Sell house quickly: Procedure, legal basis and the best tips

Sell a house quickly – Selling a house is a complex matter and involves many different steps. From the creation of an attractive advertisement to the valuation of the property and the subsequent legal steps, such as the purchase contract and the appointments with the notary. During all these steps, various points must be considered in order to complete the sale of the property as profitably and quickly as possible. Now new: tips, calculation and avoiding risks – house evaluation.

Sell real estate quickly: Uncomplicated and profitable

Selling a property successfully as quickly as possible is harder than you think. There are many things to consider and many mistakes that can be made. So you should inform yourself about the processes from the beginning and be sure that you do everything right. Made easier, this process will only be easier for you if you have the right expertise and the right support on the subject.

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Procedure: How to sell your house

A smooth sales process is the be-all and end-all. Many different steps are necessary to sell a house profitably. For most people, it takes a lot of time to tackle them alone. An extensive specialized knowledge is needed, whose appropriation alone already takes much time.

In order to make the sale of your house as simple and above all as fast as possible, real estate experts help you with their knowledge and years of experience. The process can be fast and easy for the house owners and without having to invest a lot of time. Lay back and relax while real estate agents do the work for you.

Fast property sale: 3 frequently asked questions

We do not want to take up much of your time, so here are 3 specific questions that we are most frequently asked in consultation sessions.

How fast can you sell?

Question 1: How quickly can good real estate agents sell a property?

Every place, every condition varies the time. We can make you an offer for your property in Germany, in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and for all other cities in the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In about 32% of our clients’ inquiries, we have a preliminary offer available the same day, within 24 hours. After closer examination and evaluation, the shortest duration is 72 hours. In addition, however, there are the usual procedures for the purchase contract and notary appointment. You will learn more about both of these in a moment.

Real estate agent with buyer pool or online portal ?

Question 2: Why should you hire a real estate agent for a quick house sale and not just sell online?

You should hire a real estate agent for quick house sales. If you want a guaranteed quick sale that is hassle-free and with no additional costs.

If you place your property on one of the usual online portals, there are no guarantees that it will actually sell – not even at your self-determined desired price.

Without a real estate agent (with contacts, off market buyer lists and investors in the background) your property could be offered on the open market for months without viewings, let alone offers.

For a quick, guaranteed cash sale, you will not get a better offer from Privat for a quick house sale – sell to professionals who want and are able to develop your property further.

In addition, we have a strict valuation process, which means that we always receive the most accurate valuation for each property.

Guaranteed fast sale ?

Question 3: How can you guarantee that I can sell my house to you quickly?

What distinguishes investor brokers from other companies is that we have our partners’ own money ready to buy your house. Our investor partners have been in the industry for over 25 years and together have hundreds of years of experience. This allows us to have a fast sales process and means that if necessary, we are able to complete a purchase in just seven days.

With an external team of legal experts and experienced professionals, the process is seamless from valuation to closing. You will be in regular, direct contact with a dedicated sales representative, so that you are always kept up to date and potential problems can be solved quickly.

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Calculate property value: This is how experts proceed

What are the exact criteria for determining the value of a property and how exactly do experts proceed when preparing their expert opinion? In general, according to § 194 BauGB, the market value should reflect the price that would have been achieved in the normal business year at the time of the determination without consideration of unusual or personal circumstances. To determine this value, experts use various criteria:

Location of the properties

The location of the property includes the infrastructure of the nearby surroundings, such as transport connections, shopping facilities, but also connections to doctors or hospitals. On the other hand, trendy locations have an advantage, especially in large cities. The higher the popularity of the district, the higher the value of the property there.

Of course, it is particularly easy to sell real estate in the city centers and in the suburbs of popular urban areas.

Real estate prices: Germany comparison

Real estate prices:

Standard floor value

The standard land value is probably the most important criterion for determining the market value, as it is the basis for its determination. The standard land value indicates the value for one square meter of undeveloped land in the respective standard land value zones.

Old pollution on the property

Contaminated sites on the property are of course not an advantage for the property, as they have to be taken over by the new owner. Such inherited burdens are noted in the land register and have a negative influence on the expert opinion, as more costs are incurred by potential buyers.

Tip! Do you want more detailed information on the subject of land sales? Read more here: Selling land.

Energetic condition

First of all, of course, the presentation of the energy certificate is required. This states how high the energy consumption is. The higher, the worse. In addition, the quality and newness of the insulation of the outer walls and the roof. These have a decisive influence on the energy consumption and the energy costs increase enormously with poor insulation. Our tip, if time is not pressing and you need to sell quickly: renovation for added value.

Building and technical condition of a property

The second important criterion is of course the condition of the property. This includes not only the materials used, such as building materials, pipes, conduits or electrical installations, but also the age of the property and the materials. In addition, extras such as an outdoor area, carports, gardens and garages can have a positive effect on the rating and confirm a positive evaluation.

Current market situation

The price of a property is always determined by supply and demand, which is why this criterion also plays an important role for the expert. Here, sales data from comparable properties in similar locations are used and compared with the data of the property to be examined.

