Living on Formentera: beach, holiday home, sea-the jewel of Spain

Living in Formentera: Formentera is often referred to as the Caribbean of the Balearic Islands and there is a reason for this. The beautiful, small island in the Mediterranean Sea is the jewel of Spain and has some impressive places as well as landscapes. The special features of the island are mainly the white sandy beaches with clear sea water. If you are currently looking for a property such as a villa, you should definitely take a look at Formentera. Here there is no mass tourism and you can relax and come down ideally. If it’s too quiet for you, you can be on the lively island of Ibiza in about 30 minutes, where parties, luxury and exclusivity know no bounds.

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Location and arrival to Formentera: Life on the Balearic Islands

Formentera is considered the jewel of the Balearic Islands and rightly so. The small island in the Mediterranean Sea stands out with beautiful beaches, clear water and lots of nature. The fact that Formentera can only be reached by sea from Ibiza also speaks for the tranquility, idyll and special atmosphere that prevails on the island. In particular, the vegetation and biodiversity on Formentera is pronounced. There is a lot of untouched nature, numerous bird species and especially many green areas on the Spanish island.

Situation of Formentera: small island in the Mediterranean Sea

Formentera belongs to the Balearic Islands and is very small and manageable compared to Mallorca or Ibiza. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and can be found south of Ibiza. With an area of 83,2 km² and a population of 12.200 it is very manageable. The island’s capital is Sant Francesc, which is the largest town and you will learn more about it later in this article. Formentera can only be reached by sea and has a total of about 70 kilometres of coastline.

  • Population: 12,200
  • Area: 83.2 km²
  • Coastal kilometres: 70
  • Capital of the island: Sant Francesc

Getting to Formentera: by sea via Ibiza

Formentera is a very small and particularly quiet island. Therefore, there is unfortunately no airport and you only have the possibility to reach the island by sea. This is done via Ibiza. This Balearic island is much larger, has its own airport and can also be reached by sea. From there, there is a daily ferry to the island of Formentera. The only landing and departure point of the island is the port of “La Savina”. Several shipping companies go there several times a day and bring tourists, locals or workers to Formentera or Ibiza. The crossing takes about 25 minutes and on the way you will pass between numerous small islands and can enjoy the breathtaking views.

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La Savina: Port of Formentera

La Savina is the place on the island of Formentera where you arrive or leave the island. Especially in the summer months and in the high season, there is a lot of coming and going and around the port there is a lot of hustle and bustle. However, as you go further into the island you will feel the special charm and tranquil atmosphere that Formentera exudes. Invest in a property on this small and special island and forget your everyday life in the beautiful surroundings. You also have the possibility to park a yacht in the local marina, so you can always get to the sea or to Ibiza.

House prices on Formentera: 1 million up to 5 million euros

Location of La Savina: Northwest of the island

The port of La Savina is located in the northwest of the island of Formentera and has 761 inhabitants. Only through this port can tourists or locals reach or leave the island by sea and go to Ibiza by boat. It is also the main supply route for the island. In addition to the tourist port, La Savina also has a large marina with private boats or boats for hire. You will also find a wide range of restaurants, bars, boutiques and natural areas.

  • Population: 761

Cityscape: most hustle and bustle on the island

As soon as you reach the island and the port of Formentera, you will feel the special charm and relaxed atmosphere of the island. From La Savina you have the possibility to reach the whole island and visit everything. Stroll through the market place, which is surrounded by small shops, restaurants or stalls with handmade souvenirs. Feel the exclusive atmosphere among the most expensive yachts and relax on the quiet island.

See for yourself the idyll and beauty, explore the beaches and stroll along the small streets.

Sant Francesc, La Mola & Sant Ferran: Places on Formentera

In addition to La Savina, Formentera also offers several smaller towns on the island, each with its own history and charm. Sant Francesc is the island’s capital, where you can find the island’s government, important services, a cinema and a library. El Pilar de la Mola is a village that is rather isolated and located at the easternmost point of the island. However, from here you have an impressive view over the island, the sea and the cliffs. Sant Ferran is a village of creativity, freedom and celebration. Those who holiday here or own a property can take part in exhibitions or concerts in the market square.

Luxury apartments: 600.000€ up to 850.000€.

Sant Francesc: Island capital and government

The town of Sant Francesc is the capital of Formentere and here you will also find the island’s government and important services. Sant Francesc is located in the middle of the island and is therefore ideal as a starting point. The port of La Savina is only a 5 minute drive or a 40 minute walk away. The centre of the village is the old parish church and the village square. From there you can reach a cinema, a library, a sports centre or a social centre. In addition to this, Sant Francesc has many fashion boutiques and showrooms.

  • Island capital
  • Cinema, library, sports centre

El Pilar de la Mola: famous lighthouse with impressive views

The small village of La Mola is located at the easternmost point of the island of Formentera and is very quiet compared to the other villages. You can reach the port of La Savina in about 20 minutes by car. La Mola is at the highest point of the island, which is why you are rather isolated in this place. Despite this, every Wednesday and Sunday from May to October there is a handicraft market for residents and tourists. The famous lighthouse is the flagship of El Pilar de la Mola and from the top you get a beautiful view over the island, the maar and the spectacular cliffs.

  • Highest place
  • Arts and crafts market
  • Famous lighthouse

Sant Ferran: place of freedom, art and celebration

The village of Sant Ferran is located to the east of the island’s capital Sant Francesc and you can reach the port of La Savina in 7 minutes by car. This inland village is particularly synonymous with creativity, freedom and celebration, which is why you can enjoy art markets, concerts and exciting summer evenings in the market square.

  • Art Markets
  • Concerts

La Savina, La Mola, Sant Ferran & Sant Francesc: Real estate on Formentera

Formentera is a beautiful island of the Balearic Islands and offers some interesting places with their own charm. It is definitely worth investing in a holiday home here and spending a few days, weeks or months. For those who like to escape their stressful everyday life, Formentera is the perfect location for a property. Here it is quiet and relaxed. Enjoy your time on the beautiful white sandy beaches with turquoise blue water and let your soul dangle. If you still need some action every now and then, you have the option of a quick sea trip to Ibiza if you fancy a night of partying amongst the celebrities.

Conclusion & comparison: Where is the best place to live?

La Savina is the first port of call on Formentera. From there you arrive or depart. In addition to the hustle and bustle of tourism, you will also find a lot of luxury in this place. Explore the exclusive marina, the boutiques or a restaurant. If you prefer the inland, Sant Francesc, the island’s capital, is also an excellent choice. Here you will find a cinema, a sports centre and a library. In other words, everything you need.

La Mola, on the other hand, is rather isolated from the hustle and bustle and it is very quiet in this place. Here is the famous lighthouse, from which you can get an impressive view over the island and the sea. If you need more action and adventure, you should have a look at Sant Ferran. Here you can find art exhibitions or concerts several times a week.