Real Estate Calculator: Free, Online, without Excel! Capital investment, yield & Co.

Real Estate Calculator – Free, Online, without Excel! Investment, return & Co. that’s how the future looks like! You are looking for good real estate online calculators that make your investor:in life easier? My new app Immobilien Guru is the solution for you. 8 of my calculators I want to introduce to you here, because […]

Real Estate Online Coaching: Passive Income! App – apartment, house, investment

Online Coaching (App) – Passive income with real estate as an investment, but how to start? What is really important? In the Real Estate Guru App the #1 Real Estate Coaching in an App in the world is waiting for you! Learn how real estate investment works step by step in 10 lessons that build […]

Real Estate Experts Radar: Find professionals near you – house, apartment, construction site

Real Estate Expert Near You – Find over 20,000 real estate professionals in the Real Estate Guru app! Demolition, architecture, construction companies, financing agents, appraisers, property management, homestaging, brokers and asset managers. The real estate app automatically orients itself to your zip code or location (if you wish) – simple, free and nationwide. Find real […]

Craftsman radar: find professionals near you – house, apartment, real estate

Nearby craftsmen – In the Real Estate Guru app you can find over 50,000 professionals for all types of renovation, refurbishment, modernization, demolition and new construction. The individual trades are subdivided so you can find professionals for everything important. The real estate app automatically orients itself to your zip code or location (if you wish) […]

Investing in Water: Treat, Measure, Distribute & ETF Ideas – UN Conference in New York

The global water crisis has grown in recent years. Yesterday, top politicians met in New York for the UN conference to discuss possible solutions and to confront the problem. The investment in the sector “water” will increase. Reason enough for a look at the question: How to invest in “water”? International corporations buy water sources, […]

Mukaab Inside: 800 billion construction project in Riyadh – map, photos, videos

A new part from my little “Saudi Arabia” series! After Maraya (largest mirrored concert hall) and The Line (170 km long desert city), I take you today with Riyadh, more precisely to Riyadh and New Murabba. This is where the Mukaab is being built. Simply put, the most expensive surprise egg in the world! 800 […]

4 apps, 1 week: Ibiza Challenge! 3 Real Estate Apps + Magazine – Now in App Store

4 Apps, 1 Week: Can I do it?! Yes! My very own Ibiza Challenge! 3 real estate apps + 1 app for my fashion magazine. Here I present you all apps (live from my AirBnb Dev-Villa in Ibiza). Lukinski Real Estate Tools – App #1 It all started with this app or idea at Christmas, […]

The Line (Saudi Arabia): Location, photos + videos of the construction project

A 170-kilometer-long, 500-meter-high mirrored line will soon cross the Saudi Arabian Desert. People will live and work in it. Another superlative project, following the recent inauguration of the mirrored concert hall. “The Line” will be the name of the city with over 9 million inhabitants. Under the title “What if we could start again” only […]

Deal Trader for real estate: Broker house, apartment & Co. as a tipster + earn commission

Deal Trader(tipster) – Today this strong article about“Deal Trader” (external), appeared at the colleagues of Frequently reaches me the question, how to make money with real estate, even without equity? The question for many beginners who lack the equity capital to finance a property. Yet there are ways to make money with real estate, […]

Inflation high, interest rates rising: Real estate loan & follow-up financing tips

Inflation high, interest rates rising – Inflation is higher than it has been for decades! The consequence: Rising interest rates for loans. What to do when inflation is high and interest rates are rising? The best idea: buy real estate and do it quickly to secure the favorable interest rates now. What only 1% interest […]

Property tax reform Germany 2025: What do landowners need to know?

Property tax reform in Germany – 35 million properties must be revalued! In 2018, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that there must be a fundamental reform of the property tax. Reason: The valuation basis based data, are over 50 years old (more precisely 1964 and 1935). Until 31.12.2024 the reform of the land tax is […]

The largest mirrored building in the world! Architecture masterpiece Maraya Concert Hall (Saudi Arabia)

I must show you the Maraya Concert Hall in Saudi Arabia! A real architectural highlight and certainly a hotspot of this world in the future. Al-Ula is a unique region in Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until September 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places that are more […]