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Ibiza is a gorgeous island and part of the Balearic Islands. Who wouldn’t like to have a property here that either turns out to be a profitable real estate investment, or becomes exactly the retreat oasis you’ve always dreamed of? This dream can become reality. If you want to buy or sell a property in Ibiza, you have come to the right place! In order to make the purchase and sale abroad as smooth as possible, it is a good idea to hire a real estate agent.

Tip. Come with me to the island and the best (most expensive, exclusive) communities on the island:

Besides the island of Ibiza, we also have Spain, as well as Mallorca and Barcelona for you under the magnifying glass.

You want to buy or sell a property in Ibiza? Are you looking for a real estate agent in Ibiza? Learn more about selling and buying real estate in Ibiza here.

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Ibiza, in addition to its internationally known party scene in Ibiza Town, also has an extensive cultural and biological wealth. Every year, quite a few tourists and visitors are attracted to the Balearic island, and once you live here, you never want to leave. So why not buy a property in Ibiza to enjoy the Spanish sun all the time? Some people also own a property that is associated with bad memories of a failed relationship or similar, or that was simply bought as an investment and is now to be resold at a profit. Whether you want to buy or sell a property in Ibiza, whether a villa or a condominium: Here you will find instructions and many free tips about buying and selling real estate in Ibiza.

Buy, build, rent, sell, laws, taxes & co. – Welcome to Ibiza.

Buy in Ibiza

More than 7 hours of sun, and that every day. That’s the weather in Ibiza. So it’s no wonder that the Balearic island is a popular vacation destination. But why always enjoy the luxury of picturesque scenery and great weather only on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks? Why not buy a property in Ibiza? Who organizes the real estate investment skillfully, can use the real estate as a private vacation domicile, rent the real estate to vacationers or live in it conscientiously and after some years with appropriate reorganization or renovation possibly even profitably sell it again. Basically, there is nothing against buying a property on Ibiza. Find out here what it takes and what you should definitely consider.

More on the subject of buying in Ibiza in a moment. Here is an overview in advance, with further information and tips.

Buy property:

Selling property Ibiza – Wanting or needing to sell a property in Ibiza can have many reasons, both private and business. For whatever reason you want to sell a property, one thing should be considered in all circumstances: The sale of real estate should not be rushed. Especially when selling a property abroad, there are many potential problems that should be avoided from the beginning. Tax situation, contract, notary costs and much more should be taken into account. Choosing a solvent buyer is also crucial, as no one wants to have to chase after their money. What to consider when selling a property in Ibiza, you can find out here.

Sell in Ibiza

Owning a property in Ibiza sounds like a blessing to many people. However, real estate is often put up for sale for less pleasant reasons, such as the death of the owner and the associated inheritance, separation or divorce, or similar. Then the property is associated with unpleasant memories and should be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Another reason for selling a property in Ibiza can be real estate investment. Many people make their money with this: one can remodel a house to increase its value and then sell it again. Many properties in good locations are bought, a refurbishment or renovation is done, and then the property is sold again with a corresponding profit.

Even expatriates or islanders may be tempted to sell their own property to move back to mainland Spain, the home country or simply to a new, exciting domicile.

No matter what motivation drives you, the sale of a property in Ibiza should not be taken lightly. The right marketing of the property, finding a solvent buyer, as well as clarifying the tax situation, dealing with the authorities and calculating all the ancillary costs of a property sale are just some of the most important things that need to be done. It is easy to lose track of everything, and in addition to time, crucial mistakes can cost the seller a lot of money in the end.

We therefore recommend that you consult a competent real estate agent, especially when selling a property on Ibiza, in order to avoid potential problems and mistakes from the outset.

You want to sell your property in Ibiza? More about that in a moment, after the buyer tips. You can find more articles and tips here.

