Age property: evaluate house and apartment by year of construction

Valuing houses and apartments according to year of construction – You would like to buy a property and are not sure what role the year of construction plays? Find out here which advantages and disadvantages the high age of a property has for owner-occupiers and capital investors. More details, such as the individual defects listed by year of construction, can be found in our guide: Real Estate Year of Construction & Defects.

Valuing existing real estate: age & year of construction as a factor

Older properties are charming – no question about it! Apartments in old buildings are attractive because of their high ceilings and villas from past construction years because of their awe-inspiring architecture. The age of a property is also a decisive factor in real estate valuation. After all, the different types of houses and apartments have their own individual defects, depending on the year of construction. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of old existing properties?

Advantages and disadvantages of older real estate

A very clear advantage with older properties is the favorable purchase price. Thus, many investors buy the property for a favorable purchase price, renovate and refurbish it and sell it again at an immense profit. The disadvantage of older real estate lies in the maintenance costs. These are quite high compared to new construction. After all, in the past decades, little attention was paid to heat and sound insulation, as well as sustainability.

  • Advantage: Favorable purchase price
  • Disadvantage: High maintenance costs

Tips capital investors and owner-occupiers

The year of construction of a property and its age are important for both capital investors and owner-occupiers. Depending on your investment strategy, the advantages and disadvantages can affect you differently.

Old existing property for owner occupation: personal preference

As an owner-occupier, your well-being comes first. The same applies to your personal preferences and your very individual taste: Do you prefer a modern new apartment, a beautiful old building with stucco and high ceilings? A condominium in the old town, a townhouse in the suburbs, a country house in the countryside?

When thinking about your perfect property, take into account the defects that can occur depending on the year of construction and check properties before buying, using the checklists in the guide of the

Old existing property as an investment: return & cash flow

Old properties have a lower purchase price, but increase in yield and thus provide a fast and efficient cash flow after acquisition. However, caution is also required here: Depending on the year of construction, you must expect immense maintenance and repair costs. After all, not only a poor location has a negative impact on the value of a property, but also poor building fabric.

Conclusion: How old can a property be?

A general answer to this question cannot be formulated. It depends both on the age of the property and its respective defects, as well as on your individual preferences and goals. In any case, one thing is certain: the age of a house or apartment always affects the value of the property in the real estate appraisal. With sufficient reserves and maintenance, there are virtually no limits here.

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