Buying real estate: Apartment, house, villa & apartment building – process, costs and tips

Buying real estate – tips for all types of houses and apartments, free of charge for you. Read here at your leisure everything about the purchase process, about financing, to real estate agents, viewing appointments, negotiation, purchase contract, as well as notary, land transfer tax, and much more. Now at a glance. In addition, guides for the purchase of land and the valuation of real estate. Tip! In the main menu you will find many more real estate tips, also for new construction.

Buy apartment / condominium

Buying an apartment – The decision to buy a condominium is made by most buyers for two reasons. The buyer wants to use the apartment to live in it himself. Other buyers are looking for a financial investment that should bring a good profit in the medium or long term.

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Buy a house / detached house

Buying a house – the dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with these wishful thinking it is not done yet for a long time, because to a house purchase much more belongs. There is a long way to the goal of being able to lean back, relax and enjoy life in your own garden. To make this as easy as possible, here are the best tips & tricks, what you should pay attention to when buying a house, and what pitfalls you can avoid.

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Buy holiday home / weekend house

Holiday home & holiday apartment – The dream of a holiday home exists for many city dwellers. Whether it’s a house by the sea, in the warm south or simply a retreat in the countryside. However, there is a lot to consider when making such a big decision and you should plan well before you decide to take the big step.

Buying a weekend house – A weekend house can be used in a very diverse way. You can spend your free time and holidays there. In addition, it is possible to rent out the weekend house and thus generate additional income.

Buying a prefabricated house: Advantages and disadvantages

Buying a prefabricated house – Most families do not want to wait long from the idea to the realization of their dream of owning a home. This is where a prefabricated house proves to be a practical solution, as its nature means that it involves far less construction time and therefore a lower waiting time before moving in.

Buy a plot of land: New construction

Buying a plot of land – Many interested parties who want to buy a plot of land intend to build a house on it. However, this is only possible if the land is designated as building land or if it is so-called “Bauerwartungsland”. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city or municipality in the near future.

Valuation of real estate: purchase price

As a basis for negotiating the final purchase price of the property, a sound and thorough valuation is very important. How can I value a property? The reasons for a valuation are manifold. Real estate appraisals involve large sums of money and all parties are interested in a professional analysis. Do not give away money!

Evaluation of individual house types and apartment types:

Real estate financing

From condos, to houses, to apartment buildings, the sums of investment jump.

The higher the purchase price, the more important the planning of the financing. Do you want to fulfil your dream of owning your own home, a condominium, a building plot or a commercial property? Then the right choice of real estate loan determines how high the interest burden and thus the total cost of your real estate loan will be.

Even when selecting a real estate loan, you as a potential buyer are faced with many questions and considerations as to whether, for example, you should choose a classic annuity financing or opt for another form of financing. Follow-up financing is also possible in various ways. Ultimately, you are faced with the question of whether you are better off with a long and fixed debit interest rate or with a flexible real estate loan.

Buy apartment house

Buying a multi-family house – your idea has manifested itself and your dream of a house is becoming reality. You have already looked at a few properties, compared prices and set your budget for the house purchase. Before you enter into closer negotiations with sellers or reserve a property, you should plan the house financing and determine your conditions. The more professionally you proceed and the more concretely you plan, the less complicated the home buying process will be, from the idea to the financing to the notarization to the closing. Learn everything here, from the valuation, to the rental of apartment buildings.

Buying a villa: House, investment, procedure

You will not find exposés of first-class properties on real estate portals. Villas are bought and sold discreetly. The purchase of real estate has a fixed procedure: Property search, viewing, negotiations, purchase contract, notary, taxes & Co. The purchase of villas is of course a bit more demanding. If only because you certainly don’t want to waste time on 8, 9 or even 10 viewings, like normal house buyers. Are you looking to buy your first villa? Here’s a little insight into the world of luxury real estate.

Buy luxury real estate: Facts & Prices

Buying luxury real estate – How many luxury properties are sold in Germany every year? There are less than 400. The market is extremely exclusive. Good contacts, a long-standing network, discreet offers and enquiries. Welcome to the world of luxury real estate. We’ll show you how many square meters you get for your money. In New York, Berlin, Hamburg, Tokyo and Dubai. Buy and sell in the most expensive cities in the world.

Off Market Real Estate

Off Market Real Estate – Off market means your real estate sale will never be publicly visible. Your property will only be recommended to an internal, solvent group of buyers with an ideal constellation. Off Market sales are especially used by prominent persons who want to keep the sale as well as address, photos and much more secret. Private individuals also make use of the service, for example if the family should not find out about the upcoming sale or the neighbourhood. For such a discreet, off market sale you need a reputable real estate agent with a good network. Your advantage: Nobody will know about the sale.