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Ibiza real estate

Ibiza: island, capital, map and location

Ibiza is quite a small island compared to Mallorca. Nevertheless, the Balearic island has a lot to offer for locals, vacationers and short-term visitors. For example, since 1999, the island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its biodiversity and rich culture. In addition, Ibiza boasts a mild Mediterranean climate and an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day. Due to its size and close proximity to the sea, Ibiza’s air is also healthy and relaxing. Climate and air conditions attract many elderly people to the island, which can alleviate diseases such as rheumatism due to the climatic conditions.

The proximity to the Spanish mainland and the neighboring island of Mallorca also make Ibiza interesting. The ferry takes you from Ibiza to the Spanish mainland to Valencia or Barcelona, but also to the neighboring islands of Mallorca or Formentera. The cruise is quite picturesque and passes picturesque stretches of coastline near the islands.

In addition to the two largest ports in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza also has its own airport, Aeroport d’Eivissa, where flights from all over the world arrive and depart daily.

Attraction and one of the highlights of the island is the capital Ibiza Town. Among other things, it is known for its lively nightlife, many European nightclubs have branches here, which are open in the summer for the travel season and where the most successful and hottest artists and DJs perform. But besides partying, you can also find recreation here: south of the city center there are two white sandy beaches that invite you to linger. The old part of town above the harbor is also worth seeing, where among other things a Gothic cathedral can be seen, from whose Renaissance fortress one has a wide view over the coast and the island. With an area of 11 km² and about 50,000 inhabitants, Ibiza Town is a relatively small city, but the largest city on the island.

However, in summer and during the vacation season, the island is heavily visited. On the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, 10.1 million people went on vacation from January to August 2019 alone. These vacationers came, mind you, from abroad, Spanish visitors from the mainland thus exclusive.

Facts about Ibiza:

  • Population: 151,827
  • Ø Income: ~ 24.650 €
  • Comparison France Ø income: €37,919
  • Area: ~ 572 km²
  • Municipalities: 5
  • Special features: Ibiza has been a World Heritage Site since 1999

Ibiza at a glance: Island and capital

Ibiza, as part of Spain and the Balearic Islands, is a very sunny island with a total of 210 km of coastline. The coastal stretches are not accessible everywhere due to steeper cliff sections and it is not possible to go around the island along the sea, but a round trip on the island is still worthwhile. Ibiza is a rather small island with an area of 572 km², and is located southwest of the island of Mallorca and off the eastern coast of Spain. From the port city of Valencia to the western Ibiza port city of Sant Antoni de Portmany leads a ferry route over a distance of just under 180km through the Balearic Sea.

Ibiza, as a Balearic Island part of Spain is located off the eastern coast of Spain:

Ibiza Town, Capital:

Buy in Ibiza

Buy in Ibiza

Buying a property in Ibiza can be a successful investment, but there are several factors to consider when buying. Whether as an investment or private gain as a vacation home, the purchase of a property in Ibiza can have many reasons. Renting out your own property such as a vacation home to vacationers and tourists can also be a rewarding strategy under the right circumstances. However, especially when buying a property abroad, you should also expect some risks. In addition to a different tax situation, payment, contract and purchase processing can also be different. For example, if you want to buy a house in Ibiza as a non-Spaniard, you need a Spanish foreigner identity number (NIE for short), which you have to apply for in advance from the Spanish government. The buying process can also be different than in Germany. In Spain, for example, it is customary to pay for purchased real estate with a check. For this, however, the buyer needs a Spanish bank account.

Ideally, you should consult an experienced real estate agent if you are interested in buying a property on Ibiza. Experienced real estate agents are familiar with local legal circumstances and know the regional customs. Thus, you can handle the purchase of a property professionally and avoid potential risks and problems.

In addition, you will learn what you should consider when investing in a property in Ibiza, so as not to fall into a debt trap or even get into legal trouble. The purchase of a property abroad should be made with care.

Buy property:

Invest in Ibiza

Buying a property as an investment can have many reasons and can be realized in many ways. Whether as a simple capital investment, by upgrading the property through renovation and then reselling it, or as a vacation home / apartment that you rent out to vacationers: The investment can be worthwhile, but only under certain conditions.

