Looking to sell your real estate or a portfolio of real estates?

Purchasing land and real estate

Here is an overview for you as a seller*. Our focus in the purchase of real estate:

  1. Property and project development
  2. Units and inventory from 40 residential units
  3. Location of properties / land in A/B location
  4. Project volume from 5 million

Properties and development

  • Undeveloped land; with valid building rights or yet to be created
  • Developed land with demolition or conversion and redevelopment
  • lot size depending on permissible GFA; from 2,000 m²

Units and inventory

  • Refurbished properties from 40 residential units
  • Properties in need of renovation from 50 residential units
  • Commercial properties (office, commercial, streetscapes, etc.)

Location of real estate / land

  • Focus on Germany; preferred location in A or B cities (as well as Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf or comparable)
  • Focus on USA; preferred location in A-cities (as well as Los Angeles, New York or comparable)
  • Residential locations in cities with a population of approximately 25,000 or more

Properties in C-location? Benefit from my internal network, a few investor friends prefer to buy in C-location.

Project volume

  • Project volume from 5 million euros; up to 200 million euros


We look forward to receiving your inquiry.