Munich most expensive streets: Sophienstraße, Elisabethplatz or Königinstraße – Prices & Comparison

Munich most expensive street – If you want to buy a property in Munich, you can’t avoid these streets. Zuccalistraße, Sophienstraße, Königinstraße or also Maria-Theresia Straße: These addresses are absolutely popular in Munich and therefore also belong to the most expensive pavements for people who want to buy or rent a property. Whether it’s a historic villa, a terraced house or a penthouse, anyone who wants to live or invest here should expect hefty property prices in Munich. But the investment can be worthwhile: Whether living on the banks of the Isar River or a loft in the city center with a panoramic view of the Frauenkirche, Munich is not only the Bavarian capital, but also a German metropolis and the beloved home of many people. Munich, here we come! Back to the list: Most expensive streets in Germany.

Most expensive streets in Munich: Seestraße to Sophienstraße

The Bavarian capital is not for nothing one of the most expensive residential areas in Germany. Yet the dream of many is to live in Munich. The metropolis in the south of Germany not only offers fantastic holiday regions for skiing or beach holidays in the Alps or Italy, Switzerland or Austria, but also a unique charm. Munich enchants residents and visitors with historic facades, idyllic squares and plenty of green parks, especially the English Garden or the Olympic Park. If you want to buy a property in Munich, you should be prepared for steep prices. We have compiled some of the most expensive streets, squares and addresses in Munich for you.

Overview: Expensive addresses in Munich and location summarized

Before we talk about individual streets and squares in Munich with their respective details and prices for real estate, here is an overview of the most expensive addresses in the Bavarian capital. Here you have to reckon with a purchase price of real estate between about 10,000 – 20,000 euros per square meter.

  • Elisabethplatz – Maxvorstadt / Schwabing
  • Flemingstraße – Bogenhausen
  • Klenzestraße – Glockenbachviertel
  • Königinstraße, Seestraße, Mandlstraße – Schwabing
  • Maria-Theresia-Strasse – Alt-Bogenhausen
  • Müllerstraße – Glockenbachviertel
  • Schellingstraße – Maxvorstadt
  • Sophienstraße – Maxvorstadt
  • Steinstraße – Haidhausen
  • Zuccalistraße – Nymphenburg
  • Auffahrtsallee (north & south) – Nymphenburg
  • Titianstrasse, Montenstrasse – Nymphenburg

Elisabethplatz: Living in Maxvorstadt

The area around Elisabethplatz is one of the most popular addresses in Munich and is therefore also one of the most expensive. Buyers of property here should expect to pay around 12,000 euros per square metre. Elisabethplatz is located in the trendy Maxvorstadt, not far from the city centre. The English Garden with its extensive green spaces invites you to relax and unwind and is only a 15-minute walk from Elisabethplatz. The Olympic Park is also just two and a half kilometres away. So it’s no wonder that this address, centrally located yet surrounded by greenery, is popular with many Munich residents.

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The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 12.000 € / m²

Here at Elisabethplatz you will find top addresses like:

  • Schauburg Munich (Theatre)
  • Hilscher jeweller

Elisabethplatz in Munich (map):

Flemingstraße: Property near the banks of the river Isar

Flemingstraße in Munich Bogenhausen is a good 1km long and lies in the immediate vicinity of the banks of the Isar. The leafy bank, on whose opposite side the famous English Garden extends, invites you to long, idyllic walks along the riverbank. On the other side, Flemingstrasse is lined by Arabellapark. The immediate proximity to many extensive green spaces and the Isar river make this address particularly popular. Many detached houses and city villas can be found here. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a property on Flemingstrasse, you should expect a purchase price of around €15,000 per square metre.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 15.000 € / m²

Here near Flemingstraße you will find top addresses like:

  • Various consulates
  • Isarufer & English Garden

Flemingstraße in Munich (map):

Klenzestraße: Living in Munich city centre

With a length of just over 200m, Klenzestraße in the centre of Munich is a fairly short but nevertheless extremely popular street. The close proximity to Gärtnerplatz and the Isar riverbank, which can be reached in just a few minutes, make this street an attractive place to live. Munich’s Museum Island and the world-famous Viktualienmarkt can also be reached from here in just a few minutes’ walk. Living in the city center offers many short distances and an everyday life among the popular historic buildings. The infrastructure here is also remarkable, supermarkets, cafés, restaurant and much more are in the immediate vicinity.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

Here in the Klenzestraße you will find top addresses like:

  • Café 36
  • Gärtnerplatztheater

Klenzestraße in Munich (map):

Müllerstraße: Gärtnerplatz & Viktualienmarkt

Müllerstraße runs parallel to Klenzestraße and offers similar advantages, especially in terms of location. For many people who have moved to Munich, but also for native Munich residents, living in the city centre is a wish that is often not easy to fulfil. Those who get hold of a property or apartment here can consider themselves lucky. The proximity to the Viktualienmarkt and Munich’s city centre is an absolute plus for this location, and all the shops that you need to go to regularly are within walking distance.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 25.000 € / m²

Here in Müllerstraße you will find top addresses like:

  • The Seven skyscraper
  • Viktualienmarkt in the immediate vicinity

Müllerstraße in Munich (map):

