Your advice for a living room landscape – tips and facts

The living landscape is a combination of several seating options. But not just any composition, but Wohnlandschafen invite you to sit and lie. They are comfortably combined and put the room in the right light. Comfortable cushions and a touch of classicism surround the living landscape. Their designs and styling range from brocade covers to modern and eco-friendly wool fabrics. Enjoy your new living landscape indoors and outdoors. Because exotically beautiful winter landscapes are also available for conservatories, terraces and balconies.

Living landscapes – sensible combination

The living room landscape exudes cosiness. It is comfortable and often takes up less space than the combination of several sofas and armchairs. The focus of this furniture art is the comfortable sitting and of course the modern, cozy look. The living room landscape convinces all along the line. Secure yourself a comfortable and lasting highlight in the living room. The living landscape attracts all eyes on itself.

The classic definition of the living landscape includes the composition of several elements into a unified piece of furniture. Partial seating options of the living landscape are basically firmly connected to each other. Thus, the living landscape is the modern alternative to the classic “sets”, which consist of one or more sofas and armchairs. Well known are the combinations as 3-seater, 2-seater and a single armchair. The living room landscape can usually be transported very well – despite its supposed bulky nature. It can often be disassembled into individual elements, which in many cases can also be variably reassembled into a new living landscape. The application possibilities of the modern and high-quality living landscape are manifold.

Sitting, sleeping and resting – a living landscape for everything

With its design, the living landscape can fulfil the most diverse functions. Conventional living landscapes combine a wide variety of seating. Actually, this includes armchairs, the actual sofa and a corner connection. Many living landscapes have similarities to the ottoman, which has been used since ancient times as a place to sleep or relax in the afternoon. The versatility of the living room sofa explains its worldwide success. Living room landscapes enjoy great popularity because the design and construction provide comfort. The continuous seating area conveys a sense of community just by looking at it. A small disadvantage of the living landscape is often its spaciousness. Even if less space is taken up than with usual sofa sets, the living landscape in its rather large format must still find its place in the house and apartment.

The most beautiful rooms for the living landscape

Basically, living landscapes can be placed in all apartments. Smaller variants of the living landscape make small living rooms more manageable and tidy. They also offer more seating space than conventional sofas. The better integrated the living landscape is, the more guests can eventually take a seat. Voluminous landscapes are particularly suitable for high or spacious rooms. They lend even the most matter-of-fact and sober room a comforting cosiness. In large areas, expansive living landscapes look like an oasis and you almost inevitably have to take a seat. Perfect for the voluminous living landscape is the loft – wide and high in its build. However, for many also structurally large living landscapes, a conventional spacious living room is suitable to show them off beautifully.

Design and decoration of the living landscape

When choosing the best sofa for your home, you should also pay attention to the design. There is a rich variety of shapes in the living landscapes. Especially often you can see the modern U-shapes. But also classic Wohnlandschaftsformen do not go out of fashion. In some cases, small breaks in style have a particularly attractive effect. If the living landscape is supplemented with a small ottoman, on wooden construction, this can create very harmonious effects. A stool or an armchair can also create a round overall picture. In terms of colours and patterns, all combinations are conceivable in these designs: significant breaks between colours and designs, but also a similar style and colour scheme create interesting impulses in the room.

Modern living room ideas – Video

Unsurpassed – the diversity of living landscapes

The classics among the living landscapes include two types in particular – or better – designs:

– Plannable living landscapes that offer adjustable reclining surfaces and armrests, for example, or that can be converted into sleeping areas in sub-areas,
– simple living landscapes that have no extras other than their seating function.

Which is the right choice for your room also depends on the requirements of the living landscape. If it is used very rarely, the simple version of the combination will probably suffice. If it is used more often and more versatile, a few extras can provide even more comfort. Thus, the living landscape can definitely offer a high added value. Attention should be paid to a high-quality upholstery and a good durability of the covers – but more about that in the next point.

Criteria for a comfortable living landscape

An excellent upholstery of the living landscape increases the seating pleasure and serves the relaxation. As with mattresses, the upholstery is the deciding factor. Does back pain set in after a short time or do guests have to get up frequently and move around the room? Good upholstery is beneficial to health and contributes to the comfort of the living area. The stability of the upholstery and armrests should be guaranteed. The right seat height, which can be very individual, should also be taken into account. For example, if you have problems getting up from a kneeling position, you should choose a higher seat height for your sofa.

The covers should also meet the requirements of the users. If it is heavily used, attention should also be paid to a durable fabric. If there are children in the house, it is recommended to pay attention to removable and washable covers. When buying, also look at the back of the sofa. If this is also covered, the elements can also be placed freely in the room without visual restrictions. However, as with other pieces of furniture, all the extras and benefits are often only available with price surcharges. But the flexibility and its cosiness make the sofa a purchase for life.

Living landscapes for the terrace

Living landscapes are also offered for larger outdoor areas. These are made of weatherproof plastic, often from artificial rattan. The durable and shapely living landscapes enchant in the garden and on the terrace. In the outdoor area, attention should also be paid to the cover of the seat cushions. These should not get soaked with rainwater and should retain their beautiful colour even after a long time. The cover should be lightfast and weatherproof.

The living landscape in the garden conjures up a particularly exotic ambience. Surrounded by torches, the feeling of distance and orient is one. With the living landscape as the focal point on the terrace or in the conservatory, you will enchant your guests – and yourself. It is especially nice to play with colours in the green of nature. Combine extra cushions, tea light holders and flower arrangements with the outdoor living landscape.

Write to us – we advise you around the living landscape

Are you still undecided? We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of furnishing your home. With a lot of experience and a sure feeling for colour tone and forms we also furnish your flat or your house with pleasure. We can also recommend living landscapes, which have proven themselves with numerous customers over a long period of time. These sofas are characterized by their durability as well as by a particularly good price-performance ratio. Create lasting comfort in your home with the living landscape. The living landscape becomes an eye-catcher in the living room and attracts visitors like magnetically. Comfort can be seen – with the ideal living landscape for your home.

Actually, it is not possible to really do anything wrong when buying the living room landscape. Except that it was chosen too large or too small. Ask the professionals about the right shape and the optimal measurement for your living landscape. We are happy to advise you on all aspects of indoor and outdoor living landscapes. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to make suitable suggestions for the best possible design of your living spaces and outdoor areas. You will enjoy the new, unusual and yet always used piece of furniture for many years.