Lamps & Lighting – Top 5 Stores in Wiesbaden

Lampen & Licht in Wiesbaden – You come home and you just don’t feel completely comfortable? Your apartment or house needs a change, but you don’t know what kind? There can be many reasons why you feel uncomfortable in your home. Everything from the position of the furniture to the decor to the lighting can have an impact. If you have already made some changes and are still not satisfied, it can be useful to take a closer look at the lighting conditions and lamps in your home.

Enchant your home with lamps & light

Have you just moved into your apartment and simply do not feel comfortable yet? Or have you been living in your apartment or house for what feels like an eternity and simply want a change? You have already moved the furniture 10 times and the change of the decoration does not cause the desired effects? Have you ever thought about taking a closer look at the lamps and lighting in your living space or even analyzing them? We will tell you why you should definitely consider changing the design or the lamps.

The design

Not only for furniture, such as sofas, dining tables and living walls, there is a huge selection, but also what concerns the design of lamps, the choice is not too scarce. You have the free choice and can decide which lamp design fits best to their interior. Lamps about lamps, there are the most different designs. Since everyone has different tastes in interior design, there are also different styles of lamps. You have probably already noticed the current lamp trend: geometric shapes. You will find the differences not only in whether it is a floor lamp or a ceiling lamp, but also in whether it is a lamp in vintage style or country style. A lamp that hangs in the middle of the room with a lampshade made of petals gives the room a playful, fresh impression, while a lamp made of glass looks more noble and high-quality.

The light

If you have decided on the right lamps, you are probably wondering what might now need to be considered. The light is also a decisive factor. On the one hand there is the glaring light that reminds you of a sterile doctor’s office and on the other hand a light that slowly gets brighter and brighter, so that you can always get used to it first. Especially when it comes to the bedroom, where you don’t necessarily want to be woken up with bright light in the morning, it makes more sense to use a light bulb that slowly brightens up. This is in complete contrast to the kitchen or the bathroom. When you are in these rooms, you usually want to know what you are doing and are then quite happy to have the light.

Technically, a distinction is made between warm white, neutral white and daylight white. While warm white is perceived as cosy, neutral white conveys a businesslike atmosphere and daylight white matches incident light. In particular, the change in light tone can be decisive for the feeling of well-being. Think about a lighting concept for each of your rooms, because this is the only way to create the optimum feel-good factor. Technically, a distinction is made between warm white, neutral white and daylight white. While the warm white is perceived as cosy, the neutral white conveys a businesslike atmosphere and the daylight white is suitable for incident light.

Lamps & Light: The best recommendations

You come from Wiesbaden and finally have the time and motivation to change something in your living space? Of course you can not know which shop in your area is the best to fulfill your wishes. That’s why we have picked out the best lamps & lighting shops in Wiesbaden for you. With a bit of luck there is a good shop right in your neighbourhood.

Lichteck GmbH Wiesbaden

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

The lighting shop Lichteck GmbH is one of the most popular in Wiesbaden. Here most customers feel very well advised and also the size of the assortment is said to be ideal. Especially if you are not yet so sure what change you want to make in your living space, you are exactly right here, because you can expect good expert advice.

LichtCenter GmbH

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Customers who have visited the LichtCenter in Wiesbaden are consistently enthusiastic. In particular, interested parties who are looking for something unusual are said to be at the right address here. So if you have special wishes, the LichtCenter in Taunusstraße could be the right place for you.

Art Deco Lamp Wiesbaden

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Light Projects

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0


Rating: No review

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Lamps & Light – Ideas to make yourself

No matter which shop you go to, a lamp that meets your expectations is just never there? Have you ever thought about whether it might be useful to build a lamp that matches your ideas yourself? If you have patience and some artistic skills, this could be the ideal solution for you. We have found three individual, special lamp ideas for you to build yourself. Who knows, maybe there is an idea that meets your expectations.

Lamp in concrete look

This lamp in concrete look is something very special. In simple steps you will learn in this video how you can easily make this lamp yourself. Due to the special style, the lamp does not fit to every interior. In particular, for facilities in the country style or facilities that are rather rustic, this style could be suitable. Should your interior rather consist of fine furniture and simple decoration, this lamp might seem a bit too clunky.

Cozy dining table lamp

This dining table lamp can conjure up coziness in your living room. Through the brown glass of the bottles, the light is dimmed and is ideal for romantic dinners or a TV evening. In just a few steps you have the opportunity to build this lamp yourself. Very practical: At the beginning you will be shown a material list where you can check if you have all the necessary materials at home. So that you still have enough light throughout the day, it makes sense to have a second lamp in the room or to choose a room that has large windows.

LED wall clock to build yourself

Hard to believe, this high quality looking LED wall clock is also handmade. In this video you will learn how to build this wall clock. You should plan relatively much time and patience, so that you can implement the idea. However, once you have done that, you will have a real eye-catcher hanging in your living room. The clock not only looks high-quality, it also shows the time and even provides a little light. The effort will be worth it.