Deal Trader for real estate: Broker house, apartment & Co. as a tipster + earn commission

Deal Trader(tipster) – Today this strong article about“Deal Trader” (external), appeared at the colleagues of Frequently reaches me the question, how to make money with real estate, even without equity? The question for many beginners who lack the equity capital to finance a property. Yet there are ways to make money with real estate, […]

Inflation high, interest rates rising: Real estate loan & follow-up financing tips

Inflation high, interest rates rising – Inflation is higher than it has been for decades! The consequence: Rising interest rates for loans. What to do when inflation is high and interest rates are rising? The best idea: buy real estate and do it quickly to secure the favorable interest rates now. What only 1% interest […]

The largest mirrored building in the world! Architecture masterpiece Maraya Concert Hall (Saudi Arabia)

I must show you the Maraya Concert Hall in Saudi Arabia! A real architectural highlight and certainly a hotspot of this world in the future. Al-Ula is a unique region in Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until September 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places that are more […]

NFT / Digital art: what is it? Meaning, Marketplaces, Prices – Crypto Art

NFT – Digital Art, a new phenomenon. Here you will learn everything: What is an NFT? How do you buy NFTs? What marketplaces are there and how is the art market developing for investors. Meanwhile, higher prices are being achieved in the digital art market than in the physical one. Collections like“CryptoPunks” ,“Bored Ape Yacht […]

Construction financing: interest rates, conditions in comparison, tips & calculators

Construction financing – The path to owning your own home or condominium usually involves construction financing. In addition to the classic annuity loan with land charge, there are other attractive and individually calculable construction loans. You can find the most favorable offer through a comprehensive search and comparison based on your personal conditions. Calculate suitable […]

Buy and rent a villa: Yield, season, service charges, renovation, financing…

Buy and rent villa – A popular model among many owners, especially villas located in places where others go on vacation. For example, Spain as a hotspot, especially Mallorca, Ibiza but also Marbella, depending on the personal ties you have to one of the places. If you want to rent out your villa, you buy […]

Villa finance abroad: credit, equity and interest effects rental yield + examples

You want to buy a villa in Spain? Whether Mallorca, Marbella or Ibiza, the conditions for real estate financing differ significantly. If you do not buy your villa for 100% personal use, but rent the villa partially or even completely as an investment, then you should know the special conditions in Spain. In addition, I […]

Buy a villa in Spain: Mallorca, Ibiza or Marbella? Comparison + Buyer Tips

Spain has many interesting places like Barcelona and Madrid. If you’re really looking for sun, you’re looking at 3 hotspots in particular: Mallorca, Ibiza and Marbella. Three absolutely individual places where I take you! On site, on visits with clients, I always have a little time to spare and little by little, have accumulated so […]

Trading Apps in comparison! Trade Republic, eToro, flatex + Scalable Capital useful? Test

Trading Apps Comparison – There are many apps and few in which you can 1) sign up quickly [in a few minutes], find a 2) wide range of financial products [stock, ETF, crypto, etc.] and 3) have no costs, as in traditional banks (deposit and order). Trading cheaply has never been easier, thanks to tranding […]

Istanbul becomes island: shipping, Bosphorus, history and future – Video Doku

In Capital Investment Istanbul I have already reported a little about Istanbul. The city has the largest airport in the world. It is the largest city on two continents (Europe and Asia). Half of the economic output in Turkey is located here. The city itself is stronger than the whole of South Africa. Mainly due […]

Alex Fischer Wiki: Real estate, taxes, book, courses, seminars – Experience

Alex Fischer Wiki – Since I have already written 5, 6 articles related to Alex Fischer, here is some background information. Since there is no Alex Fischer Wikipedia entry yet, here is something similar: An overview of Alex Fischer, from YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers, to the book “Reicher als die Geissens” (Richer than the […]

Blick vom Dach über Neu-Delhi Innenstadt und Regierungsviertel

Government district in New Delhi (India): $2.7 billion reconstruction – Urban development

New Delhi was created primarily in colonial times. Inspired by or even the “National Mall” in Washington, D.C.. (3.5 kilometer long road to the Capitol). At that time, England moved the capital from Calcutta to New Delhi in 1911. Now the government quarter is to be transformed for 2.7 billion US dollars! A small insight […]