Buy property: Building area, building plot and building application

Buying land – Many people who are interested in buying land intend to build a house on that land. However, this is only possible if the land is designated as building land or if it is so-called building maintenance land. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city or municipality in the near future.

Purchase land: Basics for buyers

In addition, there are plots of land that will certainly not be allowed to be built on even in a few months or years. They must be used for agricultural purposes or they are garden land. You can usually recognize building plots by the fact that they have a higher price than plots that are intended for agricultural use or as garden land.

Preliminary building permit until water, sewage and electricity connection

Usually there is already a positive preliminary building permit and a corresponding infrastructure in the form of connections for water, sewage and electricity. If you would like to receive first-hand information, ask the city or municipality responsible for the property whether it is building land and have this confirmed in writing. Then you are on the safe side if you have bought the land and have submitted a building application for the building you want to build on the land.

Garden land

If you buy a garden with a larger pergola, this does not mean that you may exchange the pergola on that property for a house. Even if it is a solid summer house with a electricity connection, a connection for water and sewage and a possibility of heating in the cold season, this does not mean that you can exchange this house for a home.

Economic use is defined

The economic use of land is specified very precisely by the responsible cities and municipalities. In the past, there have been repeated disappointments about planned construction projects that were initially denied by the city or municipality and later even by a court. For this reason, it is very important to obtain extensive information about the property you intend to buy.

Before buying, find out whether you are allowed to carry out the planned construction project on the shortlisted property. This applies not only to the construction of single-family homes, but also to apartment buildings, which may only be built on plots of land that are designated accordingly.

Purchase land: Private sellers

They can buy a plot from a private vendor. You make the purchase directly with the seller or you decide to use the services of an estate agent. The advantage is that you get professional advice. On your behalf, the real estate agent can find out for which building projects the property you have shortlisted is intended for. He or she can ask the city or municipality which building projects on the property are approved and which are not.

Regulations of the city / municipality must be taken into account

If you purchase a plot of land from a private vendor, you can in most cases realize your building project according to your individual ideas. All you have to do is follow the regulations that have been established for building projects in the city or municipality where the property is located. Within the framework of these regulations, you can decide for yourself how big the house should be, whether you want a cellar and whether you want to build a prefabricated house or a solid house. It is also possible to design the house according to very individual specifications together with an architect, if the land is already in your possession before the planning of the construction project begins.

Purchase land: property developer

Developers acquire larger plots of land or several connected plots of land in order to realize a construction project there. In addition, individual plots of land in very attractive locations are also purchased from a developer. You yourself can often only purchase the land from the developer if you decide to build a house at the same time. The choice is less than if you bought the land from a private seller.

Many property developers work closely with the manufacturers of prefabricated houses and solid houses and only offer their products. However, you have the possibility to select an object from the manufacturer’s program and adapt it to your individual needs. Another advantage of this solution is that you do not have to take care of the building project yourself.

If you wish, the builder will coordinate the entire construction project and hand over your house to you ready for occupancy on the agreed date. The service of the developer includes all permits. Also the construction of a garage or a carport and the creation of the garden can be taken over by the developer.

Further regulations for the building project

In many cities and communities there are regulations that houses may only have a certain size or height. Sometimes the overall picture of the surrounding buildings must be preserved. For them, this means, for example, that they may only build a house with a single-story structure and a pointed roof.

The modern two-storey houses are not allowed in some locations because they could disturb the uniform image of the street. You should also inform yourself about the spatial distances that you must maintain to the neighboring buildings. These guidelines only apply to detached single-family homes, but not to buildings with double houses or terraced houses. In new residential areas, which are built on the outskirts of larger cities, there are often deviations from this rule. However, in the classic development of single-family homes in a residential street, you should bear in mind that the distance between your building and the neighbor must be at least three meters. This applies not only to the main building, but also to garages and carports.

The demolition of dilapidated buildings

If there is an older dilapidated building on the property that you want to demolish, this too is subject to approval. In this context, there may be regulations regarding the protection of historical monuments. You should know these before you decide to buy the property.

Construction site on large plots of land not freely selectable

In addition to the regulations that cities and municipalities issue for building development, there may also be specifications regarding the building site. This is usually only relevant for you if you have purchased a very large plot of land.

Perhaps you do not want to build the house directly on the street, so that you can live more quietly away from the traffic noise. However, if all the other houses in the neighborhood are built directly on the street, you may be given the instruction to put your new house in the run. You will not get a permit for a staggered construction. Clarify also these questions before buying the land. Even if you call building land your property, you must comply with the applicable regulations. As a rule, cities and municipalities cannot be changed in their regulations.

If you build without having obtained a clear permit for the building site you have chosen, in the worst case you could be threatened with demolition or demolition. Don’t let that happen, but take precautions by obtaining all the necessary information before making a purchase decision.

Lukinski not only offers you a variety of plots of land in attractive locations, we will be happy to obtain all the information you need for your planned construction project.

Conclusion: Buy a plot of land, preferably with experts

The purchase of a property should be well considered. Above all, it is important to obtain the permits planned for the construction project in advance. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises, which are often closely related to ignorance of the applicable regulations.

Lukinski offers you various services related to the purchase of land in the federal states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. This includes obtaining the important information you need to start your construction project successfully. If you would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. We will arrange a personal meeting with you at short notice and introduce you to suitable properties in the region of your choice.