variety of services, including business strategies, marketing and sales, personal development, technology and systems, and networking.

This list gives you an overview, of active real estate coaches, to help you find your right coach!

Alex Fischer

Alex “Düsseldorf” Fischer is a real estate entrepreneur and coach. He passes on the real estate knowledge he has accumulated over 20 years to his clients through seminars. He is also the number 1 real estate coach on YouTube, where some of his knowledge is available to you for free.

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Anja Blodow

Anja Blodow helps women to build their wealth with real estate. Through individual real estate coaching, she responds to her clients and shows them how to take their wealth into their own hands by investing in real estate. She herself bought her first investment property in 2018, and can now convince with five years of experience!

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Immocation is a startup founded in 2017 that combines real estate and education. The immcoation team is dedicated to helping people successfully build wealth with real estate. In doing so, their coaching is aimed at acquiring and renting out real estate profitably. Find out what products immocation provides and what kind of coaching the company offers here.

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Maximilian Wolf

Success and financial freedom through self-employment, that is Maximilian Wolf’s model for success. In 2007, he entered the real estate business, resulting in the digital management consultancy founded in 2020. Whether beginner or already successful real estate investor, Maximilian Wolf’s coaching programs bring everyone to their goal with a customized strategy. You can find out what kind of coaching Maximilian Wolf and his team offer here.

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Stefanie skull

Anyone can do real estate! That is the motto of real estate coach Stephanie Schädel and the name of her website. The real estate specialist and investor has made it her mission to help her clients achieve financial freedom through real estate investments. The financing specialist explains how this works in her coaching sessions and books.

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Tip. Real estate app including coaching

Online Coaching (App) – Passive income with real estate as an investment, but how to start? What is really important? In the Real Estate Guru App the #1 Real Estate Coaching in an App in the world is waiting for you! Learn how real estate investment works step by step in 10 lessons that build on each other and over 50 individual trainings. In the training you will learn how to buy, how to find cheap real estate (acquisition and off market), as well as financing and much more.