Sell apartment house quickly: Most important tips + Immediate purchase

Sell multifamily house fast – The decision to sell your multifamily house fast can be motivated by various life circumstances. In such a sensitive situation, it is of great importance to manage the selling process efficiently without neglecting the importance of proper presentation. This article provides a practical guide to help you complete the sale […]

Real Estate Job Cologne – Consultant:in, Broker:in for penthouse, villa, multi-family house & Co. – full time or internship (entry level)

Real Estate Job Cologne – You are interested in real estate, people and business and you want to combine profession and passion? Then you are exactly right with us! My name is Stephan Czaja (pictured above) and I need support. We and I are pretty much the newest players in the Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and […]

10 golden investment rules: Real Estate as an Investment – Return, Equity, Reputation, Acquisition

10 Golden Investment Rules – Start your real estate journey right! Time and time again, people dream of real estate investment, but only a few turn that dream into reality. These 10 indispensable rules are the key to turning your ideas into successful real estate projects. No bullshit. 10 Clear Rules. Start! #1 Everyone has […]

FOUR Frankfurt: New skyline for the banking metropolis + construction phase

FOUR Frankfurt – One of the most impressive construction projects of the year, the “FOUR Frankfurt” makes the hearts of architecture and city enthusiasts beat faster. When I first heard about “FOUR Frankfurt”, I initially thought of projects in Las Vegas, San Francisco or a place called “Little Frankfurt”. But my assumptions were wrong – […]

Mega Sphere: Las Vegas unveils $2.3 billion construction project

Mega Sphere – Las Vegas has just completed construction of the largest sphere in the world! This mega project cost $2.3 billion and hides an incredible secret inside – you must see this construction project! Las Vegas, the city of dreams, has outdone itself once again by bringing forth the latest and most ambitious architectural […]

The Biggest Mega Projects Under Construction In 2023 – Video Docu

Megaprojects Under Construction in 2023 – From the tallest skyscrapers to some of the largest real estate projects in history. And from intracontinental rail networks to a groundbreaking nuclear megaproject, here are the 23 largest megaprojects under construction in 2023. The world of construction marvels and technological feats has outdone itself once again. From innovative […]

High-rise buildings in Germany: New construction projects! Frankfurt Four, Elbtower, Millenium Tower & Co.

Skyscrapers in Germany – The skyline of Germany will experience an exciting change in the near future. While more and more mega skyscrapers are being built around the world, Germany is also casting its eyes skyward. In this article, we take a look at the latest skyscrapers that are currently under construction or about to […]

Establish a foundation & save taxes: Tax advantages and asset protection

Family foundation: tax advantages and asset protection – A family foundation offers a wide range of tax advantages and opportunities for long-term protection of family assets. In particular, transferring real estate to a foundation can be an attractive option. In this article, you’ll learn how transferring real estate to a family foundation can save you […]