The degree of development of the property

The degree of development is also important for the value of the property. This means that it must be checked whether the property is connected to important networks, such as the water system, the telephone network but also the electricity. Of course it is an advantage if the property is connected to all important networks.

Free tip? Yes!

All my tips in this guide are free of charge for you. As real estate brokers, we broker real estate from 1 million Euro sales value under the category luxury real estate. We give you here gladly Tipps and cheat for your sales, free of charge, in detail and step by step explained. Please also pay attention to our links, here you will find more detailed information on the individual topics. Should you wish to sell your property with us: Do you know what our unbeatable advantage is? We independently reach over 250,000 readers per month, which means 3 million people per year. We are independent from common real estate portals and reach a solvent, special target group. In addition, we offer internal buyer groups and investors in our Off Market area, to whom you have no access via usual offers. Read more here: Real Estate Agents.

Exposé: Present your house & market it

The right advertisement is the be-all and end-all for the self-marketing of a property. But other aspects must also be considered. If you approach a house sale without help, you should be prepared for a lot of time and self-organization. This process can only be made easier if you have the right expertise on the subject.

Display: Formulations, the pictures and the first impression

There’s nothing worse than your ad going under in the crowd. Short, sober descriptions bore potential buyers and are not very inviting. So make sure that the title is already written in a relaxed but serious way. You should use a language that is as rich in images as possible, which arouses emotions and thus attracts attention.

Think about the title that would make you stick to yourself.

Special advantages of your real estate can be emphasized by formulations, like ‘elegant old building with stucco’ or ‘sun-flooded south terrace’, because you appear inspired and invite the real estate-looking for directly. Try to attract the buyer already with the headline, so that he clicks further on your advertisement.

Pictures: Interior, property and details

But the most important factor are probably the pictures. A buyer naturally wants to see as much of the property as possible to get an idea of whether the object could be something for him.

In order to take great pictures of your property, there are a few things you need to consider. First of all, the rooms should be tidy and clean. You should definitely take the pictures in daylight so that the rooms can be seen very well and the buyers can estimate how much daylight falls into the rooms. Your cover picture should be the most meaningful and represent the best of the apartment.

The most beautiful room, the roof terrace, the open kitchen or maybe the bay window with a view. Pictures of all rooms and if available the garden/balcony/terrace, an exterior view and above all a floor plan should not be missing. The floor plan should never be missing, as it gives potential buyers an impression of the size of the individual rooms in relation to each other and allows them to see the layout of the rooms better.

This is how a professional works with real estate photos:

Text: Detailed description and advantages

Once the potential buyer is on your ad, two additional factors can convince him or her of the property. The ad text and your pictures. With your text you should explain important key data of the property as well as object criteria. These include

  • Number of rooms
  • District
  • Balcony
  • Built-in kitchen
  • Floor- but also full bath
  • Fellar rooms

Describe the location of the apartment, its advantages and also name the furnishings as precisely as possible. This includes kitchen equipment, heating systems but also other objects that will remain in the property. In this connection, mention the costs for the compensation payments for existing equipment and brokerage fees. Also important is information such as rent, additional costs and the size of the apartment in square meters.

The 5 most common mistakes in selling

Most home sellers are rather inexperienced in the field and do not know where to start. They often take a few pictures and put them on a real estate portal. However, the homeowners do not know what to expect, what you have to consider and what all is in store for you. To avoid this uncertainty, the most important thing before selling a house is to inform and seek help from experts in the field.

Realtor is excluded from the outset

Of course, it is also possible to successfully complete a real estate sale without an estate agent. So before you decide for or against an estate agent, think about what makes the most sense for you in your situation. An estate agent can save you a lot of work and time when selling a property. He also advises you in financial and marketing matters. So ask yourself the questions:

  • Can I coordinate the sale alone on the fast moving, regional and targeted real estate market?

You should be aware that selling a property requires a lot of time, organization and expertise. An estate agent will receive a commission for a successful sale, but this can be recorded in an estate agent contract. In addition, the real estate agent will take care of all the work for you, such as the correct advertising of the property, arranging and conducting viewing appointments, the preparation of sales contracts and the presence at the notary appointment. Thus, you have permanently someone competent with sufficient expertise at your side, who can advise you in all questions.

Exposee gives a wrong impression

The exposé is one of the most important factors in the successful sale of your property. The exposé is the first thing a potential customer sees and should therefore make the perfect first impression. A bad exposé can ruin even the most beautiful house.

What you should definitely pay attention to are good pictures. It helps to have them taken by a photographer, but even self-made pictures can look great. Make sure that the pictures are taken in daylight and that the room is clearly visible. In addition, it should be tidy and clean so that the potential buyer immediately feels comfortable and can imagine living there.

Take pictures of all rooms and preferably also the floor plan so that the buyers can get a clear picture of the property. Pictures of the garden or special features of the house will also look good. Be honest in the text of your exposé. Do not give the customer false hopes or exaggerate, because this will only lead to disappointment at the viewing appointment.

Real estate market value is unknown to you

Every homeowner still knows how much he paid for his house and how much renovation, refurbishment etc. cost. However, it often happens that the value of the property differs from the original purchase price, as property prices are determined by supply and demand.

