The perfect interior: colours, floor coverings & decoration

Furnishing – Are you moving into a new apartment or a new house? The own company changes the location? No matter which room or which flat it is, the furnishing plays a decisive role so that a corresponding feeling of well-being can arise. If you think about the furnishings before you move in, you will quickly feel at home, or even a managing director will benefit from the fact that his employees feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work. But even if no move is pending, nothing stands in the way of the redesign of a room or even several rooms.

Proper furnishing – Turning an apartment or house into a favourite place

We have compiled suggestions for you to which you can orient yourself, if you want to redesign a room or an apartment. There are many different possibilities, so that there should be suitable ideas for everyone. Let us inspire you and bring new life into your interior.

The basics of interior design

For a room to be perfectly furnished, you have to plan the design down to the smallest detail. Especially the decoration can give a room the final touch. Nevertheless, we start with the foundation.

Colours influence the atmosphere

Before you can start designing a room, you should consider which colours should be represented in furniture, wall colours and decoration. In order to choose the right colour, it is particularly important to consider which colour you feel comfortable with in the long term. In order not to end up with a colour that is only a short-term favourite or belongs exclusively to a current trend, it also makes sense to look at the effect of colours and wallpapers. Also if it should be several colours, it is important to check whether the colours harmonize in combination with each other. If you find it difficult to form your own opinion, it makes sense to get an app that inspires you with interior pictures or to visit a furniture store to find the right colours for you.

Did you know? Most Germans love the colour blue. For over 40%, blue is their favourite colour.

Floor coverings – What suits which room?

Not only the design of the walls is of great importance, but also the flooring makes a lot of difference. While a wooden floor creates a cozy atmosphere, tiles can change the entire feeling of the room. For this reason, you should consider beforehand what feeling a room should convey in the end and what the room will mainly be used for. If you want to design a whole apartment at once, it makes sense to bring variety into the floor design in order to have both cozy areas and practically usable areas.

Furnish rooms correctly

In an apartment or house, there can be a wide variety of rooms that need to be decorated. Whether it’s the kitchen, the living room or the office, we’ve put together some interior design tips for you.

The kitchen – the place for creativity

The possibilities for designing a kitchen are endless. It is particularly important that a kitchen not only looks good, but also has good quality. Unlike electrical appliances, the countertop in a kitchen should ideally have a service life of at least 20 years. Before buying a kitchen, you should consider which kitchen – shape will make the best use of the space. There should be sufficient storage space and a sufficiently large work surface must be available. Only when these important points are met, you should decide which style and colors you like.

Living room – The place to relax

When you walk into the living room of someone you know, you recognize a bit of their personality. Every living room looks different and shows you how a person feels most comfortable. However, not everyone has the talent to create an ideal living room off the cuff and it makes sense to learn a few tricks beforehand. To make a living room cozy, it makes sense to decorate it accordingly. Small tea glasses with tea lights, fairy lights, candlesticks, a faux fur on the sofa, a cuddly blanket, a soft carpet or even a crackling fireplace bring the right atmosphere in the living room. It is by no means only the decoration that causes the feel-good feeling, because the wall color is also enormously important. Since one spends a lot of time in the living room and also spends time there with visitors, for example, it makes sense to choose calm colour schemes. The colors blue and a warm yellow tone are therefore not unpopular for the design of the walls in a living room.

The office – the place to work

A full-time employee works an average of 1,696 hours per year. For this reason, the design of an office, or of a workplace in general, is as important as that of a living room in which one spends time every day. It is important that a feel-good atmosphere is created and also that creativity is stimulated. In an office, it is important that everything is not just filled with filing cabinets, telephones and screens, but care should be taken that pictures hang on the walls or that the walls are colourful and that there are plants or flowers on the tables. If the employee is given the opportunity to personalize his or her desk with, for example, a private photo of the family, this design will also have a positive effect on work behavior.

Your apartment – Varied & Cosy

Moving into your own home for the first time, or moving house and looking forward to redesigning your home? We have tips for you, how you can achieve a real sense of achievement this time in the design of your apartment. After all, the atmosphere in an apartment is usually influenced by little things.


You can have your apartment or your house ideally furnished, but if the decoration is missing, the whole thing looks nowhere near as cozy and homely as it could. Little things like candles, small plants, flowers and pictures on the walls make a lot of difference. Through the decoration comes variety in the design of the room and if the decoration is color-coordinated, the whole thing looks harmonious and cozy.

Different light sources

Most rooms have one large light hanging in the middle of a room. However, if you want to achieve a different feeling of space, it makes sense to omit the large light and instead place several smaller light sources in different places. If you take care to choose lamps that give off a warm light, this will create a cosy and calm atmosphere. A particularly beautiful light source is also the light chain. Through them you achieve not only a cozy atmosphere, but also a fairy-tale atmosphere. There are various different ways of incorporating fairy lights into the decoration. It makes sense to get inspiration for the design from an idea app, such as “Pinterest”.

The wardrobe

When moving into a new home and purchasing your household items, the wardrobe is often one of the things that is purchased last. This happens because most people would not consider the wardrobe as the most important house item. The wardrobe is immensely underestimated here. A coat rack at the entrance of the apartment or house ensures that the first thing that you do in the home is to take off your jacket. By the fact that you do not wear a jacket and this also nowhere disturbing lying around, you immediately feel much more comfortable and go with a good feeling in your apartment.

Scented candles

Apart from the fact that you should air your home frequently to feel comfortable, a pleasant smell is also important. Find a scented candle that suits your taste and spread several of them around your house or apartment. The smell should not be too intense so that you do not get a headache. After a while, it is also a good idea to change the scented candle to a different scent. If scented candles are too intense for you, there are also so-called scented sticks. Depending on the number of scented sticks in the liquid, you can determine the intensity of the smell yourself.

Stowable items

This tip should be especially interesting for people with a smaller apartment. Stowable items are worth their weight in gold in a smaller apartment. Just bulky items usually take up all the space. A table with pull-out function or a pull-out bed allow you to use the space at times other than sleeping or eating. When a table is folded, or a bed is folded, the room immediately looks tidier and cleaner. Also, if you have more space available, a small room for storing cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies is useful. When these things are stowed away, you immediately feel much more comfortable and free.

Options for the design of walls

There are many different ways to design walls exciting. There is not only wallpaper and paint, but also wall decoration, which makes it possible to bring variety into the wall design. Wall decoration includes things like different picture frames, small shelves and many other things. Also for the design of walls it is useful to acquire ideas on the Internet, or just look around in a furniture or decoration – store.


A mirror also proves to be a beautiful wall decoration. If a mirror has a special frame and hangs on a plain wall, it can become a real eye-catcher. Whether in gold or silver, who wants to make his walls more exciting and likes mirrors, should try this tip.


When you think of a tapestry, you probably think that such a thing was only used in earlier times for interior design. However, this is not the case. Even today, you can use a tapestry to add variety and color to a room. Let yourself be inspired and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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