Königinstraße, Seestraße, Mandlstraße: At the English Garden

These three streets are among the most popular and at the same time most expensive addresses in Hamburg. They are located in close proximity to each other – Königinstraße even merges into Mandlstraße – and border the popular, huge English Garden, which invites thousands of Munich residents every day for walks, breaks in the green or boat trips. Located in the north of Munich and on the western side of the English Garden, the city center can be reached very easily and quickly from these streets. Only the car traffic can be a problem here, at rush hour you should better switch to public transport or the bike.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 20.000 € / m²

Here in the Königinstraße you will find addresses like:

  • English Garden
  • Alliance
  • Registry office Schwabing

Königinstraße in Munich (Map):

Maria-Theresia-Straße: Living with a park view

Maria-Theresia-Straße is located in the eastern city centre of Munich on the “other” side of the banks of the Isar and runs parallel to the Maximiliansanlagen. The large and well-maintained park area along the banks of the Isar is an absolute highlight for joggers, dog owners or even nature lovers. Wiener Platz and the Maximilianeum are also within walking distance, as is the Praterinsel, which can be reached via the Maximiliansbrücke. Historic city villas and the one-sided street has a unique charm and offers free, undeveloped views of the park for all residents.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 18.000 € / m²

Here in Maria-Theresia-Straße you will find top addresses like:

  • Maximiliansanlagen (Park)
  • Museum Villa Stuck

Maria-Theresia-Straße in Munich (map):

Steinstraße: Life at Wiener Platz & Isarstrand

Steinstraße, which starts from Wiener Platz, is in close proximity to Maria-Theresia-Straße, which runs along the Maximiliananlagen. Accordingly, Steinstraße is also in close proximity to this popular park on the eastern side of the Isar. Its proximity to the Äußere Ludwigsbrücke bridge provides access to the Museum Island as well as a quick route by car or e-scooter towards Munich city centre. The street, which is around 350m long, is home to residential properties as well as a number of shops and eateries.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

Here and near Steinstraße you will find top addresses like:

  • Rue des Halles (Restaurant)
  • Munich City Library
  • Isarstrand

Steinstraße in Munich (map):

Schellingstraße: North of Munich with a lot of gastronomy

Schellingstraße in Munich’s Maxvorstadt district is an extremely popular street in Munich. Situated between the expansive English Garden and the city centre, Schellingstraße is just under 2km long and offers plenty of space for properties of all kinds. The proximity to Munich sights and highlights such as the Alte Pinakothek makes this address particularly attractive. Many restaurants and catering establishments have settled here, inviting you to linger and making it possible for residents to eat out comfortably all week without having to put up with long commutes.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

In the vicinity of Schellingstraße you will find top addresses like:

  • Alte Pinakothek
  • Munich Residence

Schellingstraße in Munich (map):

Sophienstraße: Real estate at the Old Botanical Garden

Sophienstraße in Munich runs in two directions along the old Botanical Gardens in Munich and is therefore a much sought-after address in the Bavarian capital. The direct view of the green idyll makes living on any floor on Sophienstraße a dream, as you are right in the city centre, yet can enjoy green nature on your doorstep. Munich’s main railway station is also in the immediate vicinity, within walking distance and thus offers an ideal connection if you don’t want to struggle through the city traffic by car.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 13.000 € / m²

Here in Sophienstraße you will find top addresses like:

  • McKinsey & Company
  • The Charles Hotel
  • Botanic garden

Sophienstraße in Munich (map):

Driveway (north & south): castle panorama in the countryside

The northern and southern driveway avenue runs on two sides along the Schlossgarten canal of Schloss Nymphenburg and is thus located rather in the west of Munich, above the main railway station. With a length of over 2km in both directions, the avenue offers many gorgeous properties along the leafy canal bank. The panoramic view of Nymphenburg Palace is partly free on top. The quiet street, which is lined by a picturesque avenue of trees, is home to some architectural treasures that are worth their price. Anyone who gets the opportunity to grab a property in the driveway avenue should take it.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

Here in the driveway avenue you will find top addresses like:

  • Nymphenburg Palace / Grünwald Park
  • Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Northern driveway avenue in Munich (map):

Here you can see the avenue panorama of Munich’s Nymphenburg Palace.

Zuccalistraße: West Munich with Botanical Garden

The Zuccalistraße is located a bit outside of Munich’s inner city in the west of Munich. Despite the fantastic location directly on the Botanical Garden, the property prices are quite reasonable by Munich standards due to the slight “remoteness” – however, one cannot speak of the most expensive street in Munich as cheap. The Zuccalistraße is located to a large extent directly at the Botanical Garden and offers many adjacent property owners a direct view of the well-kept large park. Anyone who lives here has hit the location jackpot!

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

Here at Zuccalistraße you will find popular addresses like:

  • Nymphenburg Castle
  • Botanic garden

Zuccalistraße in Munich (map):

Tizianstraße, Montenstraße: Living in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg

Tizianstraß and also Montenstraße are located in the direct vicinity of the southern and northern Auffahrtsallee, as well as Zuccalistraße. The location near Nymphenburg Palace and its adjacent palace park makes these addresses residential areas with holiday flair. A walk along the palace garden canal also makes you feel like you are on holiday. The huge palace park also includes a botanical garden and a palace café and invites you to long walks or leisurely picnics. Living not far from the Neuwittelsbach villa colony could hardly be more beautiful, but prospective buyers will have to pay for it.

The price per square meter here is up to:

Maximum prices up to 10.000 € / m²

Here in Tizianstraße and the surrounding area you will find top addresses like:

  • Titian Square
  • Nymphenburg Castle

Titian Street in Munich (map):