Living at Lake Starnberg: Villa, property, apartment in Starnberg, Seeshaupt & Co – Prices per square metre and tips

Living at Lake Starnberg – South of the Bavarian capital Munich, the idyllically situated Lake Starnberg is considered one of the most attractive places to live in Germany. The high quality of life, good connections to Munich and undisturbed privacy away from the big city inspire not only entrepreneurs and investors, but also celebrities and nobility. You would like to invest in a property at Lake Starnberg as a capital investment? Buying an apartment, a multi-family house or a plot of land? Find out everything you need to know about living at Lake Starnberg, from the communities around the lake to the most famous sights and the most sought-after types of houses and apartments. Plus: All property prices at a glance – Welcome to Lake Starnberg! Back to: Living in Munich.

Living on Lake Starnberg: Historic communities in the midst of Bavarian idylls

With a population of around 1.7 million, Munich is not only Germany’s third largest city, but also one of the country’s strongest economic centres. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity Thus, Lake Starnberg not only enjoys great demand as a holiday destination, but also as an attractive place to live.

Lake Starnberg: Map & Location

Lake Starnberg is located south of Munich and is considered one of the largest lakes in Germany. It is located in the municipality-free area of the same name and is thus assigned to the district of Starnberg. It is also home to the most expensive streets in Munich.

A total of eight municipalities border it:

  1. Starnberg
  2. Mountain
  3. Münsing
  4. Seeshaupt
  5. Bernried
  6. Tutzing
  7. Feldafing
  8. Pöcking

Here is the map and location of the lake:

From Munich to Lake Starnberg: Route

Lake Starnberg is located just under 40 km from the centre of Munich and is thus midway between the Bavarian capital and the popular residential and holiday resort of Tegernsee. Grünwald is also not far away by car.

Places of interest: Roseninsel, Possenhofen Castle & Co.

Why move to Lake Starnberg? Lake Starnberg is not only an attractive holiday destination, it is also one of Munich’s most popular places to live. Cultural richness, unspoiled nature and the calm and relaxed atmosphere make the communities around the lake a popular place to live. Even though the bustling city life of Munich is a bit away, it never gets boring here. While the lake is perfect for rowing, swimming and sunbathing, the numerous sights and monuments invite you to marvel. Not only are there several castles at home here, but also castles, museums, monasteries and caves!

Here are some of the most famous sights around Lake Starnberg

  • Ilka Heights
  • Andechs Monastery
  • King Ludwig Way
  • Lake Maising
  • Easter Lakes
  • Rose Island
  • Castle Berg
  • Garatshausen Castle
  • Possenhofen Castle
  • Votive Chapel
  • Bernried Park

A boat trip on Lake Starnberg is also always a good idea. Many of the houses on the shore have their own jetty:

Celebrity residents: Peter Maffay, Jens Lehmann & Carsten Maschmeyer

The rich and beautiful feel at home at Lake Starnberg. Whether it’s a holiday home on the shore or an exclusive villa with a lake view as a permanent residence – Lake Starnberg is not only home to German celebrities, but also to non-European nobility, successful entrepreneurs and wealthy heirs.

Here are the most famous residents of Lake Starnberg:

  • Peter Maffay
  • Jens Lehmann
  • Carsten Maschmeyer
  • Veronica Ferres
  • Rama X (Thai king)
  • Michael Ballack
  • Lothar Matthew

Most popular places to live at Lake Starnberg: real estate & prices per square metre

Whether it’s an exclusive single-family home near the shore, a spacious loft on the mountain or a luxurious semi-detached house in the valley – the residential areas around Lake Starnberg inspire with their proximity to the lake and the individual flair that makes up the charm of each community. You would like to buy or rent a property at Lake Starnberg? Then find out here which residential locations are among the most popular and in which municipality rental apartments are the most sought-after.

