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In the app you can expect experts in:

  • Demolition
  • Architecture
  • Construction companies
  • Financing intermediary
  • Surveyor
  • Property management
  • Homestaging
  • Real estate agent
  • Asset Manager

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Real estate experts: Who does what?

Who does what? A brief overview of the typical tasks.

ExpertN Tasks
Demolition company Specializing in professional building demolition, code compliance and environmentally friendly demolition.
Architects Responsible for the planning and design of buildings
Construction company Specialized in the construction of buildings
Financing intermediary Assists in obtaining financing for the construction or purchase of real property
Surveyor Assessment of the value of real estate and preparation of expert opinions
Property management Management of real estate on behalf of the owners
Homestaging Optimal presentation of real estate for sale or lease
Real estate agent Experts in buying, selling and renting real estate
Asset Manager Asset management, including real estate

Demolition company

Demolition companies specialize in the professional deconstruction of buildings. They handle the demolition of old or damaged buildings, ensure safe disposal of demolition materials, and prepare the site for new construction. Demolition contractors work closely with local regulations and environmental standards to perform proper and environmentally friendly demolition.


Architects are responsible for the planning and design of buildings. They design functional and aesthetic concepts, taking into account the needs of the users and compliance with building standards. Architects work closely with clients, construction companies and other professionals to turn the design into reality and create a high-quality building.

Construction company

Construction companies specialize in the construction of buildings. They handle the implementation of architectural plans and coordinate the various trades, material suppliers and construction workers. Construction companies ensure that the construction is completed on time, with high quality and within the agreed budget.

Financing intermediary

Financing agents support builders or real estate buyers in obtaining financing for the construction or purchase of a property. They advise on financing issues, analyze the individual situation and arrange suitable financing options with banks or other financial institutions.


Real estate appraisers assess the value of real estate and prepare appraisals for various purposes such as sale, inheritance, insurance or lending. They analyze the condition of the property, take into account location factors and market developments, and provide a professional assessment of the property value.

Property management

Property managers take over the management of real estate on behalf of the owners. They take care of leasing, maintenance, billing and organization of tenant affairs. Property managers ensure that the property is properly managed and support the owners in optimizing the property return.


Homestaging experts specialize in presenting properties in the best possible way for sale or rent. They optimize the interior design, using furniture, decoration and lighting in a targeted manner to make the rooms look appealing and inviting. Homestaging experts ensure that the property appeals to potential buyers or tenants and stimulates their imagination.

Real estate agent

Real estate agents are experts in buying, selling and renting real estate. They assist both buyers and sellers with all aspects of the real estate transaction process. Agents assess the market value of properties, create appealing exposés, organize viewings, negotiate prices, and guide the parties through to the conclusion of the contract. Their goal is to get the best possible deal for their clients and to make the process go smoothly.

Asset Manager

Asset managers are financial professionals who manage assets, including real estate. They develop investment strategies that meet their clients’ individual goals and risk tolerances. Asset managers monitor the performance of real estate investments, make decisions about purchases or sales, handle the leasing or sale of properties, and ensure that their clients’ assets are managed efficiently to generate long-term returns.

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