The 1×1 of decorating – 9 tips for the right design of your living space

Decoration is a big part of interior design and adds the finishing touches to it. Accordingly, it is very important to know what you are doing and to know and follow the most important basics. In general, the rule is ‘what you like is allowed’, but the 1×1 of decoration helps you to design your living space and not to forget your own style.

The basics of decoration – how to make living rooms cozy and inviting

We want to feel secure and at home in our homes. This is best achieved when you breathe that certain something into your rooms with your own style. To achieve this, these 9 tips will help you make your property your home and find yourself in the rooms. Find the best decorating tips that work right away in our article.

Tip 1 – Pick up on and emphasise the colour scheme of the furnishings

Your furniture already reflects the color scheme that will occupy your home. Additionally, wall color and wallpaper will help support this color palette. Of course, your accessories should be in the same color scheme and all have something consistent. With lots of different colors, patterns, and textures, rooms quickly become cluttered, which is something we don’t want. So make sure their decor matches their furniture pieces as much as their wall design.

Tip 2 – Set the right scene for your favourite pieces

Of course, despite a uniform look, there may be a special favorite piece that you absolutely want to incorporate. With unusual pieces, such as large pictures, a great vase or an inherited piece of furniture, you should stage this as the focal point of the room. Favorite pieces are great to showcase because you will recognize yourself in the room. Give that special piece the best spot in the room where it can make its full impact and just work. Use your favourite piece as a guide for the rest of the decoration and keep it discreet so that it doesn’t steal the show.

Tip 3 – Spaces must be left

A room that is full of decoration looks overloaded and stifles the person who enters it. When it comes to decoration, the old rule ‘less is more’ often helps. So stick to the pieces you really love and combine your decorations together instead of just taking everything and scattering it randomly. Reduce to the really important things, you will love the room later just as much as the individual pieces and simply feel comfortable in the atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with having an empty shelf once in a while, as this simply frees up space and makes the room feel much more open. Spaces between furniture, decoration and also the wall color are very important to give the room a looseness and make it look inviting. Even in small rooms, this rule should be followed!

Tip 4 – All images need a system

Pictures are a great way to decorate not only the room but also the walls. Especially with plain white walls, it can get boring quickly and that is exactly the right place for great pictures. A picture wall can also be a great keepsake because you can place pictures of friends and family there. Whether pictures are hanging on the wall or on a shelf, they should have order either way. Multiple pictures on a wall without order will look cluttered, and you won’t be able to shake that feeling once you’re in the room. So be sure to arrange your pictures with a system on the wall and not just randomly hang there. The combination of small and large picture frames is particularly good in a collage and looks very dynamic. Large picture frames let a room look very modern, but here you should pay attention to which picture is in the frame, because it is good to see in the size.

Tip 5 – Include lighting as a decorative element

Lighting is an important element in interior design that is usually given too little attention. A well-lit room is essential, but the way in which it is best lit can be a crucial part of the decoration. Playing with light is not easy but if done well, the room can take on a whole new atmosphere. Using lighting as decoration is therefore very obvious. For this purpose, great lamps can be used, which act as a decorative element, but also hidden lighting systems can influence a room. Hidden LED strips are just one example of the many possibilities that are open in this area.

Tip 6 – Contrasts create individuality

Contrasts can completely change a room. A room that is uniform from top to bottom looks boring and dull. Such rooms lack the contrast that makes the room exciting and interesting. A contrast can be many different things. A new color, a large painting, or even a fancy piece of furniture. You should look for a piece that actually does not fit into the room and stage this as a contrast and put in scene. The room immediately looks more interesting and exciting and you can feel much more comfortable.

Tip 7 – Playing with proportions

It’s not only a good idea to combine big with small when it comes to pictures. Also with other decoration different sizes do great and give the room vitality. This can be, for example, two different large vases but also a single delicate flower makes great in a large vase. Here you should give free rein to your creativity and experiment freely. There are no mistakes you can make as long as you like it. This trick will help your room in any case and contribute to the flair.

Tip 8 – Combine patterns correctly and skillfully

Many do not dare to use patterns, because it quickly looks cluttered or simply does not fit. Patterns and different patterns can give a room a lot of dynamics. With patterns, you should still be careful. Too many patterns should be avoided, but they can combine similar patterns great. Pay particular attention to the choice of colours and whether the patterns support each other or work against each other. However, not more than 2-3 patterns in a room are recommended, otherwise it is simply too much. A colorful vase, an unusual picture or even just the patterned sofa cushions can help a room very much in the flair and make it cheerful and inviting. Should you have a great favorite piece, such as a colorful patterned couch you can also combine them elegantly, in which you keep the rest of the room rather simple and only use decorations that help the pattern.

Tip 9 – Use pillows as an all-purpose weapon

Cushions should not only have a special role in the living room. You can actually use them in almost all rooms skillfully as decoration. In the living room, pillows are a great way to bring some color into the room and enhance a drab couch. In the bedroom, special pillows can also be decorated on the bed. Here, they serve a similar purpose as in the living room, as they add some color and texture to the room, are cozy and can enhance drab furniture pieces. In other rooms, but pillows can also be great used as decoration. For example, they look great on chairs in the study or dining room. They provide so not only for coziness but miss these a very special touch. Also in the hallway can be great a chair next to the shoe rack with a cushion, on which shoes can be put on. A small element with a big effect.