House types: What types of houses are there? Real estate guide

House types – you just need a bit more space? However, the choices of properties these days are vast. Especially when buying a property, there are many factors to consider, and choosing the right type of house is essential. In the following article, we would like to tell you more about the different house types and what makes each of them special. Learn about the characteristics and special features of each type of house, and let us show you the advantages and disadvantages. With the help of this guide, it should be easier for you to choose the perfect property for you. Get an overview and learn about the world of bungalows, terraced houses and villas! Tip: Here you can find all types of apartments.

Buying a house: Financial planning, brokers, loans & Co.

The dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with this wishful thinking it is far from being done, because there is much more to buying a house. There is a long way to the goal of being able to lean back, relax and enjoy life in your own garden. To make this as easy as possible, here are the best tips & tricks on what you should pay attention to when buying a house and what pitfalls you can avoid.

House types in a list:

Farm: Prices, tax, estate agent & procedure for purchase

The decision to buy a farm is made by families as well as couples or singles in middle or older age, who want to change and appreciate the individual way of living in the middle of nature. We offer you farms in attractive rural locations.

Buying your own farm as a permanent residence or as a weekend home. You need to decide if you want to buy a property in need of renovation. These farms can often be purchased at very reasonable prices. Alternatively, there are properties that have already been refurbished by their previous owner and are in a modern and very good condition. These farms are usually ready to move into immediately. However, you have to expect a higher purchase price. This is especially true if the farm is in a very central location with a good infrastructure. What else there is to know about farms as real estate, you will learn in the following.

Bungalow: no stairs, barrier-free & often access to the garden

A bungalow is above all practical and modern. Especially with young families, this type of house is very popular, because you can find all the rooms on one floor and this is a great advantage with children. In addition, a bungalow is extremely durable. You can move in as a young adult and stay in this house all your life. As a pensioner, the absence of stairs and the single storey are a great advantage. Choosing the right house is not easy. You invest a lot of money in the construction or purchase and it is a decision for life.

A bungalow is an ideal investment and investment in the future. This type of house is ideal for families, and perfect for a long life. Besides the special construction of a bungalow, it offers many other advantages. Choose your own design or a prefabricated house. Plan the floor plan, calculate prices and design your own modern home. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this building type. From the definition to the financing.

Semi-detached house: features, checklists & living with neighbours

The term semi-detached house refers to a residential unit, which usually extends over several floors and is approximately the size of a standard detached house. A semi-detached house offers two almost identical living units, each of which is roughly the same size as a detached house. Of course, this depends entirely on the type of single-family home. In principle, however, the aim of a semi-detached house is to provide space for a medium-sized residential group.

However, the difference between this and a detached house is that, as the name suggests, semi-detached houses, extend over half of a very large, long house. This saves land area and you still experience almost the luxury of your own house with a few restrictions, which we will go into more detail in the course of the article.

Detached house: Small house for the whole family

What is a detached house? Under this term one imagines first of all a terraced house or a semi-detached house, which is correct, but does not explain the term sufficiently. The single-family house describes only that it is designed in principle for a family, the size, shape or location you can choose freely. Decide for a luxurious city villa or a down-to-earth bungalow. Build or buy and bring everything up to date and modern. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this type of house.

Half-timbered house: living with charm – purchase, costs & renovation

Everyone who grew up in Germany has seen them. But how exactly it is to live in such a house, you probably only know once you get the chance. However, the houses are not for everyone and require a lot of work. You can read about how the construction method influences the living atmosphere in the following.

The exposed wooden beams are also what make up the charm of the houses for many. So if you are thinking about rebuilding a half-timbered house, it is advisable not to plaster it, because that would destroy the characteristic for many. What exactly constitutes a half-timbered house and what there is to know when buying, selling or renovating a half-timbered house, you can find out here.

