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Real Estate Calculator – Free, Online, without Excel! Investment, return & Co. that’s how the future looks like! You are looking for good real estate online calculators that make your investor:in life easier? My new app Immobilien Guru is the solution for you. 8 of my calculators I want to introduce to you here, because they are very important if you want to make money with real estate! Equity, savings plan, purchase price, incidental purchase costs, return on investment, return on investment and return on investment! 8 real estate calculators you need to know!

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Christmas 2022 gave me the idea, since then I’ve been programming the Real Estate Guru App! By now, the app has over 30 real estate and financial calculators, plus an investment learning system, 50,000 craftsmen and over 20,000 real estate experts.

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8 real estate calculators presented!

Free, online, always and everywhere and all without Excel! My little real estate investment toolbox for you!

PS: Professionals can of course skip the first calculators around equity and savings plan and start directly with the yield, the yield check & Co.

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Equity: Calculate assets

Everything starts with equity. You can’t do without it, unless you have someone to vouch for you. Typically, if everything else is solid, you need 20% equity and the bank gives you 80%. Example:

  • Equity = 5,000 euros (20%)
  • Credit volume = 20,000 euros (80%)
  • Maximum purchase price = 25,000 euros

For this, you calculate your assets:

  • Equity calculator

Savings plan: How much can you save each month (building equity)?

You lack the necessary equity capital? Then there is only one way: Save! Here you can easily calculate how much you can set aside each month. Because often a few expenses are forgotten and you stop saving after the first month. Saving is your way to the goal! Calculate here how much you can put aside.

  • Savings plan calculator

Maximum purchase price: How much property can you afford?

Your equity automatically leads you to the maximum purchase price. You have already learned how to calculate this in the equity section. If you need to do it quickly, you can calculate it here:

  • Maximum purchase price

Incidental purchase costs: Purchase price + X

Incidental purchase costs, there was something else… Typically, depending on the state, 8% to 10% of the purchase price is incidental costs. That is in any case:

  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Notary fees
  • Land registry costs
  • Brokerage costs (if commissioned)

With my free purchase cost calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate all factors at any time, whether buying an apartment or a house:

  • Purchase incidental costs calculator

Net yield: What does a property bring in?

The most important calculation for investors is the net rental yield of a property. It tells you what a property yields per month in %. Since you as an investor:in typically finance with credit, you pay:

  1. Maintenance ~ 2 % p.a. (per year)
  2. Interest ~ current interest rate for borrowing
  3. Repayment ~ 2 % p.a.

Let’s say you take out a loan at 2% interest, you have (2% + 2% + 2% = 6%). If your yield is > 6%, your tenant pays off your property, your assets grow passively and you still get X Euro per month as positive cash flow from your rented property.

To help you do the math quickly and easily, here’s my:

  • Net rental yield calculator

Yield Check: In 2 seconds

You don’t have all the figures for the net rental yield at hand right now? Then you should know my quick yield check. Here you can calculate any return in the Real Estate Guru app in 2 seconds. In the background, values are also assumed, such as the current 2% maintenance reserve per year, completely automatically.

You only have to push 2 simple knobs:

  • Purchase price
  • Rent / month

A yield check has never been faster! Click here to go to the:

  • Yield Check

Purchase price factor: key figure for larger projects

Simply explained: The purchase price factor turns the yield calculation around:

  • From ” Rental income / purchase price “
  • Will “Purchase price / rental income “

Super simple!

  • Yield = % Yield per year
  • Purchase price factor = paid off in X years

The result tells you in how many years your property as an investment has been paid off by the rental income.

  • Purchase price factor

Maintenance reserve: In 2 seconds

You’ve never calculated your maintenance reserves so quickly! My little calculator for maintenance reserves for real estate is just as simple as the yield check. The highlight, in the background I calculate everything according to Peter’s formula.

  • Maintenance reserve calculator

Speculation tax: Sell tax-free after X years

Tax-free, great! That’s what many investors say to themselves, and they’re right. Roughly speaking, there are 3 types:

  • Self-interest = 3 years period
  • Renting = 10 years period
  • Mixed model = X + 2 years period ( X = time of renting )

To make the calculation easy and fast in the future, I have developed this speculation period calculator.

  • Speculation period calculator

Learn Online with my App!

Learn online with my real estate app. With 50+ individual lessons, from buying and yield, to managing and renting, to selling a property profitably. Net yield, gross yield or even purchase price factor we still do not say much or just a little? Perfect, because with my app you can prepare super easy for your first capital investments.

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You can read 1,000 books and end up not knowing what really matters. Like my calculators, it’s all about the nuts and bolts of real estate investing: equity, return, maintenance, etc.

The training is designed to be extremely simple, just like all real estate calculators!

Real estate as an investment: Learn to invest!

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