Living at the Tegernsee (Munich): House, apartment & land as an investment – tips, square meter prices & Co.

Living at Lake Tegernsee – Lake Tegernsee south of Munich is not only popular as an excursion destination, but also as a place to live! Whether it’s a holiday home for the weekend or a permanent residence with a view of the entire landscape – would you like to invest in a property at Lake Tegernsee as a capital investment? Buying an apartment, a house or a plot of land? Find out here everything you need to know about living and residing at Lake Tegernsee. We also present the most popular residential areas around Lake Tegernsee, including popular house types and apartment types, as well as an overview of all real estate prices – Welcome to Tegernsee! Back to: Living in Munich.

Living at Tegernsee: Popular residential area away from the hustle and bustle of the big city

Whether condominium, holiday home or bungalow – Lake Tegernsee is one of the most popular places to live in Munich. Everyone can find something here! After all, the small patch of unspoiled nature is not far from the Bavarian capital and inspires tourists, commuters, families and single people. Those who live at Tegernsee appreciate the breathtaking surroundings and the friendly and familiar atmosphere of the communities.

Tegernsee: Map & Location

Tegernsee is located south of Munich. The town bears the same name as the local lake, which is one of the most popular destinations for German and international tourism. Around the lake itself are the communities of Rottach-Egern, Bad Wiessee, Gmund and Schliersee.

From Munich to Tegernsee: Route

Tegernsee is just under 54.2 km away by car. So with good traffic, it takes no more than about 46 minutes to reach the city centre of Munich. And even those who don’t like to drive can commute between Munich and Tegernsee by public transport.

Popular place to live with unspoiled nature: Why move to Tegernsee?

Lake Tegernsee inspires with its breathtaking nature. No wonder: After all, Lake Tegernsee and its surroundings are part of a protected landscape area. Enchanting forests, hills with fabulous views and small communities on the lakeside with typical Bavarian architecture – not only investors, entrepreneurs and families have discovered this for themselves, but also German and European celebrities. So if you too want to buy a property here, be prepared to run into some famous faces from the worlds of film, television, sport and music from time to time.

Here are some reasons why living at the Tegernsee is worthwhile:

  • Relaxed and familiar atmosphere
  • High quality of life
  • Breathtaking nature
  • Good connections to Munich
  • Safe residential area with a lot of privacy

The view from the lake shore:

Not only the lakeshore invites to a relaxing walk, but also the surrounding communities:

Most popular places to live in Tegernsee: real estate & prices per square metre

The prices per square metre at Lake Tegernsee are among the highest in Bavaria. Top prices can therefore be achieved here on a regular basis. Currently, you can expect prices per square metre of between 6,000 and 7,500 euros in Tegernsee. While there are plenty of breathtaking mansions and villas in traditional Bavarian architecture to be found in the areas around Lake Tegernsee, luxury apartments in particular are now enjoying great popularity. Spacious lofts in Gmund, modernized apartments in old buildings in Rottach or first-class maisonettes in Bad Wiessee – especially apartments with 150 to 200 square meters are in high demand at Lake Tegernsee. Find out more about the individual residential locations and the prices per square metre here.

Leeberg: Luxurious villas with a view of the lake

The Leerberg was once considered one of the most desirable locations around Lake Tegern. The nearest town, Rottach-Egern, is within easy reach by car and the view of Lake Tegern from the mountain is considered one of the most beautiful views in Bavaria. However, the steep road leading to the exclusive villa quarters of the mountain quickly deters prospective buyers. So if you decide to buy a property on Leerberg, you should definitely be prepared to do your errands by car.

Villa am Leerberg: 300 square meters for a total of 3 million euros

Nevertheless, the villas here are among the most luxurious properties on Lake Tegernsee. Spacious garages, state-of-the-art equipment, private fitness studios and well-kept swimming pools are standard on Leerberg. Here, 3 million euros are quickly paid for 300 square metres.

