Mukaab Inside: 800 billion construction project in Riyadh – map, photos, videos

A new part from my little “Saudi Arabia” series! After Maraya (largest mirrored concert hall) and The Line (170 km long desert city), I take you today with Riyadh, more precisely to Riyadh and New Murabba. This is where the Mukaab is being built. Simply put, the most expensive surprise egg in the world! 800 billion costs the construction and offers place for 20 Empire State Buildings. But, look for yourself!

Mukaab Inside: 800 billion project in Riyadh

The largest downtown area in Saudi Arabia, “New Murabba” has impressive architecture and a lively atmosphere. Originally built in the early 20th century to house government officials and their families, it is now a major hub in Saudi Arabia. There are many examples of Islamic architecture to see, including the iconic King Abdulaziz Historical Center. In addition to stores and restaurants, there are also many cultural events such as music and art installations.

Now there is one more gigantic attraction.

“The Mukaab” is presented: 2030 completion.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has unveiled “The Mukaab,” a 400-meter tall, wide and long indoor super city in downtown Riyadh. With enough space for 20 Empire State Buildings, the project is to be financed by the PIF and become a new global symbol for technology, sustainability, mobility and Saudi innovation.

“The Mukaab” is at the center of the broader New Murabba development project launched by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the prime minister and chairman of the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC). The Riyadh Giga project is scheduled to open in 2030.

Here you can find the website of the project: New Murabba.

New Murabba / Riyadh: Downtown

Where is New Murabba located?

Video: New Murabba tour

This preview image reveals the secret of the Mukaab!

Saudi Arabia is building! Superlatives

Read more about Saudi Arabia’s construction projects here.

Maraya – Largest mirrored concert hall

The largest mirrored concert hall in the world.

The Line – 170 kilometer desert city

The 170 kilometer desert city.

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