Selling real estate in Cologne: house & apartment – tips, opportunities, real estate agents

Selling real estate in Cologne – selling an apartment, an apartment building or your own property. The colourful media metropolis of Cologne has a lot to offer: While Marienburg and Rodenkirchen inspire with their proximity to the Rhine, Neustadt is bustling with big city life. Lindenthal, located to the west, convinces with its quiet atmosphere and those who prefer it exclusive and prominent settle in Hahnwald. You want to sell your property in Cologne? Find out here why now is a good time! In addition, everything about the sales process, the most important documents and whether you should sell privately or with an estate agent – Welcome to Cologne! To the overview: Real Estate Cologne.

Cologne districts: Popular districts in North Rhine-Westphalia

Before we go into the topic of selling a house, here is an overview of Cologne and in particular its districts. Cologne is a city of over a million inhabitants in western Germany and borders on cities such as Düsseldorf and Bonn. Cologne is located directly on the Rhine and can be divided into different parts and districts. Neighboring districts are among others Düsseldorf, Bonn or Leverkusen.

Cologne in NRW: Map & Location

Cologne is a city in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and is located in the west of the country. The megacity borders directly on the Rhine and is about 1.5 hours away from the Dutch border. The city has an area of 405 km² and is divided into several districts and the metropolis of Düsseldorf is also not far away,

Most popular districts: Marienburg, Old Town, Hahnwald & Co.

In the following articles you will find an overview of the different districts and boroughs of Cologne. In them you will learn what to look out for when selling houses and apartments in the respective city and how the real estate prices in Cologne differ.

Feel free to take a look at the communities of Cologne and learn more:

Old Town North & South: Historic City Centre

The Cologne Old Town is the historic city center, located directly on the Rhine and can be divided into a north and south part. Neighboring districts include Neustadt-Nord, the Belgian quarter or Deutz on the opposite side of the Rhine. The district Altstadt-Nord can be found directly on the Rhine and is thus very centrally located. The district Cologne Altstadt- Süd also borders on the Rhine. Both districts shine with their breathtaking architecture, the wide range of cultural activities and the traditional coffee houses.

Marienburg: Upscale residential area with relaxed flair

Marienburg is a district of Cologne, but politically belongs to the district of Rodenkirchen. The district is located on the Rhine and can be found south of the Neustadt and Altstadt of Cologne. The location and accessibility of Marienburg is ideal and so there are many leisure facilities, a variety of green spaces and even golf courses that invite you to spend a relaxing afternoon.

Rodenkirchen: Luxurious district with a view of the Rhine

The neighbourhood is located on the Rhine and is surrounded by many green spaces such as the outer green belt. Although the district is rather secluded, you only need 15 minutes to get to Cologne’s main railway station. Thus, the district is generally very well connected and perfect for commuters, students and families whose children go to school. The district also inspires with its breathtaking view of the Rhine.

Lindenthal: Close to the city & quiet residential area in the west of Cologne

Cologne Lindenthal is a borough of Cologne and includes several districts. In total, Lindenthal has more than 150,000 inhabitants in an area of 42 km², making it the most populous district. Property prices in Lindenthal can be very high, depending on the municipality, and are accordingly very popular, especially among the more affluent population. You don’t live in the city centre, but you still have good connections and more green spaces and parks.

Neustadt North & South: Modern and lively trendy district

The two districts Neustadt Nord and Süd form a kind of belt around the core of Cologne. This area is particularly popular with students and young adults. This part of Cologne is very popular and so there are many small shops, cafes, bars and clubs. Also the business center around the Mediapark can be found in Neustadt- Nord. The city district has almost 30,000 inhabitants and the population density is about 8150 inhabitants per square kilometer. In the south you can find many galleries, parks or beer gardens.

Hahnwald: Elegant district with prominent neighbours

The district Hahnwald is located south of the Cologne New Town and Old Town and can be found on the left side of the Rhine. A total of 2050 inhabitants live there and the population density is ‘only’ 686 inhabitants/km². Due to the exclusivity of the residents, Hahnwald is considered very wealthy. Life takes place privately, away from the city centre. Because of this, some celebrities are also at home in this part of Cologne.