Starnberg in the north: Small town feeling with proximity to the lakeshore

Starnberg is a town on the shores of the lake and is located in the north. The popular excursion and holiday resort inspires with its good connection to Munich, the variety of recreational opportunities and the diverse real estate landscape. Whether freshly renovated old building or modern new building – in Starnberg everyone will find what they are looking for. On average, you can expect to pay 7,800 euros per square metre for a house here. If you would like to buy an apartment, this costs just under 6,150 euros per square metre.

Here are the prices at a glance:

  • Buy a house: 7.800 €/m²
  • Buy apartment: 6.150 €/m²

See more of the shore in Starnberg here in Streetview:

Seeshaupt in the south: cosy residential area with family atmosphere

The community of Seeshaupt on the southern shore of Lake Starnberg is considered an attractive place to live for young and old. Within one kilometre you will find everything you need here: Culinary specialties, cultural facilities, clothing stores and grocery stores and recreational facilities. If you would like to buy a house here, you can expect to pay just under 6,100 euros per square metre. For apartments, which are far less common here, 5,350 euros per square metre. While in Seeshaupt mainly houses and villas are offered for sale, most apartments are only available for rent. Here you can expect 30 euros per square metre.

All prices per square meter summarized:

  • Buy a house: 6.100 €/m²
  • Buy apartment: 5.350 €/m²
  • Rent apartment: 30 €/m²

Or are you planning to invest in real estate as a capital investment? In hardly any other municipality is it worth buying an apartment building than in Seeshaupt. Rental apartments in prime locations are in high demand and the steady increase in the value of local real estate means that you, as a long-term investor, can speculate on good profits and very good returns.

Mountain in the east: Former residence of the nobility

The church village of Berg on the eastern shore of the lake consists of 14 districts and can look back on a long history. After all, not only Elector Ferdinand Maria was at home here, but also King Ludwig II. Today the place of residence inspires by the many sights of the nobility and the first-class location. The motorway to Munich, for example, can be reached most quickly from here, while the local forests muffle any motorway noise. And the real estate is also among the most exclusive properties on Lake Starnberg. Villas with solid brick construction, well-kept gardens and renovated old apartments of the extra class can be found here.

Properties with views of the surrounding communities are especially popular:

Conclusion: Living at Lake Starnberg

You would like to live in Munich, but the city centre is not the right place for you? Living space in Munich is scarce. This is also reflected in the real estate prices in Munich. But the residents of Lake Starnberg remain undisturbed by this and continue to be among the happiest people in Germany. The fresh lake air, high quality of life and very good connections to the Bavarian capital Munich make the towns and communities around Lake Starnberg the most attractive places to live in Germany. Thus, not only German celebrities are at home here, but also successful entrepreneurs and wealthy heirs, as well as non-European nobility. At over 7,000 euros per square metre, the villas, plots of land and multi-family houses here are in the upper price categories, but the exclusive location, breathtaking scenery and undisturbed privacy that this place brings with it are all worth it! An experienced real estate agent not only accompanies you through the entire purchase process, but also advises you on the topics of taxes and real estate, renovation and modernization with craftsmen, architect & Co, as well as property valuation and off market.

Munich: Real Estate in Bavaria

Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria and the third largest municipality in Germany. With around 4,800 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Bavarian metropolis is also the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The figures confirm the population growth. More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and neighbouring Austria make Munich very attractive.

Real estate in Munich

Munich counts itself as one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south.

Living in Munich: Popular districts & residential areas

In no other German city is housing as expensive as here. Experts agree that a property in Munich in the right neighbourhood is a safe investment. But what does ‘right location’ mean in Munich and what kind of investment should one expect to make in order to buy a decent apartment or a luxurious house in the capital of Bavaria? We answer these questions here! To the overview: Living in Munich

Sell, buy and live in Munich

More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and the neighbouring country Austria make Munich very attractive and also the individual districts have a lot to offer. While Lehel and the old town convince with their historical charm, the residential areas of Bogenhausen and Schwabing inspire with their variety of well-kept green spaces and parks. The vibrant Maxvorstadt and the elegant Nymphenburg are also among the most attractive places to live in Munich. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you are well prepared. To the overview: Selling real estate in Munich.