Selling Commercial Property: Procedure, brokers and property types

Selling commercial property – You want to sell your property and are looking for a partner to carry out the sale for you? Supermarket, hotel sales and shopping centre: commercial property sales involve large sums of money and the greatest expertise in vetting the potential buyer. What type of business is your property suitable for? Is it a property in a commercial area or are you offering a property in mixed-use areas? What land value can be achieved and at what price per square metre are similar commercial properties in your location selling? These are all questions that can only be answered by a detailed analysis in commercial real estate sales. Tip. Do you already know Off Market Real Estate? Discreet brokerage of real estate, so that no one knows about the desire to sell: Off Market Real Estate.

What is important when offering a commercial property

Good real estate agents not only find a solvent buyer promptly, but also support you in selling the property for business according to its circumstances and possibilities. Viewing appointments are arranged, coordinated and carried out professionally.

To expedite the sale and give you confidence in selecting a contractor and new owner, we check the creditworthiness of prospective buyers and obtain a concept for financing. Before an experienced commercial real estate broker makes a recommendation and suggests a buyer to you, he has obtained all the necessary checks on solvency, secure financing and customer-specific facts.

You are relieved of the entire preparation and sales phase, so that you can take care of your core business and safely outsource the brokerage.

Broker tasks in commercial real estate sales

You want to sell a house or an apartment, have no experience in the real estate market and want to avoid mistakes at all costs? Then you are well advised with the comprehensive services of a real estate agent and simplify the time-consuming and complex sale of your residential property. When you hire an agent, you don’t have to factor the sale of your property into your schedule, as all tasks are handled directly by your real estate agent and carried out in your best interest.

Basically, a real estate agent fulfils all tasks that are important before and during the sales and rental phase. He creates an exposé, determines the market value of your property, advertises your property and is then the interface between you and interested parties. While the creation and publication of an advertisement is a time-consuming but unique task, answering customer enquiries is part of the daily business of an estate agent.

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Commission for the broker: The most important regulations

More than 80 percent of all properties for sale or rent are brokered. This means that the owner commissions a real estate agent to advertise the offer and to carry out all tasks up to the conclusion of the contract on his behalf. Professional brokerage is a service that is agreed between the client and the real estate agent. After the service has been rendered, a commission, the so-called brokerage fee, is due.

Who pays the commission depends on the type of commission and the reason for the commission. If you sell your property through an estate agent, the buyer usually pays. In the case of lettings, the buyer principle has applied since 2015, so that the invoice recipient and commission payer is identical to the person who has commissioned a brokerage service.

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Selling commercial property? Procedure, taxes & Co.

Selling commercial real estate is a complex, time-consuming task that requires expertise. Without the necessary know-how and experience in commercial property sales, mistakes are bound to happen. If the asking price is disproportionately high, you will receive few enquiries and have to be prepared for a lengthy sales process. If the price is too low, you will lose money and be dissatisfied with the sale.

Sell privately?! Avoid mistakes

Rely on experts who are experienced in the sale of commercial properties and who know what is important in the preparation of an offer, in the determination of the price and in the conversation with interested parties. Dedicate yourself to your daily tasks and choose to have your property for commercial sold professionally. Avoid making mistakes when selling real estate.

Valuation and offer price

You want to sell your property? For the successful and profitable sale of a property, a well-founded and realistic valuation is always the first step. This ultimately determines the sales price to be set. In the next step, real estate agents bring your property to solvent interested parties, here it is not only about real estate portals and marketing, also the property valuation(house valuation / apartment valuation), credit check of potential buyers, viewing appointments and negotiations are the task of the broker, up to the purchase contract, the notary appointment and tax issues. Get to know the matter of selling real estate here in the guide. Simply explained, step by step!

Commercial property: special case

Selling commercial property is always a special case, compared to the typical apartment or single-family home. For example, the sale of hotels and entire shopping centers, with underground parking as an extra.

Sell hotel property

Many questions also reach us specifically on the topic of selling hotels. Therefore, we have summarized the topic here once again in more detail for our readers. Especially for those who are selling a hotel for the first time, or the very first property.

Hotels have a few special parameters, for example in the valuation. Just as with commercial real estate in general, it is not only about the substance but also about the potential of the property, from the state of renovation to the location of the hotel. In very simple terms, how much will the commercial property, or in this special case the hotel, generate in the next five years? Very simply put. The valuation of the hotel is therefore much more complex.

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Sell mall

Shopping mall selling – Shopping behavior is changing. More and more people order items, no matter if clothes, accessories, furniture or even other knick-knacks on the internet, on online shops. Inner cities, the most expensive shopping streets, but also life in small towns is changing. Accordingly, the fluctuation in shopping centers is just as, smaller and smaller. If you are in the unfavourable situation of thinking about selling your property or shopping centre, you can find the first information here.