Top A / A+ Ratings: Hidden Champions for Capital Investments in Germany – Lukinski Rating

A / A+ ratings means fairly secure performance. Perfect for investment properties with low yield but high, later resale value. At the same time a strong inflation protection. However, in metropolises like Munich, nothing for real estate beginners without sufficient equity.

A / A+ ratings in Germany

Lukinski Rating – You want to invest in real estate for the first time and don’t know where yet? Here you will find the top A / A+ ratings from our analysis Real Estate Location | Lukinski Rating.

Tip: You can also find B ratings, C ratings and D ratings here.

Top 10 A+ Ratings

Here you can see the top 10 A+ ratings:

  1. Bernau near Berlin (Brandenburg), Rating: 25.2
  2. Falkensee (Brandenburg), Rating: 22.3
  3. Oranienburg (Brandenburg), Rating: 17.7
  4. Potsdam (Brandenburg), Rating: 17.0
  5. Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate), Rating: 16.6
  6. Dachau (Bavaria), Rating: 15.8
  7. Landshut (Bavaria), Rating: 15.3
  8. Giessen (Hesse), Rating: 15.2
  9. Goslar (Lower Saxony), Rating: 14.8
  10. Ostfildern (Baden-Württemberg), Rating: 14.6

Cities list with all A+

All A+ ratings, sorted alphabetically. You can take the exact rating to compare the column “Value”. You can find the general rating under “Grade”. “Short term” refers to the trend of the last 10 years, long term looks at the last 30 years.

