Living in Frankfurt: Buy properties in the best residential areas – square metre prices in Westend, Gallus, Nordend & Co.

Living in Frankfurt – With a population of less than one million, the metropolis in the Rhine-Main region is known worldwide and home to Germany’s second largest airport. No wonder, after all, Frankfurt is considered an attractive place to live. While the up-and-coming Gallus convinces with its hip flair and excellent location, the most expensive streets in Frankfurt shine with their exclusive properties. And the Westend and Nordend also inspire with their elegant charm paired with historical flair. Living space is in high demand here. This is also reflected in the property prices in Frankfurt. Find out everything you need to know about Frankfurt’s most popular districts, their locations and prices per square metre. Back to overview: Real Estate Frankfurt.

Living in Frankfurt am Main: banking city with skyline

Big business is happening in Frankfurt. As the home of the European Central Bank (ECB), the financial centre on the European mainland attracts professionals from all over the world to settle here. Yet Frankfurt, which was badly damaged during World War II, has a somewhat tarnished reputation, with many places in great need of upgrading. Where this has happened, property prices are shooting through the roof, providing ground for investors and developers.

Frankfurt: Map & Location

Frankfurt is considered one of the most impressive cities in Germany. Modern skyscrapers adorn the skyline of the city center, the banking district, home to many major German and European banks, offers plenty of job opportunities and the multitude of exclusive boutiques and culinary delights from all over the world inspire not only long-established Frankfurt residents, but also newcomers from all over Germany. The economic strength of the city, as well as its prime location, make Frankfurt one of the most important and international metropolises in Germany.

Overview of the most popular residential areas in Frankfurt: From the Nordend to the Westend

Frankfurt is a metropolis like no other. Each of the districts differs in its flair and charm and offers something for everyone. Whether family with child, couple, young professionals or investors and entrepreneurs – while some districts captivate with their historic buildings and elegant flair, others inspire with their modern atmosphere and almost futuristic flair.

Before we introduce you to the districts in more detail, here is a brief overview:

Westend: Coveted residential area in the heart of the banking district

This is the economic centre of Frankfurt. Directly adjacent to the city centre, Frankfurt’s Westend offers high-rise buildings, multi-apartment buildings with luxury apartments and a huge job market. Furthermore, Frankfurt is known for its after-work culture, which means that during the week you can find a lot of people in bars and clubs who want to end their stressful day in a relaxed way after work. Even in the middle of the Westend there are therefore bars with live music and more.

Nordend: Historical buildings and culinary experiences

In the Nordend district you will find the perfect balance between private living and exquisite gastronomy. In the summer, the roadsides of Nordend are filled with people having a drink in one of the many wine bars or cider pubs and enjoying the authentic dinner. In addition to culinary delights, architectural treasures can also be found here. Roman courtyards and pompous estates in the style of later classicism make up the flair of the district here.

Gallus: Residential areas near trade fairs

For far too long, Gallus has been neglected, but now modernisation and upgrading is hitting with full force, with the latest luxury apartments with quick routes to the city centre and the popular Westend. It also offers plenty of demand for gastronomy and allows the Festhalle to be a regular venue for concerts by famous and local bands.

Westend: residential location in the middle of the financial centre

Unbeaten Frankfurt’s most expensive residential area, the Westend. Here you will find consulting firms, banks and auditors, as well as the best law firms in Frankfurt and the world. Accordingly, real estate in this residential area is in high demand. Nevertheless, the constant construction projects provide for always new supply and allow you to invest your money perfectly in one of the many luxury properties.

The average purchase price for a property in Westend is 6,650 – 9,000 €/m².

Average purchase prices: 6,650 – 9,000 €/m²

Westend: Map & Location

During the day, the Westend is very fast-paced. Not only do you find business professionals going about their business here, but also restaurants and service providers who are attracted by the affluent clientele. This combination further enhances the appeal of the residential location. As a result of this clientele, you will mainly find luxury living solutions such as penthouses and loft apartments that have been newly built by construction service providers. The breathtaking skyline of the city thus offers a magnificent view for everyone.

Sightseeing: Alte Oper, European Central Bank & Co.

The district right in the centre offers not only small cafés and delicious gastronomy, but also a piece of culture with the Alte Oper at one end and the Bockenheimer Warte with the Museum of Natural History at the other. When the weather is nice, you can eat at the fountain in front of the opera, or retreat to one of the beautiful parks in the area for a lunch break.

Convince yourself of the local architecture:

Explore Zeppelinallee: One of the most expensive streets in Frankfurt

Towards the district of Bockenheim, one finds one of the most expensive residential areas of Frankfurt at the outer end of the Westend. Here are the dream villas of many luxury lovers. The pompous rows of houses are also home to many a consulate general. The Grüneburgpark makes this area close to one of Frankfurt’s most beautiful green spaces, and the Westend University Campus, which opened in 2011, is also not far away.

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Find your favorite villa on the virtual tour of the luxury residential area:

Nordend: Family living close to the city centre

Many luxury apartments can be found in the Nordend. Families in particular are attracted to the young, fresh residential district and find their perfect home here. But also the proximity to the Westend drives many business professionals to this district. Glauburgstraße offers many individual cafés and restaurants, as well as the best ice cream parlor in Frankfurt. The Nordend is also connected to the rest of the city by an underground line. The superior connectivity and charm make Frankfurt Nordend an extremely popular district that is well worth a real estate investment! Great feature: Here you can also still get smaller townhouses and not just apartments.

