Trend material velvet – the fabric makes a colourful return

Not only did one material stand out at the big fashion shows this year, but the trend fabric is also establishing itself at the furniture fairs. Velvet returns to the modern living rooms and shows itself very colorful and luxurious. Many small designers experimented with the material but also at large manufacturers you can find more and more parts with the soft fabric in the assortment.

The retro trend is interpreted in a modern way – velvet has not been outdated for a long time already

Velvet has often been in and out of fashion, not only in the fashion industry but also in home trends. Meanwhile, velvet is considered retro and a bit kitschy, but the trend is reinterpreted and adapted to modernity, which is why it appears in a whole new light. Bright colors, offer the velvet new dimensions, because today you can find it in pastel shades, bright colors but also in subtle tones, such as gray. Combined with modern metal tables and marble accessories, velvet fits elegantly into a modern living space. Those who are not so keen on experimenting can also approach the trend slowly and furnish their home with discreet decorative pieces, such as velvet cushions, blankets or curtains.

Cocooning – how velvet is changing the way we live

Our home is our retreat, the place where we want to feel comfortable and secure, a warm and cozy living space where we can relax and recover from the stressful everyday life. Here we return to ourselves and spend the much needed ‘me-time’. The trendy material, with its suppleness and soft qualities, adapts exactly to our needs. The strong colours offer a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in which to find the relaxation we need. Combined with modern design, velvet can be interpreted in a contemporary way and thus offers many possibilities for individual design in living spaces.

What is velvet? – Origin, production & care

Velvet is a fabric that is woven from cotton or synthetic fibers. The special feature are the so-called pile threads, which form the soft surface, which is also called pile. They are worked into the basic fabric by different weaving systems. Loops are created over the base fabric, which are cut open at the end, thus creating the velvet surface. This gives the velvet not only its shimmering surface, but also its soft fall and the soft surface that characterize the velvet.

Velvet can be divided into different types, which determine the quality. Among the noblest belongs, for example, warp velvet & Genoa velvet, which have a very high-quality processing. In cheaper types of velvet, such as velvet, the fibers are only glued on, which of course deteriorates the quality.

Even today, velvet is still considered a royal fabric, which is due to the fact that it was reserved for the nobility for a long time. There it was used in furniture, living accessories, wallpapers and finally in clothes, which makes it popular until today.

Cleaning velvet has become much easier over the years, because in the past it was woven from silk, which made it not only more valuable, but also more sensitive. Today, where it is made of cotton or synthetics, it is usually enough to clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner. For impurities, a clothes brush can help – but here only brush in the direction of the stroke, otherwise patterns can appear in the fabric. Damp dirt should be dabbed off as quickly as possible with upholstery shampoo, a cloth and some warm water, but be careful. Velvet definitely does not belong in the washing machine. For small accessories, such as velvet cushions, a hand wash in lukewarm water is sufficient.

Integrate velvet in any living space – it’s all a question of balance

Velvet is a very dominant material and offers great accents in living spaces. However, the well-known rule ‘less is more’ applies here, because velvet in the overload quickly reminds of royal houses in old times and does not seem modern at all, but rather flooded. With a few simple tricks, velvet can be combined, however, very modern. This creates unique room atmospheres with a very special flair.

Velvet furniture – modern combinations of sofas, armchairs, cushions & co.

There are some parts with which velvet gets along particularly well, this includes especially metal, brass, static shapes but also patterns, such as marble. Also plants can be combined well with the material, a favorite composition is old pink velvet combined with large bright green cacti. A great mix of elegance and innovation that gives a room a special flair.

Since the velvet makes a statement, it should be integrated into the room by modern elements, because thus you create a great atmosphere, in which both retro elements, as well as modern together. Of course, there is no manual how to design the perfect room with velvet, because there is definitely own creativity needed. However, the rule ‘less is more’ is important here because velvet should appear as the highlight of a room and not flood the space. So a statement piece of velvet is quite enough to give a room that certain something. A few cushions on the sofa, a velvet armchair or rather a velvet carpet, all these possibilities hold the versatile fabric for you.

But velvet – apart from its great look – has other advantages that have made it a deservedly trendy fabric. Velvet is known for its incredibly beautiful and soft surface and let’s be honest, who does not like to stroke over a fluffy soft velvet sofa and then let himself fall into the upholstery? In addition, velvet, especially a higher quality is quite easy to maintain, if you know the right handles for it and use them skillfully.

But velvet can also be used quite unconventionally. An example of this would be a velvet wallpaper, which is certainly not easy to find, but can enhance a room very much. The shimmering surface and the color that changes depending on the incidence of light results in a great room atmosphere and is something very special. Also here but the most important rule not forgotten, because a wall or a piece of a wall with velvet wallpaper to upgrade is a great idea and gives the room a very special atmosphere, velvet on all four walls, but would oppress the room and make it seem smaller than it actually is. For your home design with velvet, there are many inspirations and suggestions.