Real estate sale in Cologne: Real estate agent tips & checklist

For sellers, the real estate market is currently particularly favorable. Because the demand for houses and condominiums has reached a record level. Especially Cologne and the surrounding area is becoming more and more popular and the rate of immigration is increasing. Accordingly, the demand and resulting real estate prices in Cologne is also high. Cologne is considered to be particularly modern, individual and up-and-coming. While more and more clubs, bars or galleries for young adults and students are opening in some districts, the quiet and affluent areas on the outskirts of the city are also spreading out. In Cologne, you are offered a wide range of properties in different locations.

Real estate price at a high level: Buy now!

You save yourself a lot of time and stress through a real estate agent and can still count on higher sales proceeds. There are several reasons why real estate is currently in such high demand. The first reason is the low interest rates, which makes financing attractive for potential home buyers. In addition, there are more and more investors who take advantage of the low interest rates and invest in real estate.

Rising demand & low interest rates are reasons to sell now!

Another reason why now is a good time to sell your property is the increasing shortage of housing in large cities. The demand for real estate in urban areas is currently very high. This is because more and more people are moving their jobs to cities. In addition, the influx from abroad is currently particularly high due to the shortage of skilled workers in some industries. Single households are therefore in high demand, which is why it is worth selling smaller apartments in cities.

Selling real estate: Property, apartment & apartment building – checklist

Do you want to sell with or without a broker? What documents do you need for the sale? And when will the credit rating be checked? Whether an apartment in an old building in Marienburg, a villa in Hahnwald or an exclusive loft in the old town – with our checklist you are optimally prepared for your property sale.

Home selling checklist: 12 steps for selling houses and apartments:

  1. Realistic time planning and considered strategy for the sales phase
  2. Sale with or without a broker?
  3. Do you have all the documents for the sale?
  4. Is your property ready for sale?
  5. Is the sales price you have set realistic?
    … now it goes into the sales phase
  6. Plan the marketing strategy for the property and place targeted advertisements
  7. Establish contact with interested parties and prepare for questions
  8. Prepare for questions and establish contact with interested parties
  9. Arrange and carry out viewing appointments and market the property convincingly
  10. Sales talks with interested parties and checking of creditworthiness
    … now comes the sales processing
  11. Draw uppurchase contract and prepare for signature
  12. Appointment for notarization at the notary and handover to the new owner

Hiring a real estate agent: from the valuation to the handover

Unfortunately, the forecasts do not really reveal whether the demand for a home in cities will continue in the future. In any case, the fact is that now is a good time to sell a condominium or apartment building. A good and competent real estate agent will support you in this extensive process, which begins with the property valuation and extends to the property handover.

Here is a summary of some of the tasks of a competent real estate agent:

Property valuation: How much is your property worth?

In preferred locations such as Hahnwald you can already demand times on average: 4900€/ km². However, the prices are different in the various areas and vary depending on the location. If you want to sell a property, it makes sense to have it checked by experts. What many sellers forget namely: If the property was renovated or refurbished with the help of a craftsman, architect & Co. this can have a positive effect on the selling price.

Tip! Find here even more info & tips around the topic of evaluating a house.

Here are some of the most important criteria that affect the value and therefore the selling price of your property:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure / Surroundings
  • Size
  • Equipment
  • State of development
  • Refurbishments / Refurbishment requirements

After a successful valuation: viewing appointments, sales talks & Co.

Real estate agencies estimate the value of your condominium or house if you hire an agent to sell your property. Once your property is advertised, you should prepare for the viewing appointments, in other words, sales meetings. Be prepared for the fact that every buyer will try to push your price down. So you need good arguments to counteract this. Or you can hire an experienced professional to support you.

Private sale vs. real estate sale through an agency

If you want to sell your property on your own, you should prepare yourself well. Only those who are familiar with this business will achieve a good price and avoid legal pitfalls. Find out here which documents you need and what the advantages of an estate agent are! After all, our expertise shows:

Almost 72% of all properties are sold through a real estate agent!

Important documents: floor plan, certificate of inheritance & Co.

