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The largest mirrored building in the world! Architecture masterpiece Maraya Concert Hall (Saudi Arabia)

I must show you the Maraya Concert Hall in Saudi Arabia! A real architectural highlight and certainly a hotspot of this world in the future. Al-Ula is a unique region in Saudi Arabia that was hidden from tourists until September 2019. Now the whole world has the opportunity to discover ancient places that are more […]

Sales talk & purchase price negotiation: preparation, strategy & tips

Verkaufsgespräch & Kaufpreisverhandlung – Nicht nur die Besichtigungen müssen gut vorbereitet werden, auch die Verkaufsgespräche. Ist ein passender Käufer gefunden, geht es nämlich direkt weiter mit den Preisverhandlungen! Wir verraten Ihnen hier, wie Sie währen des Verkaufsgesprächs punkten und mit welchen Strategien Sie den Kaufpreis verhandeln können. Dazu hier mehr. Zurück zu: Immobilie verkaufen. Verkaufsgespräche […]

Determine offer price: Valuing a house and apartment – Tips

Angebotspreis ermitteln – Wie schon zuvor gelernt: ein Angebotspreis ist kein Verkaufspreis! Deshalb ist es wichtig, einen guten Angebotspreis zu definieren. Doch wie berechnet man den Angebotspreis einer Immobilie? Wie wird eine Immobilie bewertet und welche Faktoren sind für die Wertermittlung ausschlaggebend? Das erfahren Sie hier. Außerdem: Die unterschiedlichen Verfahren zur Immobilienbewertung erklärt! Zurück zu: […]

Real estate size: Optimal living space for owner-occupiers and capital investors – Experience & tips

How big do you want your property to be? – One-bedroom apartment or maisonette? Micro apartment or shared apartment with roommates? The type of investment you choose and your personal goals will determine the size of the living space. Find out here which size of apartment is best suited for owner-occupiers and capital investors, what […]

Living in Oberkassel (Düsseldorf): Villa, apartment and multi-family house as an investment – viewing, square meter prices, tips & Co.

Living in Oberkassel – If you’re looking for apartments and flats in pompous townhouses, you don’t have to look any further, because in Oberkassel you’ll find buildings from the pre-war period that are taking the aesthetic hearts of the masses by storm. This is a luxurious and well-connected place to live. Due to the fact […]

Living in Altstadt (Düsseldorf): Exclusive properties in the centre – Prices per square metre for villa, apartment & apartment building

Living in Düsseldorf’s old town – residential areas close to the city centre are traditionally the most popular. Düsseldorf is no exception. The streets of the Altstadt are characterised by art nouveau buildings, shop spaces and gastronomic options to suit everyone’s taste. If you are looking for a central residential option that definitely demands a […]

Living in Hahnwald (Cologne): villa, property & single-family home in affluent location – viewing, square metre prices, tips and co.

Living in Hahnwald – If you are looking for the real luxury real estate, you will find it in Hahnwald. Due to expansive property areas, Hahnwald’s resident density is not particularly high. However, this also means that you are offered enough space and, above all, a great deal of discretion. Fences and high hedges offer […]

Living in Marienburg (Cologne): Buy a villa, apartment or plot of land – Viewing, prices per square metre & tips

Living in Marienburg – Those who like real luxury will find it in Marienburg. The villa area with the golf club and the banks of the Rhine is the absolute top residential location in Cologne. Who possesses the necessary small change and something on itself holds, becomes part of the exclusive inhabitants of this Cologne […]

Living on Norderney: Buying real estate on the East Frisian island – tips, viewing and prices per square metre for house, flat & property

Living on Norderney – as one of the seven East Frisian Islands, charming Norderney delights with its fairytale beaches, unique island flair and colourful mix of nature and culture, history and modernity. You would like to move to Norderney and buy a house or a plot of land? Would you like to invest in an […]

Living in Nordend (Frankfurt): Real estate as an investment – Prices per square meter for apartments, houses & land

Living in Nordend – The district in the north of Frankfurt convinces not only with its prime location and its multitude of architectural treasures, but above all with its romantic charm characterized by the many mansions of past times and trendy cafés. Also not far away: the up-and-coming Westend. Would you like to invest in […]

Living in Westend ( Frankfurt ): Buy a house, flat & land – Tips, prices per square metre and viewings

Living in Westend – The affluent Westend inspires with its central location, high quality of life and unique flair characterized by the historical elegance of past centuries. Together with Frankfurt’s Nordend, Westend is on the list of Frankfurt’s most attractive residential areas. You would like to invest in a property in Westend as a capital […]

Baden-Baden most expensive street: buy & live in Lichtentaler Allee

Lichtentaler Allee – Lichtentaler Allee is an avenue or street in Baden-Baden, which is located in the center of the city. Baden-Baden is located in Baden-Württemberg, near the Rhine and west of the city of Stuttgart. Especially for families, this city is ideal to live, because you can reach everything quickly and still live quietly […]