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Valuation, Upgrading & Sale – With us you have everything from one source. Sale with strategy.

Lukinski Real Estate

You want to sell a property? We buy directly in and around Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Berlin, without detours. We accompany you, together with our experts, until the keys are handed over.

Here you can get to know us even better:

  • Who is behind Lukinski?
  • Philosophy: impart knowledge to understand steps in sales
  • Valuation: According to methodology tangible value, capitalized earnings value, digital tools
  • Sale: Directly to us
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Who is behind Lukinski?

Get to know us: The owner and the experts.

Lukinski Owner & Team

Owner – Behind Lukinski is Stephan Czaja. Entrepreneur for over 15 years and since 2018 increasingly digitally (Internet) positioned.

That is what makes us and our real estate agency! We think entrepreneurial.

What does that mean? Accordingly, each individual property is a project whose profit (yield) can almost always be increased, with the right levers and strategies. Be it the well-founded real estate valuation through various data sources, from the asset value method to the capitalized earnings value method to modern, digital methods of property price collection, or even the checklists with revaluation options before the real estate sale.

Lukinski Experts: Craft, Expertise & Co.

Stephan M. Czaja | Your contact in Germany

Experts – More complex projects such as soil surveys, simple small jobs from electrician. Surveyor to the craftsman, the personal relationship and experience is particularly valuable to us. Because this way we can rely on the proven experience and accordingly assume first-class quality.

This constellation allows us to give the best for you. From the condominium, to the apartment building, parking garage or even the underground garage.

Valuation and sale: we are here for you

Sale of residential real estate:

Sale of floor space:

Do you have any questions? We and I look forward to your call or e-mail:

Philosophy: impart knowledge to understand steps in sales

On our website we inform sellers, very detailed about all steps in the sale of real estate. No matter whether it is about the apartment sale, the house sale or the land sale.

The more detailed you are informed in advance, the more questions are already answered, the better it is for both sides. You will have a better understanding of the selling process and we will be able to work more efficiently for you. That is why I write on Lukinski many individual, small guides for sellers, but also for owners, e.g. on the topic of property tax reform.

Thus real estate owners and landowners can inform themselves online and free of charge about very many aspects. In addition, there are still current topics in the real estate news.

The most important guides at a glance:

Valuation: Personal according to methodology – tangible value, capitalized earnings value to digital tools.

Tried and tested methods of valuation – For the valuation of your house or apartment, we not only consult modern and digital methods, such as software for the analysis of sales data, but we also use tried and tested methods such as the asset value method and the capitalized earnings method. Both methods have always proven to be a proven strategy for a realistic valuation.

Data analysis and software – Nowadays, hardly anything runs without the analysis of data. That’s why our valuation incorporates not only the tried-and-true method, but also new tools, especially for determining equivalent sales in the near term. Or simply put: How much have others sold for?

The mix of these analyses gives you a realistic property value. The best basis for a realistic offer price with some room for upward negotiation.

You see, real estate sales with planning and strategy.

Advantages at a glance

Who is the best real estate agent? There are many agents who can sell your house or sell your apartment, it’s all about closing fast.

But isn’t there more to your property?

Welcome to Lukinski Real Estate. If we were to sum up all our advantages in just one, it would be the planned sale of real estate. The higher the selling price, the more profit for both sides, for the seller and the agent (through the commission). Accordingly, optimization possibilities should be examined before the sale.

  • Advantages


Sell property with strategy.


We accompany you with our experts.

The first property valuation, optimization proposals (if profitable) to increase your selling price, upgrade and / or refurbish before the sale. Lukinski is the modern, comprehensive alternative for real estate sellers in Germany. With experts on the ground in all major cities over 250,000 inhabitants and their catchment areas. Don’t just sell, get the most out of your condo, house or apartment building. We accompany you with our experts.