So before you put your property up for sale, you should know the value of this knowledge. You can have the property value estimated by an appraiser or an estate agent and thus know better what range you can move in the price. Small defects in the house can reduce the value of the property and be a reason for potential buyers to lower the purchase price. So before selling, consider whether you can have small defects repaired beforehand and thus demand a higher sales price. However, experts or real estate agents can also help you with this decision and estimate whether such an investment is worthwhile.

You are unprepared for viewing appointments

Potential buyers are faced with the decision to make a large investment or not. So they want to play it safe and be 100% sure in their decision. So that you conclude the house sale successfully, you should give potential buyers as much security as possible.

During an inspection appointment you should be prepared for many questions of the buyers and have a good answer to all of them. Often it concerns thereby the condition of the house:

  1. How old are the windows / doors?
  2. When was the last time renovated and refurbished?
  3. What kind of insulation is there?
  4. How much are the additional costs?
  5. … and and and and and

Be prepared for all these questions and inform yourself about your house in detail right from the start. Ignorance can unsettle potential buyers or be an excuse to lower the price. Also be open to surveyors and understand that your buyers only want to play it safe.
As a seller, you naturally want to sell your property as profitably as possible. However, you are faced with a buyer who is happiest to make a profit in the end.

So don’t spoil your chances of buying a house by not being willing to negotiate, but meet your buyer halfway. There is only one thing that helps in negotiations: good preparation.

You should consider from the outset within which framework you can move and what is the absolute minimum for you. You should also have good arguments to justify your selling price. This includes, for example, a good infrastructure, the location of the house or special advantages of your property. An experienced real estate agent can also help you to prepare for a successful negotiation or even support you on site.

Stubbornness can be a major hindrance and can unnecessarily prolong negotiations. Approach each other and find a price that both parties are happy with.

Legal: notary, land register and purchase contract

A house sales is a large decision with that many legal procedures, contracts and conditions accompany. As owners of house one should inform oneself first of all well about it, which comes to one and which one must consider, so that one comes out profitably from the business. For ignorant ones in the area there are many legal bases to consider and above all small Stolperfallen, which one should absolutely avoid.

Notary: Monitoring of the sales contract

The duties of a notary public are to regulate the sale of real estate as an impartial legal entity in such a way that all parties are satisfied and all possible points of dispute are avoided or settled from front to back. The notary draws up a public deed (the purchase contract) in which all necessary legal issues are regulated in a transparent and unambiguous manner.

The notary also notarizes the real estate purchase contract:

§311b of the German Civil Code (BGB) stipulates in Germany that all legal contracts concerning land, property, estate and real estate require mandatory notarization.

Another task of notaries is to ensure the protection of both buyer and seller. For the legal protection of the buyer, the notary reserves the property for the buyer in the land register as a prior notice, so that the seller cannot sell the property to someone else at short notice. For the legal protection of the seller, the notary arranges the final transfer of the property in the land register as soon as the buyer has actually paid the purchase price.

Enforceable claims

Notaries additionally provide for immediately enforceable claims. This means that the claims stipulated in notarized contracts are immediately enforceable. In order to execute the claims, it is no longer necessary to take legal action at a court, but a bailiff can be appointed immediately. This takes place, for example, in the case of non-payment of the purchase price.

In addition, a notary public explains all unclarified legal questions in a real estate sale. He must explain all legal and juridical questions to all contracting parties in such a comprehensive, understandable and sufficient way that a documentary record of the actual will of both parties is possible. You are obliged to do so by virtue of your public office.
Should a notary strive for a different cost regulation, he is thus ineffective, as this is legally prohibited. This applies to both cost reduction and cost increase.

Purchase agreement in real estate trade

How can a purchase contract be concluded? When does a purchase contract exist? And what must be included in a sales contract?

The purchase contract is the legal basis on which a house sale is built. Depending on the case, a sales contract always looks different, contains more or less regulations, depending on what the parties have agreed.

A sales contract is a complex and extensive contract, which contains many legal ambiguities and also traps for one or the other. The implementation can also take some time.

Sell fast? Sometimes it takes up to 8 weeks from the signing of the contract at the notary to the transfer of ownership in the land register.

This non-simultaneity between the transfer of the purchase price, the change of ownership and thus the change of use and encumbrance and the final change of ownership and the handover raises further legal questions in the sale of a house, which must be regulated in detail in the purchase contract.

Checklist: 14 points in the sales contract

Just to the question: What must all be included in a sales contract?

The most important points which should be regulated in every sales contract are as follows:

  1. Which object of purchase is being sold ?
  2. Who sells to whom?
  3. What is sold with everything? (fitted kitchen, property,…)
  4. How is it sold?
  5. How is the payment done? (cash, bank transfer, …)
  6. When is the transfer date?
  7. What is the distribution of the incidental and maintenance costs?
  8. How are the development costs regulated?
  9. Are there possible warranty claims?
  10. What is the state of the object?
  11. Does the object have defects?
  12. Which permits are available and which ones are missing?
  13. Allocation of costs
  14. Authorization of the notary’s office