Selling property in Maxvorstadt (Munich): Apartment, land & apartment building – costs and procedure

Selling property in Maxvorstadt – You would like to sell your apartment, your property or your apartment building in the exclusive district of Maxvorstadt? You are in luck, because next to Nymphenburg, Schwabing, Bogenhausen and Lehel, this district of Munich is particularly sought after. Learn everything you need to know for a successful property sale in Maxvorstadt with our exclusive tips and free guides! Plus: Everything you need to know about property valuation, the most important documents and whether you prefer to sell privately or with an estate agent – Welcome to Maxvorstadt! Back to overview: Selling real estate in Munich.

Maxvorstadt: Pulsating district with urban flair

A high quality of life, low unemployment rate, booming economy and breathtaking nature make up the charm of Munich. So it’s not just couples, families and students who are attracted to the romantic capital of Bavaria, but also entrepreneurs and investors. As one of the strongest economic metropolises in Germany, more and more start-ups are attracted here, not to mention the increasingly strong automotive and aviation industries.

Maxvorstadt: Map and location

Maxvorstadt is located in the northern part of Munich and inspires as a hotspot for art, culture and science. Maxvorstadt is home to quite a few monuments, museums and artistic institutions. It is also home to a multitude of clubs, bars and restaurants, as well as the most expensive streets in Munich, whose exclusive properties delight families with children as well as singles and investors. And if you need a break from the colourful metropolitan life in Maxvorstadt, you are also not far away from the popular districts of Lehel, Altstadt and Schwabing.

Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

Whether divorce, inheritance or relocation due to a change of profession – the reasons for a property sale are manifold. You should never underestimate the effort as well as the time involved. Even if time is running out, the following applies: Exercise patience and precision! An experienced real estate agent will not only guide you through the selling process, but also advise you on taxes and financing. An experienced real estate agent is also familiar with the different types of houses and apartments. And the current real estate prices in Munich are also not unknown to an experienced real estate agent.

More on the topic of selling in Maxvorstadt in a moment. Here is an overview in advance, with further information and tips:

So first up is the property valuation:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

When valuing your property, not only is the value of your property determined, but also a purchase price is set. This should be realistically estimated. If the purchase price is too low, you are giving away money unnecessarily. If the purchase price is too high, you will scare off potential buyers. So contact the real estate agent you trust here as well. Because not only the pure material value is decisive for the purchase price of the property, but also the costs for conversions, renovations and modernizations. Especially if craftsmen, architects & Co. were involved, this can increase the value of the property.

Find out more about property valuation and the most important documents here:

Selling real estate in Maxvorstadt: Private sale or estate agent?

Maxvorstadt is not only a modern trendy district but also the museum district of Munich par excellence. The city’s most renowned universities are also located here, which attracts many students from all over Germany every year. So demand is high and the more professionally the property is presented, the faster the sale. Our experience proves it:

Almost 72% of all properties are sold through real estate agents

But what is actually the task of a real estate agent? What are the advantages of a private sale and when is it worth hiring an estate agent? Learn more here.

The most common mistakes and challenges

The sale of a property or a condominium first of all means a lot of preparation. You need to obtain extracts from the land register, organise the location and development plan, prepare floor plans of the property and create an exposé including attractive illustrations. Subsequently, the publication in real estate portals is on the agenda. Where do prospective buyers search most often? As a layman, you will probably use all known portals and thus pay high costs for the publication of the property. In addition, there will be fees because you will have to have an energy certificate drawn up and commission the determination of the market value.

Reading Tip! Important documents: from the extract from the land register to the energy certificate

Here is a summary of the most important questions in advance:

  • Are all the documents there?
  • How much does it cost to request missing documents?
  • How do you put together an exposé?
  • Where, when and how will the property be marketed?
  • What additional costs can be incurred?

Private real estate sale: advantages

Maxvorstadt, Nymphenburg, Lehel or Bogenhausen – If you decide to sell your house privately, you can get a picture of the potential buyers yourself and have a look at them. In addition, you must not disregard the costs of an estate agent. Maybe I’ll get a better price because of the commission saved? So you don’t give the rudder out of your hand, you have everything under control and can follow every single step.