City BL Rating
Note Value Short Term Long-term
Ahrensburg SH A+ 11,9 A+ A
Alfter NRW A+ 10,1 A+ C+
Augsburg BA A+ 11,4 A+ A+
Backnang BW A+ 9,1 A+ B+
Bad Kreuznach RLP A+ 16,6 A+ A+
Bad Krozingen BW A+ 24,4 A+ A+
Bad Rappenau BW A+ 12,4 A+ B+
Bad Salzungen TH A+ 23,8 A A+
Bad Soden am Taunus HE A+ 9,4 A+ B+
Bad Vilbel HE A+ 14,8 A+ A
Bad Zwischenahn NS A+ 9,7 A+ B+
Bernau near Berlin BR A+ 25,2 A+ A+
Buchholz in der Nordheide NS A+ 9,4 A+ B-
Büdingen HE A+ 11,4 A+ A-
Butzbach HE A+ 9 A+ B+
Cloppenburg NS A+ 17,8 A+ A+
Crailsheim BW A+ 9,6 A+ B
Dachau BA A+ 15,8 A+ A+
Darmstadt HE A+ 10,4 A+ A+
Delbrück NRW A+ 12,3 A+ A-
Dingolfing BA A+ 13,1 A+ A
Edewecht NS A+ 14,5 A+ B+
Einbeck NS A+ 10,4 B A+
Eppingen BW A+ 10,4 A+ C+
Erding BA A+ 13,9 A+ B+
Falkensee BR A+ 22,3 A+ A
Flörsheim am Main HE A+ 11,4 A+ A-
Frankfurt am Main HE A+ 12,6 A+ A+
Freising BA A+ 13 A+ A
Friesoythe NS A+ 13,5 A+ A
Fulda HE A+ 9,3 A+ B+
Fürstenfeldbruck BA A+ 10,1 A+ A
Fuerth BA A+ 13,5 A+ A+
Gardelegen SA A+ 37,2 A+ A+
Geesthacht SH A+ 9,4 A+ A-
Geestland NS A+ 43,4 A+ A+
Gelnhausen HE A+ 10,1 A+ A
Geretsried BA A+ 10,1 A+ A
Gersthofen BA A+ 12,5 A+ A
Casting HE A+ 15,2 A+ A+
Goslar NS A+ 14,8 A A+
Griesheim HE A+ 11,2 A+ B+
Grimma SA A+ 34,7 A+ A+
Gross-Gerau HE A+ 10,5 A+ A
Hair BA A+ 14,6 A+ A+
Hanau HE A+ 9,3 A+ A
Haren (Ems) NS A+ 10,1 A+ B
Harsewinkel NRW A+ 10,2 A+ B
Hattersheim on the Main HE A+ 9,9 A+ A
Heidelberg BW A+ 9,4 A+ A
Hennef (Sieg) NRW A+ 12,5 A+ B-
Henstedt-Ulzburg SH A+ 9,8 A+ C+
Hohen Neuendorf BR A+ 27,9 A+ A
Hörstel NRW A 9 A+ C+
Idstein HE A+ 11,9 A+ A
Ilmenau TH A+ 30,6 A+ A+
Ilsede NS A+ 45,9 A+ A+
Ingelheim on the Rhine RLP A+ 34,2 A+ A+
Ingolstadt BA A+ 13,4 A+ A
Kaltenkirchen SH A+ 22 A+ A+
Karlsfeld BA A+ 21,4 A+ A+
Kehl BW A+ 9,8 A+ B+
Kempten (Allgäu) BA A+ 10,1 A+ A+
Kleinmachnow BR A+ 16,1 A+ C+
Königs Wusterhausen BR A+ 24,7 A+ A+
Kornwestheim BW A+ 9,3 A+ A
Lahr/Black Forest BW A+ 14,2 A+ A
Landau in the Palatinate RLP A+ 11,1 A+ A-
Landsberg am Lech BA A+ 12,2 A+ B
Landshut BA A+ 15,3 A+ A+
Long HE A+ 10,8 A+ A
Laupheim BW A+ 17,5 A+ A+
Leinfelden-Echterdingen BW A+ 9,2 A+ A
Leipzig SA A+ 13,1 A+ A+
Leonberg BW A+ 9,2 A+ A
Limburg on the Lahn HE A+ 9,6 A+ A-
Lohne (Oldenburg) NS A+ 11,7 A+ B
Ludwigsfelde BR A+ 13,7 A+ A+
Mainz RLP A+ 11,3 A+ A
Markkleeberg SA A+ 10,3 A+ C
Moormerland NS A+ 10,4 A+ B+
Mühldorf am Inn BA A+ 19 A+ A+
Munich BA A+ 11,9 A+ A+
Munster NRW A+ 13,7 A+ A+
Neu Wulmstorf NS A+ 11,3 A+ C+
Neu-Ulm BA A+ 13,2 A+ A+
Neufahrn bei Freising BA A+ 11,5 A+ B+
Nidderau HE A+ 10,2 A+ B-
Niederkassel NRW A+ 9,7 A+ C+
Norderstedt SH A+ 10,5 A+ A+
Offenbach on the Main HE A+ 9,4 A+ A
Öhringen BW A+ 14,3 A+ A
Olching BA A+ 15,6 A+ A+
Oranienburg BR A+ 17,7 A+ A
Ostfildern BW A+ 14,6 A+ A
Ottobrunn BA A+ 9,9 A+ A
Paderborn NRW A+ 9,3 A+ B-
Papenburg NS A+ 11,1 A+ A-
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm BA A+ 13,9 A+ A
Potsdam BR A+ 17 A+ A+
Rastede NS A+ 12 A+ A
Regensburg BA A+ 14 A+ A+
Reinbek SH A+ 10 A+ A
Remseck am Neckar BW A+ 19,3 A+ A+
Riedstadt HE A+ 16,1 A+ A+
Rödermark HE A+ 9,6 A+ A
Rösrath NRW A+ 10,3 A+ B+
Rüsselsheim on the Main HE A+ 9 A+ A
Swabian Hall BW A+ 12,7 A+ A
Sehnde NS A+ 10,1 A+ C+
Stutensee BW A+ 10 A+ B+
Teltow BR A+ 26,3 A+ A+
Traunstein BA A+ 10,3 A+ A
Unterhaching BA A+ 15,6 A+ A+
Unterschleissheim BA A+ 10,9 A+ A
Vaterstetten BA A+ 15,4 A+ A+
Vechta NS A+ 12,5 A+ B
Walsrode NS A+ 22 A+ A+
Weilheim in Upper Bavaria BA A+ 9,7 A+ B
Weiterstadt HE A+ 9,8 A+ A-
Werder (Havel) BR A+ 29 A+ A+
Westerstede NS A+ 10,1 A+ B+
Westoverledingen NS A+ 12,1 A+ A
Wildeshausen NS A+ 14,1 A+ A-
Winsen (Luhe) NS A+ 9,6 A+ B-

Cities list with all A

The list of A-rated cities.

