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Lukinski Rating for Metropolises in Germany – Here you will find all 17 metropolises with more than 500,000 inhabitants. You should definitely avoid the top 8 for your first investment, because there are no or only very difficult returns to get here. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich & Co. Here you will find the individual evaluation for cities in Germany, over 500,000 inhabitants.

Metropolises in Germany: Rating

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List: Attractiveness of location / metropolises

List of all 17 metropolitan areas (over 500,000 inhabitants), sorted alphabetically. You can take the exact rating to compare the column “Value”. The general rating can be found under “Grade”. “Short term” refers to the trend of the last 10 years, long term considers the last 30 years.

City BL Rating
Note Value Short Term Long-term
Berlin BE B+ 5,8 A- B+
Hamburg HA B+ 6 A+ B-
Munich BA A+ 11,9 A+ A+
Cologne NRW A 8,7 A+ A
Frankfurt am Main HE A+ 12,6 A+ A+
Stuttgart BW B+ 5,2 A B-
Düsseldorf NRW B+ 5,8 A B+
Leipzig SA A+ 13,1 A+ A+
Dortmund NRW C- 0,2 D- C
Food NRW D- -1,7 D- C
Bremen BR B- 3,2 C+ B-
Dresden SA A 7,9 A+ B+
Hanover NS C+ 2,7 B- C+
Nuremberg BA C+ 2,7 B C

Germany Rating: Capital Investment Location Comparison

Current Lukinski Ratings:

Large cities (67) up to 500,000 inhabitants

Often more interesting than the metropolises, the numerous big cities in Germany. From east (Leipzig) to west (Bonn), north (Rostock) and south (Nuremberg). Here you will find good yield properties with A and B ratings.

Cities up to 100,000 inhabitants

Your advantage in cities between 40,000 to 100,000 inhabitants? You have less national and international competition. Especially if you live locally, a good strategic advantage, even for real estate newcomers. What’s your city’s rating? Find out here:

A / A+ Ratings: Hidden Champions

A / A+ ratings means fairly secure performance. Perfect for investment properties with low yield but high, later resale value. At the same time a strong inflation protection. However, in metropolises like Munich, nothing for real estate beginners without sufficient equity.

B- / B / B+ Ratings

All B ratings show cities with solid development. Here you can also find yield properties that immediately provide income that covers your monthly burdens around repayment, interest and maintenance. Ideally with additional extra, for active asset accumulation.

C- / C / C+ Ratings

All C ratings show cities with lower growth rates. Here, real estate as an investment should be treated with caution, because the vacancy risk is greater. This means that you pay more for every month in which your property is not rented out. In addition, the increase in value of the property is very low, to hardly available.

D- / D Ratings: Risk Champions

D-rated cities have high risk, because their entire structure is extremely stagnant or even reduced. Economy, inhabitants, infrastructure, these are all indicators. D-Ratings are definitely not for beginners. Here you need not only experience, but also very good local knowledge to find the few, profitable properties. However, you will hardly ever experience an increase in value here.