Selling real estate in Rodenkirchen (Cologne): Prices, evaluation, recommendations for apartments and houses – Tips

Selling real estate in Rodenkirchen – selling an apartment, an apartment building or your own property. The quiet district in the south of Cologne has a very special charm. With 17,500 inhabitants on an area of 55 km², this district of Cologne is one of the most popular residential areas of the metropolis – along with the other trendy districts of Marienburg, Hahnwald, Altstadt and Neustadt. You want to sell your property here? With our guides and free tips on the selling process in Rodenkirchen, you’ll be well prepared! Find out everything about the most important documents and property valuation. Also: Selling property privately or with an estate agent? – Welcome to Rodenkirchen! Back to overview: Selling real estate in Cologne.

Rodenkirchen: Luxurious district with a view of the Rhine

Hardly any other large city in Germany offers as much “room for improvement” as Cologne. Whether condominium, apartment building or luxurious loft with a view of the Rhine – Cologne has enjoyed steadily growing popularity for years. The media industry is booming, the next metropolis Düsseldorf is not far away and the Rhine invites to an evening walk with a cold beer. The city’s architecture also has a lot to offer. Not only the stately old buildings of past times inspire, but also the multitude of modern and futuristic buildings that make up Cologne’s skyline. Not to mention the Cologne Cathedral!

District: map and location

Rodenkirchen is a district of Cologne and lies south of the trendy districts of Altstadt and Neustadt. The neighbourhood is located on the Rhine and is surrounded by many green spaces such as the outer green belt. Although the district is rather secluded, it only takes 15 minutes to get to Cologne’s main train station. Thus, the district is generally very well connected.

Sell real estate: Apartment, house, apartment building

You want to buy a property and are now in a hurry with your current property sale? Or you want to buy a multi-family house in order to rent it out lucratively? Whatever the reasons are: A property sale must always be well thought out and, above all, well planned. After all, not only you are interested in a quick and efficient sale, but also the buyer himself. The sales process can vary depending on the type of house or apartment.

Here are our tips and instructions:

Before the sale, the first thing to do is to evaluate the property:

Real estate valuation: Valuation for the sale of real estate

When valuing the property, various factors are used to determine the value of the property and thus the purchase price. Here it is advisable to consult the expertise of a real estate agent. Why? If the purchase price is too high, it is difficult to find potential buyers. If the purchase price is too low, you are giving away money unnecessarily. In addition: The price of the property valuation is included in the agent’s commission and is therefore borne by the buyer.

Learn more here:

Selling real estate in Rodenkirchen: From the real estate agent to the purchase price

The market situation is extremely favourable for a property sale. The trend is continuing and property prices in Cologne are also rising. A reversal is hard to foresee, but take the opportunity to get an overview of the value of your property. Is it still worth what you paid back then? Do you want to move in order to change professionally? Is the house or apartment too small for your family – or does the house need to be sold for personal reasons, such as inheritance and divorce?

The current market situation: Perfect for a property sale!

A good and competent real estate agent will support you in the sale of your property. Quickly, reliably and discreetly he finds interested parties and buyers who are looking for your property.

Real estate agent: tasks & advantages

The real estate agent is at your side when preparing the sales exposé, when obtaining the necessary official documents and at viewing appointments – if you wish. Trust the experience and sales skills of real estate experts during sales negotiations – it pays off!

An overview of the most important tasks of your broker:

Determine property value: Purchase Price Criteria

The purchase price for your property is determined by various factors. These include the location, the infrastructure in the immediate and wider surroundings, but also the size, equipment and condition of your property. If you have recently carried out renovations and refurbishments on your property with a tradesman and architect, this can have a positive effect on the purchase price. However, since real estate in Cologne is in great demand, properties with a more or less high need for renovation can also sell well. The purchase price is then, of course, usually lower than for properties in top condition. First conclusion: You can often sell your property in Cologne even in poorer condition.

You can often sell your property in Cologne even if it is in poor condition.

Here are some of the most important criteria that affect the value and therefore the selling price of your property:

  • Location
  • Infrastructure / Surroundings
  • Size
  • Equipment
  • State of development
  • Refurbishments / Refurbishment requirements

Valuing real estate: house, property & apartment building – costs

Want to sell your house fast and have everything sell as quickly and hassle-free as possible? Read our tips for selling your house and condo fast. We’re here to help anyone who doesn’t want to wait long. Before you start selling the house, get a market value assessment from a professional. It is also possible to call in a sworn appraiser. However, the costs can easily amount to several hundred euros. Use our market value assessment to get a first overview of your regional real estate market.

