New Building Projects: Private, Procedure, Costs for Building Projects & Developers

New building projects – The dream of owning your own home is closer than ever before. Favourable interest rates as well as a good supply of building plots and new building projects make the wish for your own four walls come true. In the Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate there are many new building projects in the advanced construction phase. Numerous new building plans are already in the starting blocks. Secure yourself a condominium or your own home at a low price. Facts and statistics on the topic: New construction & Investments.

Please note, this article is written with a focus toward the German market, but very similar rules apply everywhere.

Building Project: High Energy Prices Make Changeover Easy

With Lukinski at your side, it takes only a few steps to your own home. We support you in buying real estate or find suitable prospective buyers for your new building project. Would you like to get in during the construction phase or would you like to join us? Lukinski is your competent partner in all real estate questions. Throughout Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate we are well informed about large and small new building projects. Should your future home be particularly child-friendly or have extremely convenient transport connections? Write to us so that we can present suitable projects to you.

With high additional costs, many tenants are considering a new building project. The new building projects are equipped with the most modern technical heating and water supply systems, which reduces the additional costs. Environmental protection and sustainability are also very important for many projects. In your new home you should feel comfortable and at the same time be able to show consideration for the environment.

Free standing or row housing?

All designs have their advantages. A row house convinces with a particularly favorable square meter price, the free-standing single or multi-family house with much garden and clearance for new ideas. If you are looking for a condominium, we have numerous very attractive new building projects on offer. Close to the city, downtown locations or in the bacon belt – we will find the right apartment for you.

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New construction of apartment buildings and commercial units: Land development

Construction Financing: Comparison and Tips

An important and for many building owners tricky question is the construction financing. Almost everyone who wants to buy or build a property has to use borrowed funds. Thus the real estate financing stands in the room, with which we can advise you however comprehensively and seriously. In any case it is worthwhile to obtain offers from several banks. The calculation of the individual options is crucial, but the offers cannot always be compared at first glance. Our experts are also available to provide you with advice and support for long-term and successful real estate financing. Trust in Lukinski!

Once the right new construction project is considered, a suitable credit institution must ensure the long-term and sustainable financing. The be-all and end-all when buying real estate or building a house is the financing. The right construction financing is viable and can be operated in the long term. New construction projects are basically objects that credit institutions are happy to finance. The building fabric is good and the location is usually promising. New construction projects are usually also suitable as an investment or retirement provision. Often their price increases, as does the demand in the region. In addition, there are various state subsidies to make it easier for citizens to create property. These include the KFW loans from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Loan Corporation), but regional grants from municipalities and states are also possible. The focus of our expertise lies in the regions of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Therefore, we are also familiar with the regional differences and many of the funding opportunities in rural and urban areas.

Questions for the professionals – Building description and the house type

Make sure to have the building specifications of the new building project checked by an expert. It regulates which services the contractor has to provide. The specifications should neither be vaguely formulated nor should they be too expensive. Services that are not part of the building description can be associated with high additional costs as well as construction delays. It is advisable to have the building specifications checked by a third party. Please contact us if you need help with this. It is also worth taking a look at the building specifications for the construction method. Is it a solid construction, a wooden house or a prefabricated construction. Each type of house and building has its special characteristics, which must fit the buyer.

Also as capital investment the new building real estates become ever more popular. The high level of equipment and building substance, together with an excellent residential area promise a long-term increase in value. The tax burden is reduced for new building projects and in many cases there is also financial support from the state and local authorities. New building projects are designed with increased security aspects in mind, so that high returns can be achieved in the long term.

Urban Planning Creates Space for New Construction Projects

The increasing population growth is being absorbed by the conurbations with the corresponding urban planning. The target groups sought by the municipalities can differ significantly for each new construction project. Nursing home places will be created that fall into the category of social housing. The allocation is usually made by offices and authorities.

Ambitious new construction projects, on the other hand, pursue a social policy to enable fellow citizens with low incomes to live in a central location. In some cases, the city also provides favorable loans for such properties.

Upscale new construction projects are often located in selected residential areas of the city or directly in the city center. They may well be luxury housing estates, with spectacularly designed and high-priced fittings.

New Construction Projects in Outlying Districts

With the increasing transport connections and also with a view to the increased creation of home jobs, it is worthwhile looking for low-cost new building projects in rural areas or in the outskirts of the city. The purchase prices per square meter of living space are usually significantly lower than in the densely built-up and central districts of the city. However, it is precisely this advantageous offer that is hotly contested by buyers. Let us know your ideas so that we can present you with suitable new building projects.

In addition to the significantly lower land prices, the new construction projects on the outskirts of the city offer further advantages. With the distance to the conurbation, the unspoiled nature increases. Adjoining lakes and rivers can be paddled and swum through, and the range of leisure activities on offer is increasingly being expanded. The medical sector is also adapting to the increased demand from senior citizens. Delivery services and home support are well integrated in many rural areas.

Infrastructure was Yesterday

Although proximity to the city is still the preferred residential district, employers are creating new opportunities for housing through decentralization and the creation of home offices. At the same time, excellent public transport connections are being created, and existing routes are increasingly being expanded. The less frequently people have to travel to the city for work and shopping, the more attractive locations in the surrounding area become. Smaller cities often score well with a more affordable supply of living space, but even more so are the extensive leisure facilities, the surrounding nature and good schools that attract homeowners. Lukinski’s new building projects in the countryside are also interesting for senior citizens. They offer peace and quiet and the possibility for walks. Excellent local hospitals and medical support characterize many rural regions in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. There are many good reasons for choosing peripheral locations – not only in old age. Allow yourself sufficient time when choosing your new building project. Check the offers of Lukinski – your house sale, so that you can discover the perfect home for yourself. We will gladly help you and make appropriate suggestions.

Exactly right: new building projects for your taste

Your new building projects are as diverse as the developers and investors. The conventional standards have long been abandoned, even architecturally prepared. Great importance is attached in many places to environmentally friendly and sustainable construction. Modern heating technology, electricity and water supply are much sought after by prospective buyers. The offer is available and can be integrated both in new building projects in country house style and in modern constructions with glass facades. Stone floors and bathrooms clad with natural stone are in trend. Buyers often prefer higher quality fittings to a location close to the city.

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Practical work: Project development and property developer

With Lukinski to your new home

Have we aroused your interest? Then send us a short message so that we can discuss your new building project for the first time. We would be pleased to send you informative exposés on the available new building projects. In many residential projects, houses and apartments are built in a wide variety of sizes and with a variety of features. Contact Lukinski with confidence to discover the perfect form of living.

The layout of the rooms in the new building projects is also designed to suit every form of living – whether single or family, you will feel at home in the new building project. If you wish a balcony or a first floor apartment with terrace – our experts from Lukinski – Lukinski will be happy to send you a meaningful exposé. We are looking forward to your message!