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Nearby craftsmen – In the Real Estate Guru app you can find over 50,000 professionals for all types of renovation, refurbishment, modernization, demolition and new construction. The individual trades are subdivided so you can find professionals for everything important. The real estate app automatically orients itself to your zip code or location (if you wish) – simple, free and nationwide.

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In the app you will find recommendations nationwide for:

  • Floor
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  • Electrician
  • Facade
  • Windows
  • Tiles
  • Garden & Landscape
  • Heating
  • Home staging
  • Painter
  • Awning & Shutter
  • Sanitary
  • Carpenter
  • Solar
  • Drywall
  • Heat pump

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Craft: Who does what?

Who does what? A brief overview of the typical tasks.

Craft Tasks
Electrician Responsible for the electrical installation in a building, provides a safe power supply
Facade workers Design and protection of the outer shell of a building
Window manufacturer Manufacture, installation and repair of windows, provides thermal and sound insulation and protection against burglary.
Tiler Laying tiles in different rooms, provides a clean and attractive appearance of the tile surface.
Garden & Landscape Design and maintenance of outdoor areas, creates harmonious and attractive gardens
Heating Installation and maintenance of heating systems, ensures efficient heating of the building
Home staging Staging of real estate for sale or rent, creates an attractive presentation of the premises
Painter Beautification and protection of interior and exterior surfaces of a building, provides an attractive appearance.
Awning & Shutter Installation, maintenance and repair of sun protection systems such as awnings and roller shutters
Sanitary Installation, maintenance and repair of sanitary equipment, ensures proper water supply.
Carpenter Production, installation and repair of wooden structures and furniture, contributes to individual design
Solar Installation, maintenance and repair of solar systems for the production of solar energy, reduces energy consumption.
Drywall Interior finishing of buildings, erection of partition walls and cladding of ceilings and walls with gypsum boards
Heat pump Installation and operation of heat pumps, ensures efficient and sustainable heat supply to the building


The electrician is responsible for the electrical installation in a building. He lays and connects cables, installs switch and distribution boxes, and installs sockets, switches, and lighting systems. The electrician ensures a safe and functioning power supply and takes care of the compliance with the applicable regulations and standards in the field of electrical engineering.

Facade workers

Facade workers have the task of designing and protecting the outer shell of a building. They undertake the plastering, sealing and painting of facades as well as the installation of thermal insulation composite systems. Facade workers not only ensure an aesthetically pleasing design, but also protect the building from the effects of weather and energy loss.

Window manufacturer

Window manufacturers specialize in the manufacture, installation and repair of windows. They take measurements, make the windows according to individual requirements and ensure professional installation. Window installers ensure that the windows provide good thermal and sound insulation and provide optimal protection against burglary.


The tiler is responsible for the professional installation of tiles in various rooms. He prepares the substrate, measures and cuts the tiles to fit and ensures that they are laid evenly. The tiler takes care of a neat grout work and provides an attractive appearance of the tile surface.

Garden & Landscape

Gardeners and landscapers are experts in the design and maintenance of outdoor areas. They plan and lay out gardens, design terraces and paths, set plants and take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the greenery. Gardeners and landscapers ensure that the garden is harmonious and appealing and offer customized solutions for the individual needs of customers.


Heating installers are responsible for installing and maintaining heating systems in buildings. They take care of the installation of boilers, radiators, floor heating systems and other components needed to heat a house or apartment. Heating contractors ensure that the heating system works efficiently and provides a comfortable room temperature.

Home staging

Home stagers are experts in staging properties to facilitate their sale or rental. They optimize the interior design, using furniture, decoration and lighting in a targeted way to make the rooms look appealing and inviting. Home stagers ensure that the property appeals to potential buyers or tenants and stimulates their imagination.


Painters and varnishers take care of beautifying and protecting the interior and exterior surfaces of a building. They paint walls, ceilings, facades and other surfaces, pre-finish them and select appropriate colors and techniques. Painters provide a fresh, clean, and attractive appearance and help protect surfaces.

Awning & Shutter

Experts in awnings and roller shutters are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of these sun protection systems. They take measurements, install awnings or roller shutters on windows, terraces or balconies and ensure that they function properly. Awning and shutter installers provide the desired sun protection and privacy for residents.


Plumbers handle the installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing fixtures and fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces. They install sinks, toilets, showers, plumbing, and wastewater systems and make sure they work properly. Plumbing technicians ensure proper water supply and sewage disposal in buildings.


Carpenters are experts in the manufacture, installation and repair of wooden structures and furniture. They make custom pieces of furniture, doors, windows or stairs and install them professionally. Carpenters provide high-quality woodwork and contribute to the individual design and functionality of rooms.


Solar technicians specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing solar systems to generate environmentally friendly solar energy. They mount solar panels on roofs or in other suitable areas, install inverters, and ensure proper wiring. Solar technicians ensure that solar systems operate efficiently and help reduce energy consumption.


Drywall builders are responsible for the interior finishing of buildings. They erect partition walls, clad ceilings and walls with plasterboard and carry out other drywall work such as installing insulation or filling the boards. Drywall builders create functional and aesthetic room structures and contribute to the flexibility of room design.

Heat pump

Heat pump installers specialize in the installation and operation of heat pumps. They ensure that the system is properly sized, install the heat pump components and connect them to the heating and hot water system. Heat pump installers ensure that the heat pump operates efficiently and contributes to the sustainable heat supply of the building.

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