7 decoration tips – full effect with little time expenditure

Often you just need a change of scenery but have neither time nor desire or money to put a lot of effort into a redesign of your own four walls. Fortunately, there are also living tips for small changes that can show a big effect. For all those who want to pretty up the property a bit and that best with as little effort as possible, these little tips & tricks are particularly suitable.

Great living tips that make an immediate impact

Even with small things can change the flair of an entire room. Such small things can not only increase your comfort, but you also feel directly much more comfortable in their environment. First you should think about which room bothers you the most or in which room you see the need for a redesign. For many rooms there are various design options that you can individually adapt to your needs and tastes.


Tablecloth & kitchen accessories – when eating becomes cosy

Tablecloths can have a special effect. You wouldn’t think it, but a tablecloth can add a special flair to a room. They were zwareine zeitlang out of fashion, but are slowly returning. Especially rustic wooden tables have a great effect even without a tablecloth, but who has always dined without a tablecloth, will be surprised how a room impression can change as soon as the favorite piece is wrapped in some fabric. It remains open to your individual taste how you want to use the tablecloth. From bright colours to patterns or simply a plain white model. You decide what effect the accessory can have and how it changes your room. Also depending on the occasion, the tablecloth makes it possible to change the room. So give free rein to their creativity and experiment with the piece of fabric.

But there are also great accessories for the kitchen that make the room look more inviting. Forget the prejudice that the kitchen is only meant for cooking and integrate it into their feel-good area and make it a new favorite room. Small accessories such as a beautiful bin, great crockery in a display cabinet, shelves or even a painted wall can work wonders and make your kitchen look inviting. Cooking with friends, eating or sitting comfortably at the kitchen table suddenly no longer looks obscene but inviting.

Colour change – a new coat of paint for furniture & walls

It often happens that you just get tired of your furniture or apartment. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this. For pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs or box spring beds, there is a simple solution and that is a new cover. Especially with Ikea furniture, the whole thing is easier than you think, because here are often offered replacement covers for the various models and in different colors and patterns. For non-Ikea furniture, however, there are upholsterers who can give the furniture a new touch and make it shine in a new light. With little effort and low cost, you can redesign an entire room this way. However, the new color is not only good for furniture pieces, but the wall color also adds to the flair of the room and can also change it completely. However, painting an entire room can be very time-consuming. A single wall, however, is already painted within a few hours and gives the room directly a whole new sense of space. Simply move the furniture, mask the place well, brush and the painting can begin.

More green – plants, plants, plants

Plants are a great way to give a room that special fresh kick. They have just their big comeback and especially in the trend are plants, such as cacti but also succulents. But if you doubt your green thumb and have killed every plant within a few days without intention, you shouldn’t miss out on the pleasure of real plants. Fortunately, there are very low-maintenance plants that anyone can keep alive. These include plants such as aloe vera – which can be used incidentally, for example, to produce care products such as masks or hair treatments at home – but also most types of cacti. You can’t really go wrong with these plants. To put you then also still skillfully in scene, only the right pot is missing, which integrates the plant stylishly in the room.

Picture wall – create atmosphere with small elements

For a really short term change, the easiest way to decorate a room is with picture frames. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom or bathroom, a picture wall will add atmosphere and personality to the room. In addition, it is nice to hold in picture frames memories and pictures of family and friends to hang up. Especially great is a picture wall in the picture frames with different sizes and shapes are combined. In the trend are also picture frames, where the image is glued directly to the glass and the back wall is omitted. A great style element that stands out from a normal picture frame.

New cushions – playing with colours & patterns

You really can’t have too many cushions. Whether on the sofa, an armchair or the bed they always do well and contribute to the coziness. In addition, they can enhance a basic piece of furniture enormously, especially through their variety of colors, patterns and shapes. Whether as a color accent or just to snuggle in, pillows add a new atmosphere and are an easy and inexpensive way to bring some variety into your own four walls. For tips on finding the perfect couch, check out our guide.

Decanting – storage tins as an eye-catcher

It can be as simple as that. Once you get your act together and remove all the cereal bags, spice jars and other packaging from the kitchen and decant the contents into beautiful tins, it can have a huge impact. The room will immediately look much more harmonious and color coordinated. The packages quickly appear restless, because many different colors meet and the packages do not fit together. With storage tins you can determine the design and adapt it to your kitchen. The kitchen looks stylish and has a meaningful look. Even everyday items, such as the dishwashing liquid bottles or the rag for the kitchen can disturb the harmony. Therefore, simply fill the dishwashing liquid into a pump bottle and replace the rag with one with a great pattern or a colour that fits into your concept.

Turning old into new – new colour for old familiar things

The last trick to spontaneously achieve a great change in your own four walls is to simply take the paint bucket in hand and conjure up something new from old furniture. Instead of replacing plain wooden furniture, such as chairs, shelves, storage tables or the like and spending money on new, why not go for a makeover of old furniture pieces and save money. Just grab the paint of your choice and transform your old furniture into unique pieces.