Juist most expensive street: for the perfect holiday home by the sea

Juist – the East Frisian island has a lot to offer besides beautiful scenery and gorgeous views. So if you’re currently looking for a property by the sea, perhaps even a beach house or holiday home, you should definitely take a look at this German island. Real estate is always an ideal investment opportunity and whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you’re sure to find it here. The beach promenade of Juist is one of the top 10 most expensive streets in Germany and properties in this location have a price per square metre of up to €16,400. Here the elite meets and spends some wonderful hours directly at the North Sea. Click here to go back to the main page with the: most expensive streets in Germany.


The island of Juist inspires numerous tourists every year and attracts with a beautiful view and nature, as well as numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. Juist is located in the north of Germany and lies between the two islands of Norderney and Borkum. For the crossing with the ferry you need about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Especially for people who are looking for absolute relaxation and tranquility, a holiday home on Juist is ideal. The car-free island can only be reached by ferry or private boat, and since the ferry does not run often, the island is never crowded by many tourists.


  • Area: 16,43km²
  • Length: 17 kilometres
  • Width: 500-900 meters
  • Population: 1,721
  • Federal state: Lower Saxony


The beach promenade of Juist offers one thing above all: a beautiful view over the sea. This is the ideal place to invest in a holiday home, so you can spend numerous days on this beautiful German island. The real estate on this road is among the most expensive in Germany, which is why prosperity is assumed. Here, in the numerous high-priced restaurants and bars, the elite get together and have a good time. So if you have a property to offer in this area, you can consider yourself very lucky indeed.

The price per square metre here is

Maximum price up to 16,400 €/ sqm

Here you will find top addresses like:

  • Viewing platform
  • Hohe Düne Restaurant & Umbrella Bar
  • Café del Mar Juist

Beach promenade on Juist (Map):

You want to explore the area? Here you can have a look at the surroundings in a virtual way!