Karl Lagerfeld apartment in Paris sold for $10 million + live auction video

The Lagerfeld apartment on the Seine: luxury auction with live insight! Half a decade after the death of Karl Lagerfeld, the creative genius of the fashion world, his legendary Parisian apartment has found a new owner. The luxurious domicile, which once bore Lagerfeld’s unmistakable signature, became a new home for lovers of luxury and history […]

Real estate books for children: Timmy’s Abenteuer – Mit Spaß ein bisschen Investment lernen (in German)

Real estate books for children – Would you like to read your children an exciting bedtime story and let them learn about real estate and investments in a fun way at the same time? Then my new Timmy, Lea and Finn stories are just the thing! You can read all the books and stories online […]

Selling an apartment building in Munich: What is important? Steps, taxes, estate agent

Are you considering selling your apartment building in Munich? Selling such a property is complex, but with the right steps and tips you can achieve a successful sale, regardless of whether your property is fully rented or vacant. Everything you need to know about selling an apartment building . Selling an apartment building in Munich: […]

Share deal in real estate: sell company “instead” of property – save taxes

Share deals – saving taxes, but the right way? In my guide to selling a multi-family home for tax purposes, I have just given a short, simple explanation of the share deal, with an example calculation. Instead of 382,000 euros in taxes, only 1,540 euros! How does that work? Here is an insight into asset […]

Selling an apartment building Taxes: Asset & Share Deal

You want to sell your apartment building, what will you have to pay? When selling residential or residential and commercial properties, first-time sellers ask themselves one question in particular: How much tax do I have to pay on the sale? Here is a quick insight into the typical taxation of real estate sales. Want to […]

Selling a villa Broker commission: How high?

Selling a villa estate agent commission in Germany – How high is the estate agent commission when selling a villa? Whether Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Düsseldorf, here is a guide to the typical commissions charged by real estate agents in the high-price segment. Negotiation of the broker’s commission In contrast to the letting of real […]

Real estate holding: box privilege and only 1.54% tax on sale

Nesting privilege, my new favorite word! Although I’ve known about the holding model for ages, today was the first time I heard the term “Schachtelprivileg”. Simply put: only 1.54% tax on the sale of real estate! If you’re wide-eyed now, check out this short article on real estate holding. Tip! Learn more about legal forms […]

Costs and benefits of a building expert: An investment that pays off?

Building your own home is often the biggest investment in many people’s lives. The role of a building surveyor should not be underestimated here, as this expert ensures the quality and value of the investment. But how can the true value of a building surveyor be recognized and to what extent is this service a […]

Selling an apartment building in Düsseldorf: what you need to know

Are you planning to sell your apartment building in Düsseldorf? Selling a property requires careful planning and execution in order to achieve the best possible price, regardless of whether your property is fully rented or vacant. Your guide to selling an apartment building . Selling an apartment building in Düsseldorf: step by step Let’s start […]

Determine market value: Determine market value & calculate sales price

Determining the market value – The determination of the market value of a property is regulated by law in the Real Estate Valuation Ordinance(ImmoWertV). In addition to the type of use, the size and condition of the property, the energy efficiency of the property is also an important factor in determining the market value. The […]

Prefabricated house providers in Germany: Recommendation & list

Are you looking for good prefabricated house providers in Germany? This short list with links are my recommendation for your house building. Here is my list of some of the largest German prefabricated house companies, along with a brief description and links to their websites. More on the topic? Continue reading here: Buying a prefabricated […]

When can you sell an apartment building tax-free?

When can you sell an apartment building tax-free? I have summarized everything important for you here. This will help you understand quickly and easily when a tax-free sale is possible. For private individuals, only the speculation tax is usually relevant. A quick insight! Want to know more? Read here: Selling an apartment building: Taxes. Quick […]