City BL Rating
Note Value Short Term Long-term
Achern BW A 7,1 A+ C+
Achim NS A 7,3 A+ A-
Ahaus NRW A 7,7 A+ C
Aichach BA A 8,5 A+ C+
Bad Mergentheim BW A 8 A+ A-
Bamberg BA A 8,5 A A
Böblingen BW A 8,3 A+ A
Borken NRW A 7,4 A+ B-
Bornheim NRW A 8,4 A+ D
Bretten BW A 8,4 A+ B-
Bruchsal BW A 8,5 A+ B
Deggendorf BA A 7,6 A+ A-
Donaueschingen BW A 7,5 A+ B
Dresden SA A 7,9 A+ B+
Eislingen/Fils BW A 8 A+ B
Emmendingen BW A 8,1 A+ B
Eschborn HE A 7,8 A+ B-
Euskirchen NRW A 8,3 A+ B
Filderstadt BW A 7,7 A+ B-
Frechen NRW A 7,4 A+ B-
Freiburg im Breisgau BW A 7,7 A+ C+
Friedberg (Hesse) HE A 8,9 A+ B+
Germering BA A 8,2 A+ A-
Germersheim RLP A 8,8 A+ C-
Geseke NRW A 7,8 A+ B-
Greven NRW A 8,9 A+ B
Gronau (Westphalia) NRW A 8,2 A+ B
Günzburg BA A 7,5 A+ A-
Gütersloh NRW A 7,4 A+ B
Hockenheim BW A 8,3 A+ C
Isernhagen NS A 7,5 A+ B+
Kaufbeuren BA A 7,4 A+ A-
Kitzingen BA A 7,7 A+ A-
Kleve NRW A 7,7 A+ B+
Cologne NRW A 8,7 A+ A
Königsbrunn BA A 8,8 A+ C+
Glue BW A 7,2 A+ D-
Leinefelde-Worbis TH A 7,7 A+ C
Lingen (Ems) NS A 8,6 A+ A
Lüdinghausen NRW A 7,9 A+ C+
Ludwigsburg BW A 7,9 A+ A-
Lüneburg NS A 8 A+ B-
Mechernich NRW A 8,2 A+ C+
Meiningen TH A 7,3 D- A+
Memmingen BA A 8,8 A+ A
Mössingen BW A 7,3 A+ C+
Mühlheim am Main HE A 8,8 A+ B+
Neuburg on the Danube BA A 8 A+ B
Nördlingen BA A 8,4 A+ A
Oberursel (Taunus) HE A 8,8 A+ A-
Oldenburg NS A 8,1 A+ B
Puchheim BA A 8,1 A+ A-
Quickborn SH A 8,3 A+ B+
Rastatt BW A 8,7 A+ B+
Rheda-Wiedenbrück NRW A 8,9 A+ C+
Rietberg NRW A 7,3 A+ C
Rodgau HE A 8,2 A+ B+
Ronnenberg NS A 7,8 A+ B
Rottenburg on the Neckar BW A 7,8 A+ C+
Schifferstadt RLP A 7,6 A+ B+
Castle Holte-Stukenbrock NRW A 8,8 A+ C+
Schwabach BA A 8 A+ B+
Seligenstadt HE A 7,9 A+ B
Siegburg NRW A 8,1 A+ B
Sindelfingen BW A 7,3 A A-
Steinhagen NRW A 7,6 A+ B-
Straubing BA A 8,6 A+ A-
Trier RLP A 7,1 A+ B
Verl NRW A 8,4 A+ C
Versmold NRW A 7,5 A+ B-
Waiblingen BW A 7,4 A+ B
Wesseling NRW A 8,4 A+ B

Cities list with all A-

Very stable development, also show the cities with A- rating.

