Concepts for home furnishings

Concepts for home furnishings – The move into a new apartment is coming up and they are thinking about whether you should simply start with the furnishings according to your own taste, or follow tips from professionals, furnishings – concepts and home trends? We have collected for you not only the pros and cons, but we have listed for you, which living trend, which features includes and us with the question of which of the concepts can be combined with their own ideas.

Furnish apartment or house – tips, concepts and trends

The first hurdle has been cleared and the lease or purchase agreement has been signed. From now on comes the nicer part of it all for many: The furnishings. The furnishing of an apartment or house determines how quickly you feel at home and how much you look forward to coming home in the evening after a stressful day at work. For this reason, many decide to get interior consultants for help or to inform themselves thoroughly about different furnishing concepts.

Feng Shui – The theory of harmony

Feng Shui is a very well-known harmony teaching from China. The goal of an interior according to the Feng Shui concept is that a person can completely relax and feel comfortable at home. Here we have found out for you the 7 most important tips of the Feng Shui concept:

  1. The bedroom should be free of mirrors or electronic devices
  2. Flowers or plants should not be missing in any household
  3. The bed should always be placed with the headboard facing the wall and the door in view
  4. Regular cleaning, tidying, clearing out and decorating ensures general well-being
  5. Open doors and free passageways ensure a good flow of energy
  6. As much daylight as possible should enter a room
  7. Regular air exchange ensures positive energy flow

Feng Shui teachings include much more facility – tips and rules for harmony in life. If you want to deal with the Feng Shui – concept very precisely, it is worth knowing which problems you can solve with Feng Shui and what is necessary so that the life energy Chi can flow freely.

The magic of living with Feng Shui – Video

Decluttering – Free yourself from old burdens

The living trend Decluttering comes from America. The motto of this trend is clearly “less is more! Nothing is more stressful than coming home after a hard day’s work and finding that there is clutter everywhere. Clutter in the living space not only takes up unnecessary space, but also weighs on the soul. This is why the tidying up trend has emerged. Living in an orderly, clean environment gives you a sense of control over your life and allows you to focus on and appreciate what’s important. Decluttering is right for you if you want a change that isn’t just limited to your décor, but also improves your overall well-being.

Wabi Sabi – The beauty of the extraordinary

Wabi Sabi is a living concept from Japan and is characterized by the fact that the furnishing of apartments or houses is focused on the aesthetics of the inconspicuous. According to this concept, pieces of furniture or other living objects do not have to be ordinary or even classically beautiful. Asymmetrical shapes often provide the naturalness that is in demand. Also characteristic of this style are discreet colours that radiate calm and warmth and are rather plain. Another special feature of this style of furnishing is that in the case of decorations, it is precisely the supposed shortcomings of an item that make it that certain something. The more unusual a decoration article is, the better it fits into the Wabi – Sabi style. Just because in the today’s time always after the perfect and perfect is striven, Wabi Sabi establishes again a new view on the beauty. Wabi Sabi is the right concept for you, if you yourself feel a great desire to let your creativity flow into your furnishings.

Lagom – creating balance in furnishing & life

Lagom is an interior design trend from Scandinavia. This concept includes not only a furnishing concept, but also a kind of philosophy of life. The important thing with this trend is that a balance is found in the furnishings. Too much or too little should be avoided with regard to the furnishings and also in the attitude to life. Here we have some tips for you on the basis of which you can implement this trend in your apartment or your house.

  1. “Less is more” According to this motto you should place furniture in your rooms
  2. Live sustainably! The home should be furnished with living items made from natural materials – lots of wood and decoration and furniture made from raw materials from organic farming and recyclable materials.
  3. Simple furnishings in combination with small “splashes of colour” are the be-all and end-all of this trend.
  4. Cosiness is created by several different light sources – especially candles conjure up the right atmosphere

If you want to design your home according to this principle, you will also benefit from the associated attitude towards life. To refrain from excess or excessive modesty and to create an ideal balance is not only healthy for the soul, but also the environment benefits from sustainability. For this reason, the Lagom furnishing trend is a great asset on many levels.

Hygge – Cosy & Homely

Hygge comes from Danish and means “coziness” and that is also the goal of this furnishing concept. When you go home from a windy walk or outdoor work, it should be the cozy living room, or the homey kitchen that you look forward to.

If you want to furnish your apartment or your house in the Hygge – style, then you should consider these points absolutely:

  1. Especially popular and often seen: Wood – Light wood creates the sought-after coziness and warmth that are important for the Hygge – style
  2. The basic color for the walls: White – White walls have the effect of making a room look inviting, friendly and large. Smaller colour accents are nevertheless permitted and can create that certain something
  3. Bring the coziness into your home with cozy rugs, fluffy pillows and blankets
  4. Candles scattered around the room, or even a fireplace, provide even more cosiness.
  5. The right attitude to life: Take time out from the stressful everyday life! A cozy game night with the family, or a cocoa on the sofa while watching your favorite show can be balm for the soul and reflect their Hygge style not only in your home furnishings

Decide to furnish your home in the Hygge – style, if you want to create a cozy oasis at home, where they can really relax and forget their everyday stress.

Regardless of which furnishings concept you decide on, every one of them has something special and also the life attitudes associated with them can only influence you positively. Good luck with the furnishing of your home.

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