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You do not want to deal with the sale of your real estate and are looking for partners at your side to take care of everything, write me or call: Direct purchase, buyer recommendation, valuation, everything important for your real estate sale (discreet and anonymous off market). In addition, my expert advises you in points family foundation create (asset protection and tax reduction).

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Lukinski: Real estate valuation & sale


Sell real estate

You have not sold a property yet and wonder how such a sale of an apartment or house proceeds? Here you will find the different types of real estate with typical procedure of sale. Find out here about documents, documentation, valuation procedures as much as you wish.

Real Estate

Special real estate


Evaluate property

A well-founded valuation supports your sales price and underpins your arguments in negotiations. A 5% loss in the purchase price can quickly amount to a loss of 7,500 euros on a property valued at 150,000, and a loss of 25,000 euros on a property valued at 500,000. Learn here how a good, solid apartment and house valuation works.

More specific:

Or simple:


Buy property

Buying the first property brings many risks, just the subject of real estate valuation to check the financing, as well as the return on investment.

So that you have an overview of what is involved in the process, what taxes you have to pay, how to find a good real estate agent and much more, learn here in our free guides on the subject of buying land, apartment, house, property!

Capital investment

Real estate as an investment

Real estate as an investment is one of the most solid, profitable ways to build your own wealth. On a small scale for retirement planning, on a large scale for millions in sales, compared to many other industries. Because:

Living is always done.

If you want to invest in real estate, it depends on one thing above all, the location! Location means 1) that you choose attractive areas, where also appropriate rents are paid and there is little vacancy. But location also means 2) proximity.


Real estate financing

Who buys his first real estate, who wants to build up his real estate portfolio, needs one thing above all, creditworthiness (solid finances) and a partner to real estate financing. Those who rely on capital providers will usually work with banks.

There is a lot to learn, for example, have you heard of the leverage effect? We know the term leverage from the stock exchange, e.g. from stock trading. But this principle is also used by banks to increase their equity. A rough rule says:

20% equity, 80% financed by the bank

But there are also means and ways you can buy or even build real estate with less equity. Learn more about the topic here:

Legal form

Company forms

Learn about the different legal forms here, in Germany and in the USA. For private real estate buyers who buy a condominium as a retirement plan, it is not worthwhile to form a separate company and a complex construct. For those who want to rent out several units need the appropriate legal form for their own forms.

Here we give an insight into the different forms of companies that can be founded in Germany and the USA. Of course, we also focus on real estate and special forms, e.g. real estate GmbH, REIT and the family foundation.

Lukinski Apps

Real Estate Guru App – Real Estate and Finance Calculator

ImmobilienGuru – We increase the real estate ownership rate in Germany through simple calculators that make access to real estate investments easy.

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Real Estate Guru App

In the ImmobilienGuru app, you can expect small, practical real estate and financial calculators for quick calculations of ancillary purchase costs to the net return for capital investors. In addition, you will already find a few new calculators for owners in the app, for example for the co-ownership share and for the calculation of areas according to DIN 277 and WolfV.

Real EstateGuru

Lukinski Villas – DE, ES & USA

Lukinski – Find your vacation property and / or investment with a few clicks and discover new offers in Germany, Spain and the USA.

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Lukinski Villas App

In the Lukinski Villas App you can expect exclusive properties (vacation property, residence or even capital investment for rent) in Germany, Spain and the USA. My favorite hotspots and maybe also for you, just the right thing!

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