While apartments are very popular, especially in the valleys, villas and single-family houses are more likely to be found on the Leerberg:

Rottach: Exclusive condominiums in the valley

One of the most popular residential areas is Rottach – a community south of Lake Tegernsee. Compared to Leerbach, the villas and apartment buildings here don’t have the greatest lake views, but they do delight with their proximity to the town centre and the lakeshore. Especially individuals who do not like to live up on the mountain like to settle here. An average of 11,000 euros per square metre is paid for a 100-square-metre property here.

Apartment in Rottach: 11,000 euros per square metre

See more in the streamview here:

Wiessee and Gmund: Popular lakeside properties

In the residential towns of Wiessee and Gmund, prices per square metre have remained stable for years. The residential area of Bad Wiessee is located to the west of Lake Tegernsee. Gmund is in the north. Here, too, apartments in particular are in high demand. The rule here is: the closer to the lakeshore, the more expensive.

Apartment in Wiessee & Gmund: 1.500-4.500 Euro per square meter

Not only the location affects the purchase prices, but also the equipment. You can expect prices per square metre of between 1500 and 4500 euros.

The view is worth it all:

Tip: Real estate as an investment – apartment buildings

Whether Gmund, Wiessee or Rottach – the communities around Lake Tegernsee inspire with their respective advantages. While Gmund, Wiessee and Rottach impress with their proximity to the lakeshore, the breathtaking view over Lake Tegernsee and the adjacent valleys is what makes Leerberg so charming. Ultimately, choosing the right place to live depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. One thing is certain, however: if you would like to buy an apartment building in order to rent it out lucratively, Lake Tegernsee is the perfect place to do so! Due to the increasing demand, so in recent years, especially the prices for apartments have risen. Perfect if you want to invest in real estate as a capital investment!

Most in demand: condominiums & apartment buildings

Conclusion: Living & Housing at Lake Tegernsee

The breathtaking nature, the relaxed life and the typical Bavarian houses and apartments make the charm of the Tegernsee. Living and dwelling in Munich – many dream of this! But it doesn’t always have to be the city centre. After all, Lake Tegernsee has so much to offer. If you live in the valley, you can easily reach the most important shops, offices and the lakeside on foot. If you live on the mountain, you can enjoy fabulous sunsets and a breathtaking view of the entire landscape. The prices per square metre in and around Lake Tegernsee tend to be in the higher price segments, but the advantages of living here are well worth it: a high quality of life, privacy and security make living here attractive. And rightly so, we think! An experienced real estate agent not only accompanies you through the entire purchase process, but also advises you on the topics of taxes and real estate, renovation and modernization with craftsmen, architects & Co, as well as real estate valuation and off market.

Munich: Real Estate in Bavaria

Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria and the third largest municipality in Germany. With around 4,800 inhabitants per square kilometre, the Bavarian metropolis is also the most densely populated municipality in Germany. The figures confirm the population growth. More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and neighbouring Austria make Munich very attractive.

Real estate in Munich

Munich counts itself as one of the economic metropolises of Germany. It is also famous for its high quality of life and the surrounding nature. Skiing in the Alps or hiking, as well as countless lakes for summer activities are in the immediate vicinity, not to mention the Italian coast in the south.

Living in Munich: Popular districts & residential areas

In no other German city is housing as expensive as here. Experts agree that a property in Munich in the right neighbourhood is a safe investment. But what does ‘right location’ mean in Munich and what kind of investment should one expect to make in order to buy a decent apartment or a luxurious house in the capital of Bavaria? We answer these questions here! To the overview: Living in Munich

Sell, buy and live in Munich

More and more people want to live in the Bavarian metropolis. The proximity to the Alps and the neighbouring country Austria make Munich very attractive and also the individual districts have a lot to offer. While Lehel and the old town convince with their historical charm, the residential areas of Bogenhausen and Schwabing inspire with their variety of well-kept green spaces and parks. The vibrant Maxvorstadt and the elegant Nymphenburg are also among the most attractive places to live in Munich. Do you want to sell your apartment, your apartment building or your own property here? With our free guides on selling real estate in Munich, you are well prepared. To the overview: Selling real estate in Munich.