Especially the purchase and investment in real estate abroad should be thoroughly thought through. Unforeseen costs or complications can quickly make an investment less profitable or even a bad investment. Especially those who are not familiar with the local language and legislation should not rush into anything. It is best to consult an independent expert such as a broker who is familiar with the local conditions, requirements and customs.

Here is a list of things that you should definitely pay attention to before buying a property in Ibiza:

  • Is the owner registered in the land register of the property to be sold? (in Spain, the purchase of a property does not necessarily have to be notarized and registered in the land register).
  • Legal certainty: Choose the path of notarial certification and have the title of ownership entered in the land register
  • Is the property with everything you want to buy in the land register? (land area, living area, pool, etc.)
  • Check existing encumbrances on the property: rights of way in favor of other properties, prior liens by creditors of the seller, etc.
  • Match land register and data in the cadastral office (to avoid difficulties in determining property boundaries or property tax).
  • For new buildings: Is there a building inspection by the municipality and a certificate of habitability?
  • Check additional costs: Real estate transfer tax, notary fees, costs for entry in the land register, plusvalia (municipal value growth tax), if applicable, etc.

Sell in Ibiza

Sell in Ibiza

Hard to imagine that owners of a property in Ibiza want to sell it? Some investors and owners see it differently. It may be necessary to sell one’s property on the dream island for many reasons. No matter whether the property to be sold was an investment or was used as a private residence: To market a property in a high-quality and professional manner and to find a suitable, solvent buyer presents many sellers with a major task.

In this case, especially real estate agents can serve you as a support. They can do marketing adapted to your needs, and even find a suitable buyer for your property in the off market. In addition, a professional real estate agent will accompany the sale from the initial inspection of the property to the final handover of the keys and will provide you with advice and support. Especially when selling property abroad – like in Ibiza – a professional assessment of the situation is of great importance.

Sell property:

Design real estate exposé

The A&O for a profitable real estate sale is the exposé. The sales process for different types of real estate – no matter if house or apartment – is similar, but they all have one thing in common: a strong and convincing real estate exposé. D Selling a property like “any other product”: The first step to transform interested parties into potential buyers are meaningful and equally short, concise offers (exposé). This requires a lot, not only beautiful photos, but these are definitely the basis. Visual examples could stimulate your inspiration, which you can view in detail in the article linked here.

In addition to high-quality, appealing photos and the key data and facts of the property for sale, the exposé should combine all relevant information at first glance: Year of construction, size of the plot, living space calculation, floor plan, building description, photos of the interior and exterior, as well as the infrastructure of the surrounding area and extras such as balcony, pool, sea view, carport, etc. should definitely be included in the exposé.

This offers you a certain creative freedom, according to which you can individually adapt your exposé to your property. The important thing is: a high-quality, professionally designed exposé can increase the value of your property in case of doubt and attract the desired prospective buyers. So create the perfect exposé for your property in Ibiza.

Life in Ibiza

Ibiza living

Who would not like to live on the sunny island, or at least spend every free minute here? Numerous flight connections make traveling to the Balearic Islands as easy, fast and comfortable as never before. But how can you imagine life and living on the island? We have summarized for you some of the highlights of the island to bring you closer to the flair of the island.

With about 37 beaches of different lengths, Ibiza is a dream island for sea lovers and beach goers. Whether sunbathing, swimming, or walking along the coast: you can spend your free time on the island in a variety of ways, and explore a different beach every day of the month. The beaches all have one thing in common: crystal clear, turquoise-blue water that invites you to swim and gives you that Caribbean feeling.

In addition to numerous idyllic beaches, the island also offers a few, but picturesque towns that are always worth a visit. First and foremost, of course, the capital of the island, Ibiza Town, which is known for its lively nightlife, but also has many stores and restaurants to offer. Variety is the order of the day here. Picturesque old towns can also be found on the small but culturally rich island. Whether you are a beach lover, culture enthusiast or partygoer: Ibiza has something to offer for everyone!


