Real Estate Coaching Experience: To book a coach or not?! My opinion

Further education, training, seminars and workshops – 1 day coaching, 1 hour or over weeks, depending on the concept coaching brings extremely much – but only if your coaching has 2 things: Experience and success. How do you find good real estate coaches in Germany? Here is the guide with 3 concrete tips on how to find good coaches! I also have another list of recommendations to help you get good coaches! If you need it fast, my all-rounder recommendation from deal trading to tax optimization: Alex Fischer. You can also find more recommendations here under Online Coaches.

Book real estate coach or not?

Just google “real estate coaching”, you will get ads and hundreds of websites that want nothing but your money! You can see that already in the structure of so-called landing pages. These are websites that offer hardly any info, but only a “button” to “enter”, “buy” or to “get free info”:

Here you will learn:

  1. Recognize serious (unserious) coaches
  2. You get 3 concrete tips for good coaches


  • Real estate beginners
  • Homeowner:inside
  • Entrepreneur:inside
  • Financial freedom and passive income
  • Real Estate Sales

Coaching for entrepreneurs – example

An example instead of a thousand words – If you already turn over 1 million euros a year and instead of ~ 25% you only pay ~15% tax, through the right legal form and corporate structure, such as family foundation, the effect is enormous.

  • 1 million turnover, 100,000 profit at 25% = 25,000 euros tax burden
  • 1 million turnover, 100.000 profit at 15% = 15.000 Euro tax burden ( 10.000 Euro more profit / year )

If the costs of coaching are now 2,000 euros for 1 day in a master class – why not! Scaled to 5 million turnover, assuming 500,000 euros profit already 50,0000 euros more at the end of the year.

A simple example! If we stay here, other benefits are added such as allowances, etc..

Now you are probably already starting to rake!

It doesn’t always have to be the Masterclass, but you should pay attention to a few things to find good and reputable real estate coaches. Or you can just have a look at my recommendations.

Coaching for beginners: learning to get started

The most blatant experience I’ve had myself was in Berlin, a 21-year-old Teinehmerin. She had previously set up a fund in Switzerland, and now she wanted to get into the real estate business. Extremely interesting person! She then started as a tipster, so without investing or brokering herself. Now she is 22 years old and has built up a wealth of knowledge and asks punky questions, wow. Whether it’s BGF calculation, tenant lists, and skepticism of overly generous calculations. Impressive what becomes possible with the right ambition and training.

Real Estate Coaching in Germany

Here you will find once again my list of recommendations in Germany:

Serious real estate coaching: What to look for?

For me there are only two quality criteria

1. experience

2. success

Why does success come second? Anyone can have a “one trick pony” that you can talk about for years. But who creates continuous success? Here you can find good coaches.

Experience and success count!

How do you find good real estate coaches? These are my 3 tips!

  1. Tip – Participant voices in quantity and quality
  2. Tip – North Data Online Check in 1 minute
  3. Tip – My Coach Recommendations

Participant comments: Quantity and quality – Tip 1

Trust in what? Participant testimonials are good, but they can also be fake, especially if it’s purely text-based.

  • Many participant voices
  • Ideally in video format with clear name
  • On the spot from coaching or after, not only from “home”.

Falsify opinions of participants: This is how it works

I myself am an SEO, so I (also) deal with online marketing and search engine optimization. Nothing is easier to “fake” than opinions of participants. Especially now with AI (artificial intelligence) and programs like ChatGPT.


These aren’t real reviews, but they look convincing! Especially if you do not expect it.

“My name is Markus and I booked the real estate coaching a few months ago. I had already bought my first apartment and wanted to learn how to scale my real estate portfolio. The coaching was absolutely amazing! The coach helped me optimize my strategies and showed me how to successfully invest in more condos. Thanks to the coaching, I was able to grow my portfolio to 12 condos and exceed my financial goals. I am so grateful to the team at Online Coachings for Real Estate and highly recommend them!”

Sorry for the long example, but that’s exactly how it goes!

So, what to do?

North Data Check: What can your coach do? – Tip 2

Tip, just check the person with North Data. Here you can already see whether it is, for example, a sole proprietor or a person with several companies, ideally also asset management or real estate GmbHs or family foundations.

This is what you should look for when checking:

Background check online: 2 examples

The more professional and comprehensive the setting, the better.

Example: Small entrepreneur, “only” a UG.

Solid real estate investor with smart corporate structure and investments:

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s honestly summarize again the advantages and possible disadvantages (depending on the coach you work with), the pros and cons:

Advantages Disadvantages
Expertise and knowledge of the coach Costs for the coaching
Individual consulting and customized strategies Dependence on the coach
Motivation and support in achieving goals Success depends on implementation
Access to a network and contacts in the industry Seriousness of the coaches
Faster learning curve and avoidance of beginner’s mistakes Dubious offers
Opportunity to learn from the experience of other participants Limited personal support
Support in overcoming challenges Time flexibility
Ongoing feedback and adaptation of strategies No guarantee of immediate success or profit

Check: How to find good real estate coaches

Let’s summarize the 3 tips once again:

  1. Tip – Participant voices in quantity and quality
  2. Tip – North Data Online Check in 1 minute
  3. Tip – My Coach Recommendations

Example: thousands of participants, huge community (100,000+) can’t be wrong (photo: Alex Fischer Event).

Real Estate Coaching in Germany

Here you will find once again my list of recommendations in Germany: