4 apps, 1 week: Ibiza Challenge! 3 Real Estate Apps + Magazine – Now in App Store

4 Apps, 1 Week: Can I do it?! Yes! My very own Ibiza Challenge! 3 real estate apps + 1 app for my fashion magazine. Here I present you all apps (live from my AirBnb Dev-Villa in Ibiza). Lukinski Real Estate Tools – App #1 It all started with this app or idea at Christmas, […]

Real Estate App: The Best Finance and Investment Calculators – Now for iOS and Android

Lukinski Real Estate App – My new real estate app! With the app’s free real estate calculators, you can quickly perform important calculations for your real estate investment. Whether it’s a first-time buyer with a maximum purchase price, creating an initial repayment plan or calculating brokerage costs – with the Lukinski App, you have an […]

Sell apartment and stay in residence: Real estate pension models – comparison

Selling an apartment and staying put – Selling an apartment can be a good way for many people to create additional income or liquidity, especially if they are in a financially difficult situation. However, in most cases, it is not that easy to part with your familiar home and move to a new environment. There […]

Selling an apartment privately: What needs to be considered? – Tax, Exposé & Co.

Selling an apartment privately – When selling an apartment, there are several ways to go about the process. In addition to hiring a professional realtor, you can also opt for a private sale, where you forgo the assistance of a realtor and take the sale into your own hands. This saves you the broker’s fees […]

Apartment sale taxes: How to save taxes when selling an apartment

Sell Apartment Taxes – If you are looking to sell an apartment, it is important to look into the relevant tax regulations. After all, tax payments are one of the most significant cost factors to consider. Yet, with proper preparation, a variety of taxes can be saved. Speculation tax, inheritance & Co. – we explain […]

Selling an apartment without a real estate agent: checklist and tips on the process, costs & Co.

Selling an apartment without a broker – If you want to sell your apartment, there are several ways to do it. One way is to hire a realtor to take care of the sale for you. However, there is also the option of selling your apartment without a realtor. This can be an especially good […]

Does a partial sale of the property make sense? Advantages & requirements

Does a partial sale of your real estate make sense? The partial sale of real estate is a way to liquidate your own real estate assets and thus create financial leeway. If you would like to have an additional financial cushion in old age without having to move out of your home, the partial sale […]

Property Tax USA vs Germany: Comparison & Difference

Property Tax USA vs Germany – Real estate ownership obligates, especially to property tax, whether you are a real estate owner in the USA or in Germany. Here’s a little insight into the differences between USA and Germany with a look at purpose, calculation, tax amount and payment deadlines. Property tax: what is it? What […]

Lukinski provider comparison 2023: Real estate, credit, follow-up financing, call money + more.

From saving you learn to become rich! Here you will not only find all the important know-how about your real estate investment (such as the investment atlas), here you will also find the best providers 2023! Building savings, real estate loan, forward loan, but also call money, time deposit for those who want to play […]

Fix & Flip strategy: buy, upgrade and sell real estate – Real Estate Trading

Fix & Flip – Fix & Flip is one of the most well-known strategies for real estate investors to increase equity through real estate. It involves the simple principle of real estate “flipping”. You buy a cheap property, effectively flip it for value and sell it to make a profit. As simple as the principle […]