Designer villa in Marbella for 2.95 million euros: lots of light, pool & waterfall

Designer villa in Marbella for 2,950,000m euros – I may present you today this exclusive villa! This villa is something very special, it is not just “only” built, it is planned, thought out! A house for the day, a house for the night, an inviting, large swimming pool and its own 10 meter waterfall. What […]

Villa in Marbella: House, plot, pool – living in the “Golden Mile” for 4.4 million euros

Villa in Marbella for 4,400,000 million euros – Welcome to this 4.4 million villa in Marbella! 1,530 m² of land, 767 m² of living space, today I take you to Marbella, one of the hotspots in Europe next to Mykonos (Greece), Mallorca and Ibiza. This villa is in the middle of the city of Marbella, […]

Living in Golzheim (Düsseldorf): Investing in high-quality real estate in ideal surroundings – square metre prices for apartments, houses & Co.

Living in Golzheim – A new job brings you to Düsseldorf? Then Golzheim could be your residential area! Because here you will find high-quality properties for singles, couples and families in the best new buildings in the city. Fast connections, a view of the Rhine and parks are also offered to you here. Would you […]

Living in Oberkassel (Düsseldorf): Villa, apartment and multi-family house as an investment – viewing, square meter prices, tips & Co.

Living in Oberkassel – If you’re looking for apartments and flats in pompous townhouses, you don’t have to look any further, because in Oberkassel you’ll find buildings from the pre-war period that are taking the aesthetic hearts of the masses by storm. This is a luxurious and well-connected place to live. Due to the fact […]

Saving: Electricity, water, taxes, travel & Co. – Build up assets without working!

Saving – In the home, when traveling, shopping or driving, flying, moving or saving on electricity. Saving money can be easier than you think. With the right tips and checklists, you can save money in every walk of life to build your wealth. We’ve picked out the quickest and most effective ways to save money […]

Living in Altstadt (Düsseldorf): Exclusive properties in the centre – Prices per square metre for villa, apartment & apartment building

Living in Düsseldorf’s old town – residential areas close to the city centre are traditionally the most popular. Düsseldorf is no exception. The streets of the Altstadt are characterised by art nouveau buildings, shop spaces and gastronomic options to suit everyone’s taste. If you are looking for a central residential option that definitely demands a […]

Living in Hahnwald (Cologne): villa, property & single-family home in affluent location – viewing, square metre prices, tips and co.

Living in Hahnwald – If you are looking for the real luxury real estate, you will find it in Hahnwald. Due to expansive property areas, Hahnwald’s resident density is not particularly high. However, this also means that you are offered enough space and, above all, a great deal of discretion. Fences and high hedges offer […]

Living in Marienburg (Cologne): Buy a villa, apartment or plot of land – Viewing, prices per square metre & tips

Living in Marienburg – Those who like real luxury will find it in Marienburg. The villa area with the golf club and the banks of the Rhine is the absolute top residential location in Cologne. Who possesses the necessary small change and something on itself holds, becomes part of the exclusive inhabitants of this Cologne […]

Wealth building: Real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency … ?! Capital accumulation with 20, 30, 40 years – tips

Wealth accumulation – When does it make sense to start building wealth through strategically intelligent investment? At 20, 30, 40 or even at 50? Is there a simple formula or tips for investing with good returns? What about risk, depending on the type of investment? Here’s an in-depth look at wealth building, for beginners. Without […]

Legal forms USA (company / corporation): LP, LLC, Corp., REIT & Co. – comparison, advantages and taxes

Legal forms USA – What types of company are there? If you want to start your first company, then choosing the legal form is one of the first steps in the company formation process. Whether it is a special real estate company or the formation of a start-up, here we have summarized all types of […]