City BL Rating
Note Value Short Term Long-term
Erlangen BA A- 7 A A-
Langenhagen NS A- 7 A+ B-
Xanten NRW A- 7 A+ D
Aurich NS A- 6,9 A+ B
Buxtehude NS A- 6,9 A+ C-
Dietzenbach HE A- 6,9 A+ B-
Viernheim HE A- 6,9 A+ B
Radolfzell on Lake Constance BW A- 6,9 A+ C+
Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler RLP A- 6,9 A+ B
Schwanewede NS A- 6,9 A+ C+
Pforzheim BW A- 6,8 A+ B
Heinsberg NRW A- 6,8 A+ B
Tuttlingen BW A- 6,8 A A-
Winnenden BW A- 6,8 A+ C+
Roth BA A- 6,8 A+ B-
Husum SH A- 6,8 A+ B+
Bad Kissingen BA A- 6,8 B+ A
Close NRW A- 6,8 A+ C+
Send NRW A- 6,8 A+ D-
Hürth NRW A- 6,7 A+ C+
Bad Nauheim HE A- 6,7 A+ B
Weyhe NS A- 6,7 A+ C+
Karlsruhe BW A- 6,6 A+ B
Hückelhoven NRW A- 6,6 A+ C+
Hofheim am Taunus HE A- 6,6 A+ B
Forchheim BA A- 6,6 A A-
Osterholz-Scharmbeck NS A- 6,6 A+ C-
Vaihingen an der Enz BW A- 6,6 A+ C
Leutkirch in Allgäu BW A- 6,6 A+ B
Waghäusel BW A- 6,6 A+ C+
Gauting BA A- 6,6 A+ B-
Bad Waldsee BW A- 6,6 A+ C-
Villingen-Schwenningen BW A- 6,5 A B+
Mörfelden-Walldorf HE A- 6,5 A+ C+
Wedel SH A- 6,5 A+ B+
Stuhr NS A- 6,5 A+ C-
Wedemark NS A- 6,5 A+ C
Überlingen BW A- 6,5 A+ B-
Zülpich NRW A- 6,5 A+ C+
Bensheim HE A- 6,4 A+ C+
Salzkotten NRW A- 6,4 A+ C-
Waldkirch BW A- 6,4 A+ B
Friedrichshafen BW A- 6,3 A+ B-
Kelkheim (Taunus) HE A- 6,3 A+ B
Vineyard BW A- 6,3 A B+
Waldshut-Tiengen BW A- 6,3 A B+
Karben HE A- 6,3 A+ B-
Rosenheim BA A- 6,2 A+ B-
Laatzen NS A- 6,2 A+ B-
Bingen on the Rhine RLP A- 6,2 A B+
Bad Oldesloe SH A- 6,2 A+ C
Ulm BW A- 6,1 A+ C+
Singen (Hohentwiel) BW A- 6,1 A+ B
Pinneberg SH A- 6,1 A+ C+
Seelze NS A- 6,1 A+ B
Biberach an der Riß BW A- 6,1 A+ B-
Oer-Erkenschwick NRW A- 6,1 A+ B-
Syke NS A- 6,1 A+ D
Wiesloch BW A- 6 A+ C+
Herzogenaurach BA A- 6 A+ C+
Jüchen NRW A- 6 A+ B-

Germany Rating: Capital Investment Location Comparison

Current Lukinski Ratings:

B- / B / B+ Ratings

All B ratings show cities with solid development. Here you can also find yield properties that immediately provide income that covers your monthly burdens around repayment, interest and maintenance. Ideally with additional extra, for active asset accumulation.

C- / C / C+ Ratings

All C ratings show cities with lower growth rates. Here, real estate as an investment should be treated with caution, because the vacancy risk is greater. This means that you pay more for every month in which your property is not rented out. In addition, the increase in value of the property is very low, to hardly available.

D- / D Ratings: Risk Champions

D-rated cities have high risk, because their entire structure is extremely stagnant or even reduced. Economy, inhabitants, infrastructure, these are all indicators. D-Ratings are definitely not for beginners. Here you need not only experience, but also very good local knowledge to find the few, profitable properties. However, you will hardly ever experience an increase in value here.

Metropolises (17) 500,000 inhabitants and more

Here you will find all 17 metropolises with more than 500,000 inhabitants. You should definitely avoid the top 8 for your first investment, because there are no or only very difficult returns to get here. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Co.

Large cities (67) up to 500,000 inhabitants

Often more interesting than the metropolises, the numerous big cities in Germany. From east (Leipzig) to west (Bonn), north (Rostock) and south (Nuremberg). Here you will find good yield properties with A and B ratings.

Cities up to 100,000 inhabitants

Your advantage in cities between 40,000 to 100,000 inhabitants? You have less national and international competition. Especially if you live locally, a good strategic advantage, even for real estate newcomers. What’s your city’s rating? Find out here: