Top 7 Interior Design Shops in Cologne

Interior Design in Cologne – The interior design is probably one of the most important elements in interior design. The small details give the room that certain something and bring a personal touch to the room. To make your own four walls even more beautiful, we have selected the best interior design locations in Düsseldorf for you. Back to overview: Real Estate Cologne.

Sostrene Grene – Scandinavian design in a family business

Sostrene Grene offers special Scandinavian design. This especially in the areas of decoration, stationery and small pieces of furniture. The family business from Scandinavia pays special attention to the ecological footprint of the company and the impact on the environment in addition to the highest quality and design.

Aachener Str. 1253, 50858 Cologne

Bolia – minimalist Scandinavian design

Bolia combines several designers in one brand and creates not only beautiful home accessories, but also unique and minimalist furniture pieces. Bolia invites you to browse in the store as well as online and discover great treasures.

Brückenstraße 2, 50667 Cologne

Contrast – six floors of inspiration

Kontrast offers your customers living culture with sophistication and variety on six large floors. From furniture to lighting to great accessories, no wish remains unfulfilled here and the space for inspiration is large.

Große Brinkgasse 21-25, 50672 Cologne, Germany

BoConcept – Danish design in Cologne

At BoConcept you can find Danish design since 1952. The satisfaction of the customers is the top priority here and this is ensured with high-quality materials, Scandinavian designs and always new ideas. In the store in Frankfurt you can find especially special pieces of furniture but also selected accessories.

Hohenstaufenring 44-46, 50674 Cologne, Germany

Who’s Perfect – Variety, both online and in-store.

At Who’s Perfect there is not only a lot to discover in the online shop, but also in the numerous stores. A large selection and various modern designs distinguish the brand. In addition to furniture, you can also find great home accessories here.

Hohenstaufenring 34-40, 50674 Cologne, Germany

Butlers – The feel-good moment in your own home

Butlers has dedicated itself entirely to the feel-good moment in your own home. Therefore, you can find everything your heart desires in the area of decoration. But also great gift ideas, stationery or small pieces of furniture can be found here. At Butlers there is something for every taste to enhance your own four walls.

Hohenzollernring 16-18, 50672 Cologne, Germany

Depot – modern design for all tastes

Depot offers something for every taste. With creative and modern designs, the products from the areas of outdoor, decoration, lighting, furniture and gifts convince and hold something for everyone. Through creatively designed presentation, the stores invite you to stroll and provide space for inspiration.

Neumarkt 8-10, 50667 Cologne