Living in Grünwald (Munich): buy and rent villa, property, apartment – tips, price per square metre & Co.

Living in Grünwald – Hardly any other city district has such a high density of millionaires and celebrities as Grünwald. The location is excellent, the real estate exclusive and the standard of living high. This residential area is in no way inferior to the popular districts of Bogenhausen, Tegernsee and Maxvorstadt. Whether it’s a villa in the Brunnhaus district, an apartment in an old building in the centre or a detached house with a view of the River Isar – would you like to invest in a property in Grünwald as a capital investment? Find out here everything you need to know about living in Grünwald. In addition: The most popular properties, the most expensive streets, as well as all property prices for apartments, houses and land – Welcome to Grünwald! Back to: Living in Munich.

Living in Grünwald: Exclusive residential area with high celebrity density

Grünwald inspires with its high quality of life, high security and a well-kept cityscape full of cosy coffee houses, historic monuments and well-tended green spaces. Not only entrepreneurs and investors feel at home here, but also affluent single people, families with children and prominent faces from the worlds of film, television, music and sport who prefer it away from the bustle of big city life.

Welcome to Munich: The capital of Bavaria

Munich is one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is famous not only for its unique flair, but also for the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south. Today, Munich is the third largest city in Germany with a population of around 1.7 million.

Grünwald: Map & Location

South of Munich, somewhat away from the hustle and bustle of the city, lies the Upper Bavarian municipality of Grünwald. It can be subdivided into six municipal districts and connects to the neighbouring municipalities of Munich, Pullach and Straßlach-Dingharting.

Here is the municipal division of Grünwald at a glance:

  • Brunnhaus
  • Geiselgasteig
  • Grünwald
  • Oberdill
  • Swallow Till
  • Wörnbrunn

Map and location of Grünwald:

Places of interest: Bavaria Film Studios, Grünwald Castle & Co.

Since its founding in 1919, the Geiselgasteig district has been considered the Hollywood of Germany. Not only major motion pictures are produced here, but also TV shows and series. The famous “Bavaria Film Studios” are not far away from Grünwald and the Grünwald Castle also contributes to the attractiveness of the residential area.

Here is an overview of the sights:

  • Bavaria Film Studios
  • Green forest castle
  • War memorials for the fallen of the Franco-Prussian War
  • St. Peter & Paul
  • Villa Larisch
  • Former hunting lodge of the queen

Celebrity neighbours: Oliver Kahn, Miroslav Klose & Kai Pflaume

Grünwald is home to German celebrities. Prominent football players and musicians, well-known actors and popular TV coaches – they all appreciate the good location, the proximity to the TV studios and the privacy that this place of residence brings. Among Grünwald’s most famous residents are the German-Austrian actress Senta Berger, as well as the sports legend Oliver Kahn. Uschi Glas, Miroslav Klose, Kai Pflaume and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht are also associated with Grünwald.

Here is an overview of the prominent residents of Grünwald:

  • Senta Berger
  • Oliver Kahn
  • Uschi Glas
  • Miroslav Klose
  • Kai Pflaume
  • Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht
  • Wilson Gonzalez Oxen-Knecht

Sightseeing: A tour of Grünwald

Historic castles, cozy coffee houses, well-kept green spaces and a breathtaking cityscape – that’s what Grünwald is known for. Those who live here can look forward to a wide range of cultural activities away from the ever-bustling city of Munich. We take you on an exclusive journey through the beautiful Grünwald.

Relaxing afternoon on the banks of the Isar

The Isar stretches from Austria to Bavaria. In the past it was considered one of the most important trade routes for ships, today railways and motor vehicles are preferred for the transport of goods. Today, the river enjoys great popularity among tourists as well as residents and always invites to a relaxing walk along the banks. Also the sunsets in summer can be enjoyed perfectly from here.

Grünwald Castle: Landmark above the Isar Valley

Germany is the land of castles. According to current estimates, there are about 25,000 castles in Germany. Grünwald Castle is one of them. Its construction dates back to the year 1200 and today’s landmark of Grünwald can look back on a long and eventful history.

