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Have your property valued – Are you looking for a rough, initial valuation of your property? Learn the steps here to be able to give a first, rough valuation. I need these factors to be able to give you an initial assessment. For land, condominium, house, apartment building, but also for special real estate. These 6 factors count for the valuation: property type, location, floor and living space, the year of construction of your property. Optional are: reason for sale (if it has to go fast) and pictures of the object.

Process at a glance: 6 steps Assessment

Free, anonymous, online – you are looking for the right selling price? Let me give you a rough valuation of your property. In this article, I will briefly break down what information I need for a first, rough property valuation. You will also find links to further, interesting articles on year of construction, defects, property types, and much more.

Free, first evaluation? I do, for you!

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First, the process at a glance. The 6 steps:

  1. Step: Real estate type
  2. Step: Position
  3. Step: Floor space and living space
  4. Step: Year of manufacture
  5. Step: Reason for sale
  6. Step: Visuals

Step 1: Land, apartment, house? Real estate type

Step 1 is about the type of property you want to sell. We evaluate:

Step 2: Location of the property

Please send the exact information, because already in micro location there are extreme differences. While the main street with traffic artery is cheap, it can be expensive in the side street.

  • Street, house number
  • Zip code, city

Step 3: Floor space and living area

In step 3, note the floor area and the actual living area.

  • Footprint
  • Living space

Step 4: Year of construction

Depending on the year of construction of the property, the defects differ.

Tip. Read more about the topic here:

Step 5: Reason for sale

Why do you want to sell? All information is treated 100% discreetly and under all aspects of data protection. But the reason is important, for example in case of divorce (and separation of property) or sale due to liquidity problems (and lack of time).

Step 6: Visuals

Pictures say more than 1,000 words. Please also always send 2, 3 photos of the object, for a first, very rough impression of the substance.

Free of charge, anonymous, online: Get evaluated now

I am looking forward to your inquiry. If you want to contact me directly, you can write me personally here:

Accurate valuation: calculation and cost

After the first, rough valuation, there is almost always an exact valuation, by experts or appraisers. To give you an impression of the methods and calculations used for valuation, here is a brief insight into 3 central valuation methods.

Costs and limit values: Assessment Expert opinion

For a property value that is below a limit of 150,000 euros, you can expect approximate costs of 1,500 euros. For multi-family houses with a property value above 1 million, the assumed fee increases to 3,000 euros.

  • Under 150,000 euros value, about 1,500 euros
  • Over 1.000.000 Euro value, circa 3.000 Euro

Additional costs: Right of way & Co.

Since a right of way was also assessed, a surcharge of 20 percent = 360 euros can be invoiced. This means that for a property of less than 150,000 euros, the fee would be 1,500 euros for the property valuation plus 360 euros for the processing of the right of way; the total costs would be 1,860 euros net.

Which properties are valued and how?

In the following table we have compiled for the types of real estate and their usual valuation procedures. With the valuation procedure for “offsetting”, a verification of the previously determined values takes place:

Apartments (owner-occupied)

Apartments (leased to third parties)

Residential house (owner-occupied)

Residential building (rented, e.g. apartment building)

Land (undeveloped)

Land (undeveloped, but rented)

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