Holiday home / weekend house: house by the lake, beach or sea, with terrace

Who does not wish to have their own house in their favourite holiday resort? And this dream is not far away. We’ll tell you how you can buy a holiday home and make money from it. With a few simple methods. However, it is important to mention in advance that the rental of holiday homes is also dependent on the overall economic situation. If people are doing better financially, they will go on holiday more. So here, too, you can’t just count on profitable years.

Hardly any other type of property is better suited as an investment than the holiday home. It is not only characterized by an excellent location, but through modern media and Internet portals, the re-renting of these houses has become very easy. This makes it much easier to generate income with holiday homes. Of course, the cost-benefit calculation is particularly relevant. However, if you manage properly, you can afford a holiday home, gain capital by renting it out and also have a very private retreat in your favourite holiday home. What you should look for when buying a holiday home – and much more – you can find out here.

Prefabricated house: Turnkey? Costs & advantages and disadvantages

Especially for young adults, the dream of owning their own four walls is big. You want to invest your money and what is better than a property? If you are interested, a prefabricated house would be ideal, because with this type of construction the prices are usually lower. If you want to move in quickly and don’t want to put a lot of energy into building a house, you should look into prefabricated houses. Buy your house with land and have a bungalow, a villa or a terraced house built. The repertoire of providers is large. Compare the different types of houses, gather important experience and decide between materials such as wood or concrete. Move into your first and turnkey house soon!

Wooden house: Sustainable living? Costs, construction time & maintenance

Due to the advantages and the cozy aura, the wooden house has established itself throughout Germany and is appreciated by many families. With the wooden house, a distinction is generally made between three types of construction. The classic is the log house, closely followed by the Umgebinde house and the wooden panel house. Only the log house is a purely wooden house, while the other two house types are only made of wood in the basic framework and are made of stone or composite materials in the interior fittings and wall surfaces.

As a living material, wood is very high-maintenance and must be regularly protected against the weather. Nevertheless, with a wooden house you can create an oasis of well-being, which convinces both visually, haptically and in the sensation. What else there is to know about buying a wooden house, you will find out in the following article.

Country house: features, characteristics and live in the country

A country house is defined as a residential building, which is located on an estate. Mostly it is a large property to which a spacious garden belongs. Size, open space and a romantic, rustic style determine the image of a country house. Townhouses in country house style are becoming more and more popular. Both advantages, the good infrastructure and the rustic exterior appearance, are thus combined.

The massive structures with generous proportions are strikingly designed by the long balconies, terraces, dormers and pavilions. Real wood is a defining material of the country house – folding shutters, windows, doors and railings provide the harmonious style of the house. In some cases, a conservatory or carport is also part of the house. Warm tones, stone, ceramics, rattan and a tiled stove provide a feel-good atmosphere and bring relaxation and recreation.

Solid house: Robust material & long service life

A solid house is a construction method of a house, whereby the house is built stone-on-stone from solid building materials. Individual wishes of the builder thus make each house a unique one-of-a-kind. On average, the lifespan of a solid house is about 100-120 years and is therefore more durable than a prefabricated house. The price per square meter of a new house is on average 1,300 euros for the construction costs excluding the land. There is no upper limit for the price limit.

Factors such as costs, materials and the duration of construction are very important when it comes to buying your own home. With the help of information on financing, the choice of land and the life of the house, you can form an opinion and decide which of the listed advantages and disadvantages are decisive for you – and whether a solid house is right for you.

Apartment building: Valuing real estate, apartments, rentals & co.

Your idea has manifested itself and your dream of a house is becoming reality. You have already looked at a few properties, compared prices and set your budget for buying a house. Before you enter into closer negotiations with sellers or reserve a property, you should plan the house financing and determine your conditions. The more professionally you proceed and the more concretely you plan, the less complicated the house purchase will be, from the idea to the financing to the notarisation to the conclusion of the contract. Then everything is ready for the rental of the apartment house. Learn everything here, from the valuation, to the rental of apartment buildings.