Elegant parks, manicured green spaces & Co.

Grünwald’s townscape is characterised by typical Bavarian architecture, historic monuments and half-timbered houses, as well as a large number of well-kept green spaces and parks. These contribute to the relaxed atmosphere and high quality of life of the place of residence.

Unique real estate: exclusive villas and historic mansions

The long history of Grünwald is also reflected in the local properties. Among the most famous buildings are Villa Larisch in Gabriel-von-Siedel-Straße, Villa Melbach in Robert-Koch-Straße, as well as the former hunting lodge for Queen Marie of Bavaria in Sauschütt.

Prices per square metre in Grünwald

Grünwald not only inspires entrepreneurs, the wealthy and European celebrities. Families with children are also often drawn here. Whether it’s a villa, a detached house or a semi-detached house – Grünwald’s real estate landscape and infrastructure are definitely family-friendly. While apartments are in high demand in other districts, such as Bogenhausen, it is mainly houses that are in demand in Grünwald. You would like to buy a property in Grünwald? Or are you planning to invest in real estate as a capital investment and want to buy an apartment building? In Grünwald you can count on high returns and rental income – especially after successful renovation with craftsman, architect & Co! Learn more here!

Buy property: House, Villa & Bungalow

Properties south of Oberhachinger Strasse near the new Grünwald secondary school are particularly popular. Here you can also happily expect 900,000 to 1.2 million euros. Not only new buildings can be found here, but also plenty of old buildings in the classic neo-baroque style of Munich. Apartments are also well priced here. At just under 800,000 euros, you can call an apartment your property.

  • Purchase price house: 900.000 to 1.2 million Euro
  • Purchase price apartment: 800.000 Euro

Per square metre you can expect to pay just under 9,000 euros for a house and just under 8,000 euros for an apartment.

Rent apartment & land: Old building & new building

Rental apartments in Grünwald are also in the upper price categories. If you want to invest in a rental apartment with just under 100 square metres, it can easily cost you 2,000 euros a month.

Apartment for rent: 2,000 euros per month

Furthermore: As a landlord of an old building apartment you can expect a yield of 2.50% in Grünwald.

Conclusion: Living in Grünwald

You would like to live in Munich? If you decide on a property in Grünwald, you will live in one of the residential areas with the highest density of celebrities and millionaires in Germany, this small district south of Munich enjoys great popularity. Thus Grünwald inspires not only by its many green spaces, varied fauna, the proximity to the Isar and the breathtaking cityscape, but also by a variety of sights and monuments. The high security of the place of residence also contributes to the high quality of life in Grünwald. Although the real estate prices in Munich are in the higher price ranges, there is hardly a district in which there are so many exclusive properties as in Grünwald. So it is worthwhile to invest here in a property as a capital investment. If you are planning to move to Grünwald, we recommend that you contact a real estate agent you can trust. A competent real estate agent is not only familiar with the different types of houses, but also accompanies you through the entire sales process – from the property valuation to viewings to the purchase contract.

Munich: Real Estate in Bavaria

Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria and the third largest municipality in Germany. With around 4,800 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Bavarian metropolis is also the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The figures confirm the population growth. More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and neighbouring Austria make Munich very attractive.

Real estate in Munich

Munich counts itself as one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south.

Living in Munich: Popular districts & residential areas

In no other German city is housing as expensive as here. Experts agree that a property in Munich in the right neighbourhood is a safe investment. But what does ‘right location’ mean in Munich and what kind of investment should one expect to make in order to buy a decent apartment or a luxurious house in the capital of Bavaria? We answer these questions here! To the overview: Living in Munich

Sell, buy and live in Munich

More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and the neighbouring country Austria make Munich very attractive and also the individual districts have a lot to offer. While Lehel and the old town convince with their historical charm, the residential areas of Bogenhausen and Schwabing inspire with their variety of well-kept green spaces and parks. The vibrant Maxvorstadt and the elegant Nymphenburg are also among the most attractive places to live in Munich. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you are well prepared. To the overview: Selling real estate in Munich.