Everything about real estate as an investment. Here you can find more investment news.

Real estate as an investment

What do I need to watch out for? In this interview with our investment experts, we discuss all the important investment options in comparison. Which investment performs well, which carries risks and which investment brings the most profit? Have you ever thought about real estate as an investment?

Investment comparison: gold, shares, real estate & Co.

Here you will find everything you need to know to make money with real estate. Definition, comparison and investment tips, we have compiled the most important factors for you. Tip. At the end of the article on capital investments in comparison, you will find even more links such as: “Real estate purchase guide for house & condo” and “New construction projects: Private, Process, Cost”. Good luck with your investment. If you have any questions about capital investment and asset management, please contact our expert.

Formulas for real estate and capital investment

Here you will find an overview of the most important formulas for real estate and capital investment. Step by step, from the basics to specific questions on the subject: calculation and yield. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck. Common questions include: How do you calculate yield? How do you calculate rental yield correctly? What is a high yield? What is an investment property? How do you calculate the return on real estate?

Statistics: Investing money

Money, gold, shares or real estate? Which capital investment is profitable and which I have developed well, especially in recent months and years? We have collected the most important studies and statistics on the subject of capital investment, sorted and prepared here for you. Good luck with your investment, whether for the increase or as retirement provision.

Statistics: Real estate

Statistics and studies are important tools for real estate agents, not only for estimating square meter prices and real estate prices, but also the demographic development of districts, the entire population of a city but also of individual streets and neighborhoods is important for the assessment. For real estate buyers but also for sellers, the timing of the transaction is very important in order to achieve the highest possible return. How is the general economic situation of the people developing? When is it worth buying or selling? Which current studies are there? We have made it our business to collect the most important results of the Federal Statistical Office for you.

Real Estate Investor Interview

Classic or exotic – Which property is suitable as an investment?

Book Recommendation Investment & Retirement Planning

Capital Investment & Retirement Provision – Investing in Real Estate? Turn your real estate into a source of income with the right decisions! If you have a few euros left over at the end of the year, sooner or later you will think about investing in a condominium or a house yourself. But what do you start with as an investor – small or large? These books show you how to invest your money wisely in apartments and houses with practical tips and experiences from experts.

  1. Book recommendation for capital investment & pension provision

Investment types: Apartment, house and apartment building

Apartment, house and apartment building: the different investment forms of real estate:

Condominium and granny annexe

Condominium – A condominium / granny flat is a residential unit in a two or multi-party building. This can be bought either through a real estate agent, usually from a housing company or privately and commission-free through acquaintances. The buyer is also allowed to rent out the property if he has not already bought it rented, which is popular among real estate investors.

Semi-detached house: 2 birds, 1 stone

Building a semi-detached house – The semi-detached house is cheaper than a detached house. How much can really be saved, many builders can not estimate at first glance. At Lukinski, we will be happy to advise you on the potential savings when building a semi-detached home. However, semi-detached homes also have some limitations – some flexibility is required. Our semi-detached house experts would like to share some ideas with you. Perhaps the semi-detached house is just the right form of living for you?

Prefabricated house: Zukunft Bau

Most families do not want to wait long from the idea to the realization of their dream of home ownership. This is where a prefabricated house proves to be a practical solution, as its nature means far less construction time and therefore a lower waiting time until you can move in. With a prefabricated house you can save the execution of the individual trades by different companies and have a contact person who is there for you from the planning to the handing over of the keys. If you are interested in a prefabricated house and are considering whether this type of construction is the best decision for your project, then you will find the advantages and disadvantages that you need to know as a builder here. Before you choose a house type, visit a show house exhibition and feel the different house models.

Wooden house: Fast and cheap

Wooden house buy or build – With wooden houses most humans think of a vacation in Scandinavia or in the Black Forest. There the wooden house has tradition and belongs to the house types which are built most frequently.

Real estate price calculation

Real Estate Price Overview – With the lowering of the prime rate, many people have decided to purchase real estate property. For some years the real estate prices rise rapidly and are hardly financeable straight in metropolises and population centers by normal earners. Those looking for residential property are not infrequently annoyed by the “greed” of owners who, in the opinion of potential buyers, value their property too highly.

Buying land: Simply explained

Many interested parties who want to buy a plot of land intend to build a house on it. However, this is only possible if the property is designated as building land or if it is so-called “Bauerwartungsland”. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city or municipality in the near future.

Capital investment in nursing care real estate

Buying care real estate as an investment? Few who want to invest in real estate, come in the first thought of nursing homes, or apartments. However, it is worth taking a look at this type of investment. Nursing homes are springing up all over Germany, not just in conurbations, as the population is getting older and older. There are properties and facilities for senior citizens in every district. They offer themselves thus investment object for regional investors, as capital investment in the proximity, in addition, for supraregional investors. How is the market for nursing care real estate developing in Germany? Which type / which location is interesting for the investment as yield real estate? We have identified 5 factors in the first look at this form of investment.

New building

Building makes sense?

Step by step, from the basics to specific questions on the topic: building & building savings. Earn money with real estate! Here you will find tips from professionals. Good luck.

New construction projects: Private, process, costs

New construction projects – The dream of owning your own home is closer than ever before. Favorable interest rates as well as a good offer at building sites and new building projects let the desire become true after the own four walls. In the Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate are already many new building projects in the advanced building phase. Numerous new building plans are already in the starting blocks. Secure yourself a condominium or your own home at a low price.

Prices, costs, property and land tax

Home Building – There are many questions when building a home. As real estate agents, we receive emails and phone calls from prospective home builders all the time: “How much does it cost to have a house built?”, “How much does a cheap house cost?” to more specific questions like “How long can you live in a prefab house (keyword substance)?”. – we have answers to your most important questions.

Most expensive cities in Germany

Where is the square metre most expensive? With €8,993 and an increase of +48.8% in just 4 years, Munich is right at the top. This is closely followed by Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Potsdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. We have evaluated the current data for you and show you here the top 10 most expensive cities in Germany for buying a condominium. Here you can see the cities with the highest prices per square metre for condominiums in a comparison of 2015 and 2019 in euros per square metre.

Focus: Frankfurt

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