How to keep your home clean – clean properly and effectively

Cleanliness is not only important for your well-being, but also for your health and the value of your home. Cleaning is not one of the favourite tasks of most people, but it is still important to clean your home regularly.

Cleaning schedule – how often should you clean what?

It is not only important to clean properly and thoroughly, but also to know what needs to be cleaned, how often and when. Some things should be renewed daily, while for others it is enough to look after it only every few months.

Daily – making the bed, washing the dishes and tidying up in the morning

Make the bed

Every day, before you leave the house, you should have made your bed and removed the roughest mess. This serves above all their well-being, because there is nothing better than to come home after a hard day and to lie down in a made neat bed and not still have to clean the entire room. So make sure that dirty laundry goes into the hamper in the morning, the pillows are fluffed and the bedspread is over the bed. You start the day well and can end it well again.

Do the dishes

It’s a similar principle to making the bed, because who wants to arrive home after a hard day’s work and find the dried-on remains of breakfast on the kitchen table? That’s why you make sure right in the morning that the leftovers end up in the trash, the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and the leftover food back in the fridge. A minimal investment of time that will save you a lot of stress and nerves at the end of the day.

Every two days


Vacuuming is a must in every apartment because dust spreads faster than you can look and also crumbs and dirt spread unintentionally quickly in every corner of the apartment. For all lazy, but still like cleanliness, a floor mop is recommended, with which you can quickly wipe the floor every two days the majority of dust and crumbs and relax. This means less work for you on the vacuum cleaner and still clean floors. Of course, mopping doesn’t save you from vacuuming and so you should still vacuum properly at least once a week.

Wet wipe kitchen surfaces

Especially in kitchens that are used every day for cooking, it can not be avoided at least every two days to clean the work surfaces thoroughly with an all-purpose cleaner. The taps and the sink should also be cleaned of water stains in the course of this. Remember to change your kitchen cloth and towel often enough to avoid fighting dirt with dirt.

Take out the trash

The garbage must be taken out and best of all as soon as it is even partially full. In the summer, it attracts not only a lot of insects, but also starts to leak and mold due to many fruit remnants. You don’t want this stench in your kitchen, which is why you should dispose of the garbage often enough. This applies not only to the kitchen but also to the rest of the garbage in the house.

Once a week

Bathroom & floor cleaning

The bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week, because unwanted germs quickly accumulate here. The rule is ‘never skimp on water’ , because with plenty of water you rinse away germs and dirt well. Use all-purpose cleaners, sanitary cleaners and vinegar cleaners to drive germs out of your bathroom. Floors should also be mopped more frequently in certain rooms. This is especially true in the bathroom and kitchen, as the floor gets dirty especially quickly here. On tiles, wooden floorboards and other hard floors, a tour with the mop is quite sufficient.


Dust should be wiped at least once a week and preferably once on all surfaces, because it stubbornly settles into every crevice. It is best to use a feather duster for this and not a cloth. It is also best to dust first and then vacuum, as a lot of dust falls onto the floor when dusting. Especially in rooms facing the street, a lot of dust accumulates, which you should remove regularly.

Change bed linen

The bed linen should be changed once a week. So they not only mites or fungal spores no chance but can also sleep peacefully and calmly. For your skin it is also better to sleep in clean bed linen than in one that has already been used for 3 weeks. Remember to air your bedroom regularly and your bed linen as well.

Every two weeks or longer

Washing machine / oven cleaning

Especially in washing machines bacteria quickly accumulate and the trend to wash at cold or low temperatures only reinforces this phenomenon. This often leads to smelly washing machines. You should therefore be sure to wash at least every two weeks a wash with towels or similar to 95 or 60 degrees, in a pinch, even an empty wash cycle. Thus you ensure that bacteria do not spread or multiply. It also makes sense to leave the door and the detergent compartment open a little after each wash to allow moisture to evaporate and prevent a build-up of air.
If your oven does not have a self-cleaning feature, you can simply mix baking soda with water and apply it to the dirty spots, let it sit for a short time and wipe it off. This is important so that baked-on food does not stink or further contaminate the oven.

Decalcify equipment

Kitchen appliances should also be decalcified regularly. This includes especially kettle and coffee maker. This is quite simple by using vinegar essence or citric acid as a home remedy, they can also dissolve baking soda in hot water. Just remember to rinse with enough water.

Wipe out the refrigerator

The refrigerator can quickly become a bacteria hotbed. Because often something runs out or crumbs and leftovers remain lying. So that your refrigerator is not lost in the dirt, make sure that you clean it out regularly and make it clean. Of course, it also helps to wipe directly behind dirt, but a regularly cleaned refrigerator should simply be part of a clean home.

Window cleaning

Cleaning windows is probably one of the most tiresome tasks. Depending on the dirt tolerance, roof overhang and orientation of the window, this is due every three to six months. Windows in the country get dirty less quickly than those in the city, but you should not avoid the task forever and face the dirty windows.