Start the house sale by collecting important documents, such as a floor plan, a site plan, a current extract from the land register, a living space calculation and any rental agreements if the property is rented. You should also compile a utility bill and, if necessary, have the certificate of inheritance to hand.

Here’s an overview:

  • Floor plan
  • Site plan
  • Land register excerpt
  • Living space accounting
  • Rental agreements (if available)
  • Service charge settlement
  • Certificate of inheritance (if available)

Private sale: What to watch out for?

Also think about the ideal sales price and the lowest pain threshold. Take photos of the property and write an exposé to post this information on real estate platforms and advertise it in regional ads. Regarding the selling price, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of an expert. Experts can determine the value of your property quite accurately.

Real estate agent in Cologne: Advantages

A good real estate agent will keep a list of buyers who are interested in specific properties. This includes plots of land as well as houses that are bought for personal use or for the purpose of renting. In addition to the agent’s wide network, you will also benefit from their expertise and know-how. Good real estate agents also have a strong organizational and negotiating skills, so that you as a seller can sit back and relax.

Organizational talent, negotiating skills & exclusive know-how

You want to buy a property and are therefore in a hurry to sell your current property? Or you want to buy an apartment building as quickly as possible in order to rent it out lucratively? The right real estate agent at your side gives you enough time and freedom to focus on your future planning.

Your advantages in summary:

  • Security – Real estate agents care about everything from giving you a free appraisal of your property to checking your credit score.
  • Time saving – Through regular customers and presence in digital media your property will be sold faster.
  • Good selling price – With knowledge of buyers and the market, an expert will achieve a good selling price.

Conclusion: Real estate sale in Cologne

If you’ve been thinking about selling your property for a while, now is a great time to do it. Demand has never been higher! The facts and figures confirm that you can now achieve a very good selling price, higher than perhaps previously thought.

Good reasons why Cologne is especially popular for young families and older people:

  • Cologne offers different districts for different age groups- Neustadt: young, students- Hahnwald: quiet, wealthy
  • Nevertheless in no time at all in the city centre
  • Proximity to nature and parks

Cologne: Real estate in the media city on the Rhine

With over 1 million inhabitants, the media metropolis on the Rhine is one of the hubs in NRW, but also in Germany. Located in western Germany, the city borders other metropolitan areas such as Düsseldorf and Bonn. The media city is located directly on the Rhine and can be divided into different parts and districts. Neighbouring cities include Düsseldorf, Bonn and Leverkusen. Cologne stands for media, TV and press like no other city in Germany. That is why the metropolis on the Rhine is constantly growing. Südstadt, Altstadt, Ringe, Ehrenfeld or Sülz, where is the best place to live?

Real estate in Cologne

Hardly any other large city in Germany offers so much “room for improvement”. From the purchase price to the architecture of the existing property. Whether condominium, apartment building or luxurious loft with a view of the Rhine. Cologne has enjoyed steadily growing popularity for years. The most beautiful city on the Rhine really does have something to offer everyone. The stately old buildings in Südstadt and the famous area around Rheinauhafen are particularly impressive.

Living in Cologne: Popular districts & residential areas

The media city on the Rhine offers a diverse cityscape, guaranteeing the perfect living solution for everyone. From luxury apartment to villa, there really is everything. With the help of the right real estate agent, you can undoubtedly find your dream property – whether Südstadt, Marienburg or Hahnwald – a property as an investment in Cologne always pays off! One of the largest universities in Germany ensures a young cityscape and gives the ‘Veedeln’ their inimitable freshness. Would you like to invest in a property as a capital investment in charming Cologne? Find out everything you need to know about the city’s most sought-after residential districts, including tips on location, prices per square metre & co! To the overview: Living in Cologne.

House, apartment and land for sale in Cologne

Selling an apartment, an apartment building or your own property. The colourful media metropolis of Cologne has a lot to offer: While Marienburg and Rodenkirchen inspire with their proximity to the Rhine, Neustadt is bustling with big city life. Lindenthal, located to the west, convinces with its quiet atmosphere and those who prefer it exclusive and prominent settle in Hahnwald. You want to sell your property in Cologne? Everything about the selling process, the most important documents and whether you should sell privately or with an estate agent. To the overview: Selling real estate in Cologne.