The average purchase price for a property in Nordend is 5,700 – 8,000 €/m².

Average purchase prices: 5,700 – 8,000 €/m²

Nordend: Map & Location

You don’t have to miss out on time in the greenery in Frankfurt’s Nordend either, because the Holzhausenpark invites you to take a walk. Children’s entertainment is also provided here by a playground and the famous house on the pond, which is definitely worth a visit. An absolute insider tip among Frankfurt residents: Aroma has the best falafel. A sandwich there should not be missing on any visit to Frankfurt.

Sightseeing: Wide streets and apartment buildings in art nouveau style

The streetscape in Nordend is mainly characterised by large and small residential buildings, with great views and proximity to supermarkets, cafés and public transport. The city is also very easy to reach on foot and by bike. A walk takes a maximum of 20 minutes to Konstablerwache. Smaller public parks give you the opportunity to get away from the tarmac for a bit.

Convince yourself of the charm of Frankfurt:

Gallus: Real estate directly at the economic centre

Frankfurt’s Gallusviertel has suffered from a bad reputation for far too long. Wrongly so: the district is home to the trade fair grounds and not far from the sought-after Westend. And with the S-Bahn and tram, a quick trip into the city is guaranteed. As a result, the former working-class district is now enjoying ever greater popularity. Gallus has long since ceased to be a poor neighbourhood to be avoided, and is attracting more and more attention from investors and the city of Frankfurt.

The average purchase price for a property in Gallus is 5,200 – 9,400 €/m².

Average purchase prices: 5,200 – 9,400 €/m²

Gallus: Map & Location

For a long time, Gallus was neglected and its potential not fully exploited – this has now come to an end, because for some years now, the city of Frankfurt has set about overhauling this part of the city. Especially with the expansion of the trade fair and the construction of the Skyline Plaza, the project got rolling, because in addition to the S-Bahn and tram, the ‘Europaallee’, the new focal point for companies and trade fair tourism, got an underground station. This means that Gallus can now be reached by all forms of public transport, as buses, S-Bahn and trams have been here for a long time.

Sightseeing: Shopping, gastronomy and tourism in Gallus

Tower 185 is part of the Frankfurt skyline and offers many companies a seat. It is probably best known for the Frankfurt headquarters of the auditing company PWC. Not far away, luxury apartments were built in the Grand Tower not too long ago. But also in the side streets of the Europa-Allee you can find luxurious apartments, which are quite to the taste of many wealthy citizens of Frankfurt. With balconies overlooking the city, this place attracts the crowds.

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Westend, Zeppelinallee & Co.: Buy luxury villas and lofts in Frankfurt

As we hope we have been able to show, real estate in Frankfurt am Main is really worth investing in, as not only private construction companies but also the city itself are showing great interest in improving the infrastructure of the Main metropolis. In order to have access to the best real estate offers in Frankfurt am Main, it is very useful to work with a real estate agent. They can put you in touch with sellers and advise you on the best off-market offers.

Frankfurt am Main: Real estate in the financial metropolis

Frankfurt is definitely the most impressive German city. If you stand in the Frankfurt city center, you drive in here, the skyscrapers are something very impressive. This makes the city seem twice as big as Berlin, three times as big as Munich and four times as big as Cologne. The attractive location directly on the Main and in the centre of Central Europe continues to attract people from all over Germany and the world to the city. Frankfurt a.M. is known for its unique skyline, skyscrapers and a thriving financial market. But the city offers so much more. Museums, green spaces, the opera, art halls. Culture as far as the eye can see.

Real estate in Frankfurt

With its opera, theatres and museum mile, Frankfurt has everything that high culture needs. In addition, a decent gastronomy scene, which in terms of internationality has no comparison in the world. There are beautiful parks in the city, as well as the zoo and the Palmengarten, so that you don’t have to leave the city for a short rest. The banks of the Main River invite you to stroll along, in addition to the chic shopping galleries. The skyscrapers are also an attraction in themselves. And if you visit one of the numerous festivals in the summer, it’s hard to get away from the view of the skyline.

Living in Frankfurt am Main: Popular districts & residential areas

With a population of less than one million, the metropolis in the Rhine-Main region is known worldwide and home to Germany’s second largest airport. No wonder, after all, Frankfurt is considered an attractive place to live. While the up-and-coming Gallus convinces with its hip flair and excellent location, the Westend and Nordend inspire with their elegant charm paired with historical flair. Find out everything about Frankfurt’s most popular districts, their locations and prices per square metre here. To the overview: Living in Frankfurt am Main

Sell, buy and live in Frankfurt am Main

Whether modern Nordend, up-and-coming Gallus, international Westend or the popular neighbouring town of Offenbach, with the current price trend it is worth selling your property in Frankfurt! You want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your land in Frankfurt? Find out here what you need to bear in mind when selling your property in Frankfurt. In addition: Our free guides and tips on the topics of property valuation, off market and all prices per square metre in Frankfurt – Welcome to Frankfurt! To the overview: Selling real estate in Frankfurt.