Terraced house: Living door to door – Costs and advantages & disadvantages of building a house

Young families and couples, as well as anyone in the family planning process, are attracted to townhomes in the same way. Not because they are particularly modern and cool. On the contrary, terraced houses have acquired a somewhat dusty image over the years. But the cliché that terraced houses are only for squares is not at all true.

Due to its space-saving design, the housing form has a huge advantage, because often you can get them even in large cities still relatively close to the city center. Often you don’t even know that you are dealing with a terraced house, because the image that we have been given is wrong. Row houses can be found in Paris London, New York Berlin and all other metropolises. The simple reason for this is that terraced houses are built side by side without leaving space between the individual housing units, thus they require little land area and even in urban regions often come with a front garden or real garden.

Beach house: living by the sea or renting to holidaymakers

A beach house can be used as a retreat as well as a modern home. A home that many dream of – do you? While the type of home can vary greatly, it remains true to its location – right on the beach. Whether it’s a luxury villa in the Hamptons, a modern bungalow in Calabria, or an aesthetically pleasing single-family home on the Baltic Sea, a direct oceanfront location makes the heart beat faster for many.

You’ve been dreaming of your own house for a long time? Do you prefer to spend time at the beach? Or do you want to invest in a holiday home to rent it out or sell it after renovation with added value? Then it’s time for you to look into beach homes. The beach house, which inspires with a dreamlike beach location, can be used as a home or as a profit-promising capital investment. In the following article you will learn what a beach house is and what advantages and disadvantages it has. Furthermore, the house construction as well as the house purchase will be explained to you in more detail and it will be pointed out what needs to be considered for different needs!

Villa: plot, garden and many rooms – city villa or villa in the countryside

You want to invest your money in real estate and build or buy a house? If you have an affinity for luxury and elegance, you should definitely look into the subject of a villa. A villa is long-lasting and an investment in the future. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about this special type of house. Do you prefer a modern or more Mediterranean style and when is a house a villa? It doesn’t matter whether you want to build in the city centre, in the countryside or on a hill with a pool. You can find the most important information here.

Are you interested in investing in a luxury property and would like to build or buy a villa? Then you will find a few useful tips on the subject here. Decide for yourself whether you want to renovate an old building to keep the charm or build a new building to design everything according to your ideas. Choose between a prefabricated house or a solid house because both have their advantages and disadvantages. Find out what they are below.

Energy efficient building

  1. Low-energy house
  2. Zero-energy house
  3. Passive House

Low-energy house: Live sustainably and save on ancillary costs?

Since 2007, there has been a draft law that attempts to regulate the energy efficiency of construction projects and thus improve the housing landscapes in cities and in the countryside in terms of sustainability. In order to obtain a building license, certain requirements must be met.

In addition, low-energy houses are supported with development loans, as the interest of the government and development banks also continues. Of course, not all new buildings have to be low-energy houses and categories under the definition of low-energy house also receive funding. However, with sustainable living, not only does the environment benefit, but you also save on energy costs. What it has to do with low-energy houses, you will learn in the following.

Zero energy house & passive house: definition, function, costs & requirements

Construction and architectural trends are moving more and more into the realm of sustainable living, as not only the environment demands it, but also legislators and consumers. Accordingly, the number of energy-efficient houses among new buildings has more than quadrupled in the area of office buildings, commercial spaces, hotels and also private households.

The zero-energy house and the passive house can be considered as a kind of master class of living. These house forms have the claim to have an energy balance of 0. This means that the already extremely reduced energy consumption is additionally covered by the house’s internal installations for generating renewable energies.

Commercial real estate

Buying commercial property – Would you like to buy a retail business, a kebab shop, a tattoo studio, practice and law firm premises, industrial property or entire technology parks? Avoid bad investments and make the best decision from the beginning with us. Buying commercial real estate is an investment for start-ups and business owners. The company grows in the new property. Location and selection criteria are of the commercial property set the course for the future of the company.