Create real estate purchase contract: Master data, purchase price, payment term & tenant – checklist

Drawing up a real estate purchase contract – So you have found a house, apartment or apartment building , checked it technically and commercially, included both defects and age in the real estate valuation and now want to draw up the purchase contract? Find out here which data and documents you need for your final appointment with the notary, from the tenant list to the land charge documents.

Prepare purchase contract: Important data, attachments & Co.

To ensure that your purchase contract is ready for notarization, you need to collect all important data, documents and commitments in advance. Let’s go through the most important points here chronologically.

Master data: Buyer and seller

At the beginning of the contract, the master data of the buyer and seller must be listed.

The master data includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth

Master data: House, apartment & multifamily

The same applies to the property. The master data of your property includes the exact address of the property and, in the case of condominiums, the residential unit. The location and the land register sheet number must also be listed here.

Summarized here:

  • Address of the property
  • Housing unit, if applicable
  • Location
  • Land register sheet number

Purchase price and payment term including additional costs

The final purchase price is then displayed here. Important: This is not just the purchase price of the property itself, but the final price including ancillary purchase costs, such as notary, broker, land registry entry, etc. The payment term should also be recorded here. The payment term should also be recorded here.

Reading tip: Calculating the purchase price including incidental purchase costs

  • Purchase price
  • Payment term

Tenant data and list: Appendix

Important for rented properties: The tenant list and data. These are attached as an appendix to the purchase agreement. Finally, all information regarding the tenancy and the respective deposit must be set out. Rent arrears and house money arrears must also be listed here. If there are no arrears, this must be confirmed.

  • Tenant data / Tenant list
  • Current status of tenancies
  • Deposits paid by tenants
  • Confirmation: No rent arrears
  • Confirmation: No house money arrears

Commitments made by the seller in the purchase agreement

Also important: All promises made by the seller must be included in the purchase agreement. If, for example, renovation or refurbishment work still has to be carried out, this should be documented here. This prevents misunderstandings later on.

Land charge documents from your bank

Finally, you will need the land charge documents from your financing bank. If you do not yet have them for your appointment with the notary, then include the power of attorney for the land charge appointment in the purchase contract instead.

Economic transition: billing and costs

If ownership is transferred to the buyer, this also entails an economic transfer. The economic transfer involves both the settlement of tenants’ accounts and contributions from residents. Important: If you buy the property before the middle of the year, the seller must take care of the settlement. If you buy the property in the second half of the year, you have to take care of it.

You will need the following additional documents for the economic transition:

  • Documents for the settlement of tenants
  • Receivables due to contributions from local residents
  • Assignment of claims against craftsmen

Checklist: How to draw up the purchase contract

So here again summarized all the important data and attachments for the purchase contract:

  1. Buyer & Seller Master Data
  2. Master data of the property
  3. Purchase price and payment term
  4. Tenant data and list
  5. Commitments from the seller side
  6. Land charge documents
  7. Documents for the settlement of tenants
  8. Receivables due to contributions from local residents
  9. Assignment of claims against craftsmen

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