Here is a summary of all the advantages:

  • No costs for brokers
  • Constant control over the sales process
  • Getting to know the buyers personally

Now how is that different from being a broker?

Real estate agent: advantages & tasks

Above all, a broker has experience and probably knows the area better. This gives them personally less stress, more time for other things and, above all, greater security. Furthermore, you should not forget the contacts of the broker. This person has many years of market presence, which allows them to find potential buyers more quickly. However, make sure to look for a reputable and competent real estate agent, so that he can support you with his experience. An experienced real estate agent will also advise you on financing and taxes.

Reading tip: Off Market – sell property anonymously and discreetly!

In addition to a professional valuation that is appropriate to the local market, this also ensures that you can successfully contact potential buyers. You do not have to worry about obtaining all the important documents, arranging and conducting viewings and checking the solvency of interested parties on your own. For many property owners, selling a house is a one-off affair, so there is a lack of know-how and the recommended expertise.

The main tasks of a broker at a glance:

  • Real estate valuation
  • Buyer contact
  • Acquisition of important documents
  • Organization and implementation of visits
  • Processing & purchase contract

Frequently asked questions for sellers

You are in a hurry with the sale, because you want to buy a suitable property somewhere else? Or you want to buy an apartment building as an investment in order to rent it out lucratively? Even if time is pressing, you should urgently keep a cool head and not rush into anything. After all, good planning is half the battle! So here are the most important questions you need to ask yourself as an owner before selling:

  1. Do you have a follow-on property in mind?
  2. Is there a need for renovation / refurbishment of the apartment?
  3. Are all records and documents available?
  4. Are early repayment penalties payable?
  5. Are the declaration of partition, building insurance, minutes of the owners’ meeting, utility bills, list of rents, etc. available?
  6. Are there lists of the maintenance of the condominium (maintenance costs)?
  7. Should inventory be sold?
  8. Is there a right of first refusal?
  9. Value of the apartment?

Procedure of the real estate sale: from the valuation of the property to the handing over of the keys

So you have decided in the first step to sell with or without an estate agent and are now wondering what comes next? One of the first steps is always the valuation of the property to determine a realistic and fair purchase price. This is followed by marketing your property online or offline, as well as several viewing appointments and purchase negotiations. Once a buyer has been found and his or her creditworthiness has been checked, we can proceed with the purchase contract.

Read more here: Selling property in Munich

Here is a summary of the real estate sale process:

  • Valuation
  • Marketing of the property
  • Visit
  • Purchase Negotiation
  • Credit check
  • Processing & purchase contract
  • Handover

Conclusion: Selling real estate in Maxvorstadt

Maxvorstadt is located in Munich and is very popular with property buyers. If you decide to sell your property, you will benefit from the high prices on the market and can expect a short-term sale.

Munich: Real Estate in Bavaria

Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria and the third largest municipality in Germany. With around 4,800 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Bavarian metropolis is also the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The figures confirm the population growth. More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and neighbouring Austria make Munich very attractive.

Real estate in Munich

Munich counts itself as one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south.

Living in Munich: Popular districts & residential areas

In no other German city is housing as expensive as here. Experts agree that a property in Munich in the right neighbourhood is a safe investment. But what does ‘right location’ mean in Munich and what kind of investment should one expect to make in order to buy a decent apartment or a luxurious house in the capital of Bavaria? We answer these questions here! To the overview: Living in Munich

Sell, buy and live in Munich

More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and the neighbouring country Austria make Munich very attractive and also the individual districts have a lot to offer. While Lehel and the old town convince with their historical charm, the residential areas of Bogenhausen and Schwabing inspire with their variety of well-kept green spaces and parks. The vibrant Maxvorstadt and the elegant Nymphenburg are also among the most attractive places to live in Munich. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you are well prepared. To the overview: Selling real estate in Munich.