Interior decorator – advice, tips and design

Interior decorator – Do you want a change in your own home? Nothing could be easier. As interior decorators, we can create big and cozy effects with very little already. Do you need a measurement for the new living room furniture or the kitchen? Contact us, we will create a clear and precise plan of your premises. We will also be happy to assist you in planning your new furnishings in your house or apartment. If you wish, we can also arrange a comprehensive and cost-effective renovation of your entire property.

If it is about the professional furnishing of living spaces, we are the right contact for your project. As professional interior decorators we are experienced in all areas: Upholstering, wallpapering, tailoring and laying floors. From decorative wall design to the tailoring of wall hangings, curtains and new upholstery, our company is well equipped to meet all requirements for upscale, fashionable and architecturally appropriate interior design.

A new wall design brings comfort

Would you like to wallpaper a room or only partially decorate it with wallpaper? We will gladly make suggestions for the design of your interior. White walls are skillfully interrupted with colored decorative patterned wallpaper. We conjure up harmonious effects, but sometimes it is the breaks in style that become eye-catchers. We can implement brocade wallpapers, also particularly heavy fabric wallpapers as well as felt panels and many other textile ideas in your home. Of course we also lay natural stone on walls and floors. Especially in the bathroom, the trend is towards natural stone flooring. Old or unattractive glazed ceramic tiles are left on the wall or they are taken off if they stick poorly anyway. Natural stone in the bathroom actually conjures up a piece of nature in the home wellness oasis. The warm colours of stone and earth complement the feng shui element of water perfectly. With some natural stone decorations in the bathroom, you can achieve beautiful effects.

Laying floors – antique and modern patterns

We install all wood and stone flooring. Natural materials in and around the house have been in vogue for years. Natural stones as flooring or the popular and so adaptable wooden floors are trendy. We install parquet flooring in all patterns and are always inspired by the ornate arrangements of old castles. High-gloss stone floors in deep black or light natural stone tiles for the kitchen – you decide. But let us make creative suggestions, because every furnishing object is a new inspiration and source of new creativity for us.

Wooden floorboards in the hallway. For long and rather dark hallways, small tiles and patterns were often installed in the past. We recommend long wooden floorboards to emphasise the special character of the hallway or a long narrow room. The effect is very harmonious and the noble wooden flooring comes into its own.

Small accents as a special eye-catcher

A room is always a kind of total work of art. This is also how we understand our craft. Even with small decorations on the fireplace, on the sample tables or on the kitchen shelves, we set attractive accents. Often neglected in interior design are the windows. Let us show you what a difference custom-made windows can make in underlining the style of the house. You will be surprised. We are also experts in tailoring chair covers, custom covers for sofas and armchairs. With a new and tasteful fabric cover you can change the ambience of the whole room with little effort. Exercise elegant restraint in the choice of fabrics or set particularly fresh accents. We will be happy to send you fabric samples for you to choose from. We are also happy to make bedspreads, cushion covers and complementary table linen to match the living and seating elements – right down to the hand-sewn napkins for your guests. Show your individuality and taste with a new design. It is not always necessary to completely redesign the interior. With a few means and a lot of intuition we change your house in a short time.

16 ideas for decorating the room – video

Curtains and drapes – soft or heavy

Deciding on a particular window decoration is simply impossible. The decoration of the windows – and sometimes the doorways – must be matched to the specific object. Many know this: When choosing the curtains look more than convincing, at the own window they seem almost out of place. The curtains form the frame of the living ambience. They have to support it – style breaks are rare in window decoration. The curtains and drapes give the room its face. We have numerous suggestions for ideas, which we will be happy to send you together with fabric samples for you to choose from. Of course we also take care of the correct measurements for your new window decoration.

Window decoration – beautiful and functional

The window decoration should match the interior and emphasize the desired flair. But also a lot of function is integrated into an optimal window decoration. We are happy to present you also flame retardant fabrics or technical fabrics for heat and sound insulation.

Do you want to keep out looks or protect yourself from sunlight – our fabric collection for the window area leaves nothing to be desired. Even acoustic sources of disturbance can be reduced with appropriate curtains. We offer very aesthetic fabrics made of linen, silk and wool, as well as highly technical structures for blackout, sun protection and protection against cold.

The world at your feet

We can also inspire you in the choice of flooring with many samples and design suggestions. Fine parquet, hard-wearing laminate or sophisticated design coverings are our speciality. Natural linoleum is also popular – a rediscovery of recent years. A classic is still the carpet. Fine carpets can liven up a room with colour accents, but carpeting also has visual appeal and proves to be particularly practical and easy to clean in many areas of the home.

Together with the new flooring, the installation of additional thermal insulation, impact sound insulation is possible. Insulation can also be used to create special acoustics in the room. We are happy to recommend an easy-care and sustainable floor covering with a high level of walking comfort. The new floor covering should be permanently beautiful and also be able to adapt stylistically to the changes of its occupants. Quality, easy care and a good combination partner – we will be happy to provide you with samples and suggestions for floor coverings made of wood, stone, ceramics and textiles.

Planning of fixtures

We are happy to plan interior fittings, such as built-in cupboards or even the new kitchen, together with you. Built-in cupboards can also be placed under stairs or in corners that are difficult to access. They save space there and create room – for more storage space. Dark and unused spaces are given a new lease of life with built-in cupboards. Don’t waste valuable living space and keep the heavily used areas of your apartment and house free for life. We create storage space you never expected.

Individual areas or entire rooms

In the interior and exterior, we will be happy to advise you on the interior design. Our services include redesigning individual parts of the house, upholstering furniture, decorating walls, ceilings and lighting. Of course, we also completely redesign all rooms. We wallpaper and paint the apartment according to your ideas. For the selection of materials we can provide you with extensive samples, which are available in all quality levels and price ranges. Design a new home with our interior design – modern and functional, romantic and playful or oriental-exotic – we are available for all ideas. We are also happy to make suggestions on various themes within the house or apartment. Challenge us.

We look forward to your message

As professionals in interior design, our interior design projects are always paired with inspiration. We always listen carefully to what you like and how you imagine the future atmosphere in the house. What colours and style do you like. Our extensive sample range of colours, textiles and woods will get you creative. After a few years of living, the time often comes to long for something new and different. Create a new home for yourself by skilfully decorating the room with lots of ideas.