Bedroom: How to create your oasis of well-being

Bedroom furnishings – The most important room in an apartment, or in a house is the bedroom. Here it is important to recover after a stressful day and to gather new energy for a new day. What could be worse than not feeling comfortable in your own bedroom and, in the worst case, waking up again and again during the night? Sleep is incredibly important and for this reason, before you start decorating your bedroom, you should give it enough thought. We have listed for you what you should definitely consider when furnishing.

Furnish bedroom properly – tips and tricks

Here we have 7 tips and tricks for you through which you can transform your bedroom into your favorite room. Even if you don’t want to implement all the tips, even small changes will go a long way.

Ban electrical appliances from your bedroom

The bedroom is a room where you should come to rest, switch off and relax. However, this does not work if you give other people the chance to disturb you again and again with a mobile phone next to your pillow and remind you of the stress of everyday life. The process of falling asleep is extremely protracted. For this reason it makes sense to keep the mobile phone in another room during the night. Even a television in the bedroom does not necessarily improve the quality of sleep. Faster than you think, you fall asleep watching TV and this prevents a peaceful sleep.

Furniture to fit the size of the room

Often you know before you have even found the right apartment or the right house, which dream – furniture should be in which room. Quickly you are then faced with the problem that the favorite bed does not fit into the intended room. It can also happen that the bed fits into the room, but does not have any effect at all, because the bed takes up more than half of the room and there is no more space for other pieces of furniture. The motto “less is more” should also remain in the back of your mind while furnishing the bedroom.

Calm, fresh colours

Most people want a color or even wallpaper for their bedroom. Since a room by some colors or wallpapers looks quickly exhausted, you should make sure to choose a color that looks fresh on the one hand, but also not too gaudy. With a light beige, a delicate pink or a discreet, light gray you are well served in the bedroom.


A bookshelf in the bedroom is not only helpful if you want to read something before going to bed, because it also creates a cozy atmosphere. With a rocking chair matching the furnishings in front of it, there is another place in the bedroom where you can feel safe.

Finding your own style

For the bedroom, it is especially important to find a consistent style in which to decorate the room. If you bring too many different styles into the design of the room, the room can quickly look cluttered.

The ground

The first question you ask yourself when you want to redecorate your bedroom is which floor is the right choice. Since the bedroom floor is the first floor you touch in the morning, cold tiles are not necessarily the right choice. Many people prefer carpeting in their bedroom because of this. Another popular alternative that also looks particularly good is hardwood flooring. Visually similar to parquet, PVC is also an option for the bedroom floor. At this point, then taste and budget is required.


With the help of decoration you conjure up cosiness and romance in your bedroom. Burning candles on candlesticks, fairy lights and small vases with flowers make you feel at home and you can snuggle up in your blankets and read a book.

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