Average cost: depending on the type of property several hundred euros

Compile documents for the sale of the house

Before the first sales activity, the documents for the property should be complete. From the extract from the land register to the declaration of partition, we are also happy to support you in this. Prospective buyers not only show up at the viewing appointment with a detailed list of questions, but also want to see the underlying documents. Find out here which documents you need.

Important documents: Building plan, land register extract & Co.

Whether it’s an exclusive semi-detached house in Hahnwald, a luxurious loft in Rodenkirchen or an elegant villa in Lindenthal – your portfolio should always be carefully compiled. So attach building plans, building description, the legally required energy certificate to your portfolio. The extract from the land register is already required for a valuation of the property – you can request this from the relevant land registry office at the local court. We will be happy to help you with this.

Here are the most important documents at a glance:

  • Site plan
  • Building specification
  • Energy certificate
  • Land register excerpt

Apt exposé: object photos & texts

To market the property online as well, take great care with the property photos and the texts. Do not exaggerate, but present your residential property in as good a light as possible. If false expectations are raised before the viewing appointment, this can have a negative impact on the negotiations.

Do not create false expectations before the viewing appointment!

Sell property in Cologne: Rodenkirchen

Selling property in Cologne? Over the years, the megacity has become an increasingly popular place to move to for people from the surrounding area, but also for people from other federal states who have chosen Cologne. Young professionals and students benefit from the wide range of companies and universities in the city. In the following articles you will learn more about real estate sales and types of real estate.

Here are the reading tips:

Do you already know? Cologne- Marienburg

Cologne- Marienbug is also a very well known, popular and prosperous area. If you can afford a property in this area, you have a lot to offer. In addition to an exclusive location near Cologne, you can also visit the golf course next door. This is a very good place to live. Take a look at our article to find out more about selling property in this area.

Cologne: Real estate in the media city on the Rhine

With over 1 million inhabitants, the media metropolis on the Rhine is one of the hubs in NRW, but also in Germany. Located in western Germany, the city borders other metropolitan areas such as Düsseldorf and Bonn. The media city can be found directly on the Rhine and can be divided into different parts and districts. Neighbouring cities include Düsseldorf, Bonn and Leverkusen. Cologne stands for media, TV and press like no other city in Germany. That is why the metropolis on the Rhine is constantly growing. Südstadt, Altstadt, Ringe, Ehrenfeld or Sülz, where is the best place to live?

Real estate in Cologne

Hardly any other large city in Germany offers so much “room for improvement”. From the purchase price to the architecture of the existing property. Whether condominium, apartment building or luxurious loft with a view of the Rhine. Cologne has enjoyed steadily growing popularity for years. The most beautiful city on the Rhine really does have something to offer everyone. The stately old buildings in Südstadt and the famous area around Rheinauhafen are particularly impressive.

Living in Cologne: Popular districts & residential areas

The media city on the Rhine offers a diverse cityscape, guaranteeing the perfect living solution for everyone. From luxury apartment to villa, there really is everything. With the help of the right real estate agent, you can undoubtedly find your dream property – whether Südstadt, Marienburg or Hahnwald – a property as an investment in Cologne always pays off! One of the largest universities in Germany ensures a young cityscape and gives the ‘Veedeln’ their inimitable freshness. Would you like to invest in a property as a capital investment in charming Cologne? Find out everything you need to know about the city’s most sought-after residential districts, including tips on location, prices per square metre & co! To the overview: Living in Cologne.

House, apartment and land for sale in Cologne

Selling an apartment, an apartment building or your own property. The colourful media metropolis of Cologne has a lot to offer: While Marienburg and Rodenkirchen inspire with their proximity to the Rhine, Neustadt is bustling with big city life. Lindenthal, located to the west, convinces with its quiet atmosphere and those who prefer it exclusive and prominent settle in Hahnwald. You want to sell your property in Cologne? Everything about the selling process, the most important documents and whether you should sell privately or with an estate agent. To the overview: Selling real estate in Cologne.