Leisure activities in Ibiza

Whether relaxing on the beach or action on the water or on land, whether visiting a museum or culinary journey through the Balearic Islands: Nobody has to be bored on Ibiza! A wide range of leisure activities is available, especially in summer during high season, and makes many adventurers’ hearts beat faster.

No matter what you are in the mood for, whether a relaxing day at the beach, an active day with water sports or an evening full of culinary and party: in Ibiza everything is possible. Especially in summer, the island is visited by many tourists, popular beaches are therefore often crowded. However, if you know your way around the island and ask for insider tips, you will always find a place where you can find peace and quiet. In the off-season, the island is a different place: vacationers and seasonal workers flee back to the mainland, and the locals have the island all to themselves again. So every season on Ibiza has its own special charm.

Possible undertakings that are possible in Ibiza:

  • Balloon ride around and over the island
  • Water sports: flyboard, water ski, wakeboard, jet ski, parasailing, SUP tours and much more.
  • Boat tours ( with & without boat license)
  • Guided kayak tours to cliffs and caves
  • Cave tours on land
  • Quad / Buggy / Jeep tours through the countryside
  • Speedboat rides
  • Various sight-seeing tours & island tours
  • Day trips to Formentera
  • Diving Courses & Snorkeling Trips
  • Over 32 beaches invite you to sunbathe & swim
  • Horseback riding along the coast and inland

Real Estate in Spain

Spain is an extremely popular destination not only for many Germans, but for many Europeans in general. With Mediterranean weather, hot and mild summers and varied landscapes, as well as a rich culture, the country attracts quite a few thousands of tourists every year. However, living in Spain has also become a dream for many. About 19,000 Germans live in Mallorca alone. What Spain has to offer besides the idyllic island, we tell you here.


Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe and attracts several million vacationers every year. No wonder, then, that the real estate market is growing steadily, and supply and demand exist. However, it depends on the location and equipment of a property. These factors determine the value of a property, and ultimately the selling price. So if you want to buy or sell a property in Spain, you should know your property and the current situation on the real estate market well. What you should know and pay attention to the purchase and sale of a property in Spain, such as Barcelona or Ibiza, they learn in the following articles.

Spain is one of the most popular European countries to spend your vacations. At vacation resorts and islands such as Mallorca or Formentera, it is also worth investing in real estate – whether as a private vacation home, as a capital investment, or as a vacation home or apartment that is rented out to vacationers. Besides the islands, Spain also offers many charming cities and metropolises such as Barcelona or Madrid. Also the proximity to Portugal, as well as the long coastal sections on the north and south side of the country make Spain.



Barcelona is the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia and, apart from FC Barcelona, is primarily known as a metropolis. Barcelona covers an area of a good 100 km² and is home to a whole 5.57 million inhabitants. In addition to the distinctive Spanish culture, the city of Barcelona is particularly popular for its diversity and location by the sea. If you want to sell or buy a property here, you have chosen a great city. Nevertheless, there are some factors to consider here as well, in order to avoid common risks and problems. How you can buy or sell a property in Barcelona, and what you should pay attention to, you will learn in the article linked here.

Buy and sell real estate in Barcelona:


Many Germans dream of a vacation home, a finca or even a permanent residence in Mallorca. Sun, beach and sea – and for as long as you like. No return flight, no hurry. Just enjoy “la vida”! The popular Spanish island has much more to offer besides the discredited Ballermann: picturesque coasts, quiet and idyllic bays with crystal clear water, a charming capital with a historic old town, gastronomy and shopping opportunities that make every big city heart beat faster. Mallorca offers both excited city life and quiet and relaxing country life. With an average of 7.9 hours of sunshine a day – all year round – Mallorca is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the cold and uncomfortable winters in other countries!

Buy and sell real estate in Mallorca: